Cost Centers

You can use Cost Centers to compare project profitability, product sales, and commissioned sales, you can also analyze revenue and costs using the comparison tool by adding additional fields to multiple sites.


Customers receive sales invoices or quotations immediately upon purchase showing the establishment logo, contact details, and terms and conditions as a PDF file. You can also send scheduled memos to customers before payment is due.


This feature makes it easy to attach and retain documents automatically without having to print them, and allows documents to be attached to invoices rather than via email. You can also attach copies of bonds, remittances, purchase invoices, customers, suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, manual restrictions, and other attachments relating to sales invoices.

User Power

The user privileges feature allows you to add a position to each employee in the facility with certain privileges such as reading, creating, deleting, or approving. You can give permissions to definite users to view certain pages.

Manage Payments

You can pay the bill in whole, separate receipts, or payment vouchers indicating the date of each payment. Choose the type of account that you have been charged or paid for in cash or bank account, you can also add detailed bank accounts.

Record Activities

From the follow-up panel, the activity log shows you the last five operations performed by the users of the facility and shows which activity was done on the entries or invoices from adding, modifying, approving, or receiving the invoice payment, specifying the username and the date of the transaction.

Add More Than One Store

This exceptional feature allows you to add multiple stores and inventories and allocate their distinctive locations in Qoyod system, so you can efficiently manage your different stores, branches and inventories.

Provides Updated Reports

Keep track of your company's performance through our reports page. Every action and activity entered by users of the facility is automatically reflected on the reports page.


Sync your e-store with your company’s data in Qoyod.

Hire an accountant

Need an accountant? Hire one with different expertise per hour to handle accounting tasks.


Check and manage all store invoices.

Managing Inventory

Add Multiple Stores

You can add multiple stores or branches and choose your products’ loading location when you create your purchase invoices.

Adjust Inventory

By adjusting inventory, the number of products obtained can be increased at no cost or reduced products that are damaged or recovered that can not be resold.

Stock Transfer Operations

Transfer products from a store (or branch) to another by selecting a group of products and the store (or branch) to which the products will be transferred to.

Inventory Reports

The product locations report shows the quantities available in each location and helps to coordinate the distribution process. A summary of sales and purchases of stored products shows the purchases and sales of each commodity in addition to net movement and the average cost of each commodity.