Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your answer here, simply contact us via email or phone.

If you cannot find your answer here, simply contact us via email or phone.


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What is the Qoyod program?

It is a cloud computing system that does not need to be loaded onto a computer, it only needs an internet-connected device. It is easy to use, and it is designed specifically for small and medium business owners to manage their own financial accounts. It also provides many services including: customer and supplier management, easy and quick billing for their customers, professional quotes, purchase orders and inventory management, and their current systems can be linked to the system via the available API service. A unique mechanism is also in place to enable employers to manage their users permissions.

What are Qoyod’s features?

-Follow-up panel through which you can view the summary of accounting operations to know the financial position of the establishment.

– Quick and easy billing.

– Cost centers feature using additional fields.

– Bundled products.

– Easy restrictions.

– Inventory Management.

– Ready automatic reports.

– Apply POS and sync system restrictions.

– Electronic Linking API for linking electronic stores.

– Adding an unlimited number of users with their own permissions.

– Continuous support by customer relations team.

How can I benefit from Qoyod?

Qoyod is useful for employers in many ways. With Qoyod it make sales easier to manage, professional quotes, invoices, as well as many reports that you create once you create your invoices, as well as easy inventory management.

What sectors are served by Qoyod program?

It serves all sectors including: service sector, retail sector, construction sector. The program is not restricted to a specific sector. It serves all sectors that use accounting.

How does Qoyod benefit the contracting sector?

Qoyod is very suitable for the contracting sector to benefit from the analysis of additional fields, which is a special income list for each project to know the profitability and expenses of each project separately.

Is Qoyod secure?

In Qoyod, we believe in the importance of user information. Qoyod’s system is built on multiple isolated layers of redundant and secure servers. Encrypted backups of customer information are taken on a daily basis for a period of one month and on a weekly basis for a period of one year.

Is there a Qoyod application on mobile?

You can work on a Qoyod program through the Internet browser as there is a Qoyod application for Android.

Does the program need to be loaded?

Qoyod program is offered as a service that does not need to be loaded, set up or maintained, only needs an Internet-connected device.

Is support provided to charities?

Yes Qoyod supports charity sectors by a free subscription.

Does the program have a payroll system?

Human resources  will be working on the development plans of the program.


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What is the difference between subscription packages?

Existing Business Package: An unlimited number of users and invoices, 199 per month or 1920 per year.

Point of Sale package: a package of existing businesses synchronized with the application of POS 250 per month or 2400 per year.

What is the difference when paying the monthly subscription fee for the annual subscription?

Existing Business Package: Monthly subscription to the existing business package is 199SR for the month, and the annual subscription reduces the cost of the month to become 160SR per month during the year.

Point of Sale Package: Monthly subscription to the POS package 250 per month and renewed monthly. The annual subscription reduces the cost of the month to 200 riyals per month during the year.

How do I subscribe to the program if I am currently working on the free trial?

After paying the value of the package you can complete the same facility that you worked on during the free trial period.

Will technical support continue after subscription?

Supporting our clients is constant and continuous before, after and during the subscription period.

How do I know the end date of my subscription?

You will find the end date of the subscription shown in the account of your business on Qoyod through the drop-down list of settings .


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What works for e-connectivity?

 All businesses that serve or sell their products through websites or smartphone applications.

How do I benefit from the e-connectivity service?

If you own an e-store or application and want to link all the accounting processes in the website or application to automatically move to Qoyod and to be shown on the reports page.

Is there a fee for the electronic connection service?

The electronic link service is provided free of charge.

What is the mechanism of activating the electronic link service?

The electronic connection is activated automatically by going to the general settings and then issuing a key to connect and save it.

Is the electronic connectivity service offered by the programmers of Qoyod?

Work depends on the programming of electronic connectivity by the programmer who works with you, and the service is not provided by programmers of Qoyod.

How long will it take to work on the online website?

 It takes time to work on the electronic connectivity, depending on your application or location, and how ready it is.


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What are the features of point-of-sale(POS)?




Makes your daily accounts synchronized with the system automatically, without having to bother you. This helps you track your business anywhere, by using any computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It is also easy to use and get quick bills and works with the printer invoices and cashier  machines.

Does the POS system need to be connect to the Internet?


The application works primarily based on an Internet connection, but bills are entered without the need of the internet except at the end of the day in order to synchronize all data. An internet connection is needed  in order to update the invoices and upload them on your account.

How many users for the POS package?

Using two points of sale per package, and in case of needs to increase the number of users, point of sale is t]he additional user cost is SR 500 per year.

What printers work with POS application?

The Point of Sale application works with Mpop Star printers, and printers are provided by the authorized printer distributor.

To order printers please contact our customer relations team.

How can I experience POS package?

First you must register for the free trial package

Then through the program you must activate the POS user as follows: From the drop-down menu – Users – and the main user you find the “Edit” icon then put “check” on the POS and choose the branch to follow.

Then download the Point of Sale application for Android.
Enter the same email and password that you use in the program and ask you to enter 4 optional numbers to be entered each time to access the application instead of using the email and password.

If the product has two barcode numbers how is it entered into the program?

The basic barcode to be scanned is selected when the product is sold and entered into the barcode field. The second barcode number used in the order of records is entered in the serial number or as an additional field.


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Is it possible to record bills on previous dates?

Yes Invoices and transactions can be recorded with previous dates by choosing the date, When you create a sales invoice or purchase invoice or also when you add manual entries

How do I make a bill payment?

Once you’ve added and saved your invoice, you’ll find it on your Billing page and in front of the bill that was added

Icon in the form of a card, click to complete the payment process.

Can I add a signature or seal to the invoices?

By General Settings – Customer Billing Settings – Add a signature picture or seal in the box, Notes or terms and conditions to appear in new invoices and invoices previously entered will not be affected.

