Tabby for Business to Promote E-Commerce

Tabby for Business to Promote E-Commerce

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In the modern business world, e-commerce has become more than just an additional option but rather a vital platform for achieving excellence and success, as competition in this field is constantly increasing. Which requires more than just an attractive online store or a wide range of products, and this is where innovative payment solutions come into play, such as: Tabby for Business is an essential factor in a market that is growing day by day, and Tabby is based on the idea of “buy now, pay later.” Which makes it contribute in one way or another to enhancing growth and improving the operational efficiency of the business, and in this context, the Qoyod program comes as a supportive partner. Thanks to it, businesses can focus on their growth and expansion without worrying about accounting and financial challenges.

Tabby for Business: A Brief Introduction

Tabby is a leading e-commerce platform that has greatly contributed to changing the concept of online shopping and improving the user experience for many individuals, thanks to its flexible and innovative solutions. It was able to provide users with an easy and convenient way to obtain the products and services they need.

It is worth noting that with a network of more than 10,500 merchants and 3 million active users throughout the Middle East, Tabby for Business has become one of the prominent names in the financial technology sector in the region. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that it has achieved great success in attracting customers and creating a vibrant business environment that meets consumer needs.

Tabby for Business Features 

Tabby works to provide its services to electronic stores, physical stores, and applications, allowing companies to have a multi-channel selling experience. One of the most prominent advantages that Tabby provides is the following:

Increase the order value.

Tabby has the ability to increase the total order value of companies by up to 33%, as this is achieved by facilitating the payment process and providing facilities for payment methods. When customers have the opportunity to postpone payment or pay it in installments, they become more willing to buy more products, which greatly enhances the seller’s revenue.

Facilitating accounting operations 

In addition, Qoyod service in Tabby plays an essential role in this process. It acts as a strategic partner that facilitates companies’ accounting and financial operations, and Tabby for Business provides an advanced system for managing billing, inventory, and financial reports, which helps companies organize their business effectively and achieve better results.

Providing a distinctive user experience 

What distinguishes Tabby for Business is its interest in providing a distinct user experience, as its platform provides an easy-to-use and flexible interface. This allows users to browse and purchase products easily and conveniently. It is also a bridge between the consumer and the merchant, as it provides a secure means of payments and financial transfers. This makes it easier for users to complete purchases smoothly and confidently.

Providing advanced financial services

In addition, Tabby offers advanced financial services to manage its financial operations. One of these services is the Qoyod program, which provides Tabby with an effective way to track and analyze financial data and manage accounts efficiently. This program helps Tabby make strategic financial decisions and improve the performance of her daily financial operations.

Financial Benefits of Tabby for Business 

Tabby for Business is an innovative payment model that offers many financial benefits to businesses, the most important of which are the following:

Increase the value of average demand.

In a complex and growing e-commerce market, increasing profit is a major goal for businesses, and Tabby for Business contributes significantly to achieving this goal by introducing the “buy now, pay later” model as an effective tool to increase average customer demand.

According to statistics, adopting this model can increase the value of the average order by up to 33%, which contributes to improving the financial performance of companies.

Increased payment flexibility

When Tabby gives customers the option to “buy now, pay later,” they have more flexibility in adding products to their carts without having to pay in advance. Thus, this option motivates customers to explore more additional or complementary products, which may lead to choosing products with higher profit margins. Thus, average demand is enhanced and higher profits are achieved.

Enhance competition

In today’s crowded commerce environment, increasing the average order is a crucial competitive advantage for businesses, as customers tend to shop from platforms that provide them with flexible payment options, and this enhances the company’s position in the market and its ability to attract more customers.

Improve cash flow and profitability.

Higher average demand increases firms’ cash flow. This enables them to invest more in development and marketing and achieve higher profits. In addition, Tabby provides businesses not only with innovative payment options, but it also integrates with Qoyod software for more effective financial management.

Companies benefit from comprehensive financial reports and smooth collection and settlement processes, which enhance the efficiency of money management and achieve better financial performance.

Improved conversion rates for Tabby for Business 

When talking about improving conversion rates for a commercial website or business application, numbers play a crucial role in knowing the system’s performance and identifying points that can be improved. It is worth noting that conversion rates can be increased by up to 18% by using Tabby’s partial payment solutions in installments. In addition, there are several main points that must be taken into consideration, which are as follows:

Seamless user experience

The website or application should be easy to use and smooth to navigate; the design should be simple and allow customers to access information and products easily. This can be achieved by organizing the menu and pages logically and providing a flexible and responsive user interface.

Use an attractive and effective user interface.

The user interface must be attractive and attract customers’ attention. Graphic design, colors, and images can be used effectively to highlight products and services and engage customers, and the user interface must load quickly and be compatible with various devices and browsers.

Use single-digit pricing strategies.

