Corporate Social Responsibility

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Qoyod always strives to improve quality of life and building a cohesive society, from this principle on which the company has been based since its establishment, we set out with a vision that serves our social responsibility and our religious, national and moral duty, by contributing what we can offer to help entrepreneurs and owners of establishments to achieve success, and achieve the vision of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia 2030.

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Free subscription for students

Qoyod supports students interested in entrepreneurship or the field of accounting to obtain a free university account for the Qoyod system

Free training courses

Qoyod offers free training courses to learn about the advantages and developments of the Qoyod system You can access the free courses page by clicking here

Our message

Corporate Social Responsibility - Qoyod

Qoyod initiative for the "Accounting Club" at King Saud University

Qoyod motivates entrepreneurs and students interested in the field of accounting. We offered them a completely free subscription, in order to reinforce our vision that looks forward to a prosperous future for the youth of Saudi Arabia. King Saud bin Abdulaziz University honored Qoyod for this initiative, in order to ensure the success of its students and empower them in the commercial field.

Qoyod initiative for Fazaa Charity Association

Qoyod initiative for "Fazaa Charity Association

Qoyod has the honor to provide its accounting services to the “Fazaa Charitable Society” for free of charge, in order to activate our social responsibility in building a cohesive society that promotes solidarity in consolidating the relationship between members of society, and the “Fazaa Charitable Society” has supported this idea and honored Qoyod for its initiative in achieving this vision.

Qoyod initiative in Forsati Exhibition

Qoyod initiative in "Forsati Exhibition"

Qoyod participates for the second time, in the Qassim Youth Empowerment Forum “Forsati”. Qoyod was so proud to be part of this contribution that provides opportunities for Saudi youth. The Prince Faisal bin Mishaal Al Saud, The governor of Qassim Region honored Qoyod for its keenness to create opportunities for young people from All Saudi regions and develop their talents.

Qoyod initiative for Nabaa Charitable Society

Qoyod initiative for "Nabaa Charitable Society"

Qoyod has the honor to offer an integrated Qoyod system for free to The Nabaa Charitable Society in Khamis Mushait Governorate, which contributes to teaching the Holy Qur’an for all ages. They thanked Qoyod for its simple initiative, and this made Qoyod aspire to continue providing more services to the community.