The bill is draft and I can not pay?

You can not pay an invoice if it is a draft.

So you have to change the status of the bill from draft to approved by clicking the edit icon in front of the bill,then click on Save and Agree then the payment option will be available.

Is it possible to print invoices?

Yes You can print the invoice by clicking the print icon in front of each invoice.

Can I change my invoice?

At this time you can not change the invoice shape only You can change the general format of the invoice

Such as: adding terms and conditions and adding images such as stamping and other options available.

And soon there will be a feature within the development plan that enables the user to design his bills.

How do I delete a paid purchase invoice?

You’ll need to go to “Purchase receipts” in the Billing section at the top right of the screen and after you sign in to Manage Payments, the invoice payment you want to delete is deleted. Then go back to the invoices and you’ll find the delete icon next to the invoice to delete.

A message appears during any billing process “Billing or due date should not be less than closing date account”?

This is because the closing date of the accounts has been determined so it must be left blank by the general settings.

It is preferable not to specify the end date of the fiscal year until the day on which you wish to end the fiscal year.

Sending invoices to the client via the SMTP protocol Is the sender from Qoyood or can the email be determined?

The sender will Qoyood, and this service is within the next developments that are currently working on.



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How do I add an account to the account tree?

Account tree in Qoyod are prepared and generally ready for various business activities, you only have to specify the account you want to load the products / services / costs on when adding them or specify the accounts of manual entries when they are added.

More about adding a new account

What is the number of levels of tree accounts of Qoyod?

Qoyod program provides the main first tier level of the tree of accounts, level 2 and level 3.

For example:

Main Level: Assets.

Level 2: Traded Assets.

Level 3: Warehouses.

Can I import an account for tree accounts?

Accounts can be imported to download the Excel template and then upload it to Qoyod program.

How do I add a manual entry?

From the drop-down menu – Accounting – Manual accounting Qoyod – Create a manual entry

Does Qoyod account for depreciation of assets?

Manual depreciation can be added manually, by manual Qoyod or easy Qoyod, and future updates will be applied to automatic depreciation.

Are there any opening balance in Qoyod for the customer and supplier?

There are no opening balances for both the customer and the supplier, and will be launched in the coming updates.

If I start a new year in Qoyod, how do I migrate my accounts from the previous year to the next year?

Accounts are automatically migrated once the closing date of the accounts has been determined and the start date of the fiscal year is determined if you are working on Qoyod in the previous year.

If I have previous years’ accounts, how are they entered into the Qoyod program?

Entries are entered by manual entries from the previous year.


Data analysis

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Is it possible to remove the previous operations of Qoyod program?

Yes, the list of accounts, the product list, the list of suppliers and customers can be removed.

How is the transfer of inventory A to inventory B?

From the Products and Costs page – click Stock transfers at the top of the page.

How do I add quantity?

Quantity is added by adding a purchase invoice

If this quantity is obtained at no cost, it is added by adjusting the inventory on the Products and Costs page.

How are damaged products handled?

The amount of stock in the damaged quantity from the Products and Costs page – and then click on the Stock Settings at the top of the page.

How are refunds handled to the supplier before payment?

From the Purchases drop-down menu – Billing – Notify the debtor.

I have a carton and each carton has 10 dozens and each dozen has 12 pieces, How can this product be entered?

You can add it with the Unit Conversion feature you find when you add a new product from the Products and Costs page.

Prices for my products and services are not fixed Do I have to set the price when I add them?

You can put an approximate price when you add the product or service and you can change it when you create the invoice.

How can I view / print my account statement?

From the Reports drop-down menu – Account Statement Report – Choose Accounts Receivable – then select the customer name.

The statement of account is specific to the entity and is not provided to the customer because it shows the total balances of all the customers in the establishment.

Can I edit the accounts of the past year after they close?

Yes, this can be done by clearing the closing date of the previous year and then adjusting the accounts and after the last year’s closing.

Does the program have cost centers?

Qoyod has additional field property that override cost centers have additional field analysis in the income statement.

Do I need to enter the customer’s name and phone number each time I create an invoice for a new customer?

Yes, if each customer’s data is needed, they must be entered each time. If the customer’s data is not needed, you can add a new customer name as “passing customer”.


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Does Qoyod provide accountants for establishments?


Qoyod management provides the service of accountants trained in the program of Qoyod according to their diverse experience and qualifications, and the owner of the establishment can obtain the consultation of the accountants or request help service in preparing the establishment on the program of Qoyod and entering accounts, invoices and different other processes.

What is the method of requesting the accountant? And how is the appropriate accountant for my establishment determined ?

By communicating with the Customer Relations Team through direct conversations. And answering a set of questions sent by the customer relations team.

When is the accountants service quotation sent from Your Qoyod?

After answering the questions that have been sent from the Customer Relations Team the accountant team sets the appropriate accountant, and the quotation is sent to you

How is my application for accountant service approved?


After sending the quotation and approving it, the amount will be transferred and informing to the customer relations team via  live chatting by sending the transfer receipt, after that communication is done with you by the accountant.

What is the difference between your accountancy experience?

Depending on the need of your establishment, the accountants team will determine the appropriate accountant for your establishment and operations.

Do you provide stamp service on the financial statements?

Qoyod is an accounting program that provides you with financial statements that are prepared and not stamped, you can then use the help of offices of certified accountants to be stamped by them.

How credible are accountants in maintaining the confidentiality of the entity’s information?

Cooperation with accountants has been carried out on certain bases, the most important of which is the confidentiality of customer information

Is it possible to change the accountant who has been agreed on if we do not fit in the way he works?

This rarely happens but yes, you can change the accountant by agreement with the accountants team.