Pricing can have a significant impact on customers’ purchasing decisions, as techniques such as odd-number pricing can be used, such as setting the price of the product at 29.99 riyals instead of 30 riyals, because this can motivate customers to buy instead of hesitating.

Intelligently place calls to action (CTAs)

Effective calls to action must be clearly and attractively presented on the website or application. Eye-catching buttons and motivating texts, such as “Buy now” or “Register now,” can be used to motivate customers to take the desired action.

Data analysis and continuous improvement

Data analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, should be used to understand customer behavior, extract site performance, and identify weaknesses. It is worth noting that this information can be used to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Data must be analyzed regularly, performance monitored, and then action taken for continuous improvement.

Tabby for Business and Qoyod software 

Accounting entries are a crucial tool in the process of recording and documenting financial operations and corporate business transactions. They help in organizing and arranging financial data in an accurate and systematic manner, which facilitates understanding and analyzing financial numbers and making sound economic decisions. It is worth noting that Tabby for Business relies heavily on the Qoyod accounting program in its operation process, as Qoyod is the main factor that helps Tabby meet its increasing requirements and achieve expansion and success in the accounting market.

An important aspect of Qoyod is providing a scalable platform that fits Tabby’s growing needs. As businesses grow and expand, financial and accounting transactions are becoming increasingly complex and stressful, and Qoyod provides a framework that can be modified and expanded to meet a company’s changing needs. This means that Tabby can customize and adapt accounting entries to meet their unique requirements, which contributes to enhancing operational efficiency and achieving long-term success.

In addition, Qoyod offers custom invoicing solutions for Tabby. This means that Qoyod templates can be modified according to Tabby’s unique needs and specific requirements. This level of flexibility contributes to a more efficient Tabby financial document flow process.

Mutual benefits between Tabby and Qoyod 

Tabby and Qoyod accounting software are two important parts of the business management and accounting processes, and when combined effectively, they provide mutual benefits that make the relationship between them profitable for everyone. One of the main points of mutual benefit between Tabby and Qoyod accounting software is the following:

Seamless integration between them is an operational pillar of Tabby’s user interface.

Qoyod accounting software organizes and records financial accounts and daily transactions and provides a variety of financial reports and important statistics. Tabby is an easy-to-use, comprehensive interface for managing customers, sales, purchases, inventory, and other basic aspects of the business process.

Accurately recording financial transactions 

Using Tabby and Qoyod accounting software together, companies can achieve many benefits. For example, companies can record financial transactions accurately and quickly using Qoyod software, and then these transactions are automatically transmitted to Tabby for analysis, use in preparing reports, and making strategic decisions.

Saving time and effort 

Moreover, this integration between Tabby for Business and Qoyod accounting software allows companies to save time and effort in managing financial and accounting information. Instead of performing manual operations to transfer information between the two systems, the data is transferred automatically and synchronously. This reduces data entry errors and increases the accuracy and reliability of the information.

Improving communication and cooperation between different work teams

Moreover, this integration contributes to improving communication and cooperation between different work teams within the company, as data and information updates are shared instantly between Tabby and the Qoyod accounting program. This facilitates coordination and cooperation among team members and improves work efficiency.

Example of payment and invoicing process in Tabby

Tabby is an electronic payment application that provides seamless services to merchants and customers alike. When a customer purchases a product from the merchant worth 3,000 Saudi riyals, he can choose Tabby as a means of payment, as the Qoyod system in Tabby automatically creates appropriate invoices according to the requirements of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority. This system takes care of recording and organizing all the merchant’s financial transactions, whether in accounting aspects or preparing books.

Moreover, the Qoyod system in Tabby for businesses can prepare a consolidated invoice that includes all accounting transactions for merchants during a specific accounting period and also uses bank reconciliation services to automatically make merchant payments and settle payments in the ledger.

Notably, Tabby uses Qoyod’s Application Programming Interface (API) to bill customers for late payment fees.

تابي للأعمال التجارية


The synergy between Tabby’s ‘buy now, pay later’ model for businesses and Qoyod’s comprehensive accounting solutions has revolutionized the world of e-commerce. This fruitful collaboration has paved the way towards a digital commerce environment in which both businesses and consumers thrive. The financial barriers facing customers and the radical simplification of companies’ financial operations. This alliance contributed to enhancing growth and innovation in the e-commerce sector by providing new ways for companies to increase sales and improve customer loyalty. This partnership has expanded the horizons of what is possible in this evolving market.

Combining financial flexibility for consumers and operational efficiency for companies, this cooperation between Tabby for Business and Qoyod has become a major turning point in the development of the future of e-commerce. It is worth noting that the program also offers all its customers: electronic invoice systems, as well as point-of-sale systems, warehouses, customers, etc., which makes it the best accounting software you may ever try.

After learning how Tabby helps e-commerce businesses and Qoyod’s role in facilitating accounting processes, try Qoyod now for free for 14 days if you’re looking for affordable accounting software.

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