Frequently Asked Questions

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Qoyod is a cloud accounting system. 

You don’t need to download it on your computer, use it easily on any internet-connected device. Qoyod includes many services such as customer and supplier management, easy and quick billing, professional quotes, purchase orders, and inventory management. You can also integrate systems you have with Qoyod using the available API service and manage user permissions.


– Follow-up panel, view the summary of accounting operations to check the financial position of the establishment.

– Quick and easy billing.

– Cost centers feature using additional fields.

– Bundled products.

– Easy restrictions.

– Inventory Management.

– Payroll feature.

– Ready automatic reports.

– Apply POS and sync system restrictions.

– Automatic API integration for online stores.

– Continuous support by the customer relations team

You can manage sales and inventory easily, send professional quotes, invoices, and reports.

The program is not restricted to a specific sector, it supports all sectors such as service sector, retail sector, construction sector. 


Analyze contracting projects with Qoyod easily and check the profitability and expenses of each project separately using a special income list in the analysis of the additional fields.

User information is a priority in Qoyod. We built it on multiple isolated layers of redundant and secure servers. Encrypted backups of customer information are taken on a daily basis for a period of one month and on a weekly basis for a period of one year.

Yes, Qoyod is mobile-friendly, you can also use Qoyod application for Android and iPhone.

Qoyod does not need to be downloaded, set up, or maintained, you only need an internet-connected device.

Yes, Qoyod offers a free subscription to support the charity sector, to activate the free subscription please contact our support team to provide the non-profit organizations certificate which is issued by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development.

Yes, Qoyod has a payroll system where you can add your employee data, payroll runs & employees loans, deductions and Bounces. 

Qoyod is designed to help manage business regardless of the type of business sector, whether it is service or commercial, all that is necessary is to configure the system to serve any sector wonderfully. More on how Qoyod benefit the service sector.

You can contact the CRM team through the live chat at the bottom right of the program page.

Or through the unified number:  8001010603



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Each package has its own special features, tailored to the size of the business and its needs, from small companies to large ones. At the top of the page, you’ll find the features of each package. You can also try the premium package for free for 14 days.

Yes, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the packages for 14 days with a free trial.
After paying your subscription to the package you can complete the same facility that you worked on during the free trial period.
Yes, supporting our clients is constant and continuous before, after, and during the subscription period.
You will find the end date of the subscription shown in the account of your business on Qoyod through the drop-down list of settings.

You can work on many branches in one package with the custom fields feature in addition to the projects feature, regarding the reports it is inclusive of all branches except the income statement, balance sheet & trial balances which you can analyze and compare them with the advance analysis.


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All businesses that provide services or products online.

You can benefit from integration service if you have an e-store or application and want to integrate all the accounting operations automatically in the website or app of Qoyod.

The integration service is activated automatically.

The integration service is provided for free.

By synchronizing your online store with Qoyod. When you complete any sale on your online store, a new invoice will be recorded automatically in Qoyod to build accounting management to your website which will reflect all types of reports and show you the sales and financial situation in any period selected.

Work depends on the programming of the integration by the programmer who works with you, and the service is not provided by programmers of Qoyod.

The timing depends on your application or location, and how ready it is.



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Yes, invoices and transactions can be recorded with previous dates by choosing the “date” when you create a sales invoice or purchase invoice, and you can also add manual entries.

Once you’ve added and saved your invoice, you’ll find it on your Billing page and in front of the bill that was added a card icon is shown, click it and complete the payment process.

By General Settings – Customer Billing Settings – Add a signature picture or seal in the box, Notes or terms and conditions to appear in new invoices, and invoices that were previously entered will not be affected.

No, you can not pay an invoice if it is a draft. You have to change the status of the bill from “draft” to “approved” by clicking the edit icon in front of the bill, then clicking on Save and Agree then the payment option will be available.

Yes, you can print the invoice by clicking the print icon in front of each invoice.

At this time you can not change the invoice shape you can only change the general format of the invoice

Such as: adding terms and conditions and adding images such as stamping and other options available.

And soon there will be a feature within the development plan that enables the user to design his bills.

You’ll need to go to “Purchase receipts” in the Billing section at the top right of the screen and after you sign in to Manage Payments, the invoice payment you want to delete is deleted. Then go back to the invoices and you’ll find the delete icon next to the invoice to delete.

This is because the closing date of the accounts has been determined so it must be left blank by the general settings.

It is preferable not to specify the end date of the fiscal year until the day on which you wish to end the fiscal year.

Yes, through Accounting- Chart of Accounts, add a new account for discount allowed  with the direct cost, and activate the choice: accept payment and then pay the client invoice’s remaining amount to reduce the due amounts.



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The account tree in Qoyod is prepared and generally ready for various business activities, you only have to specify the account you want to load the products, services, or costs on when adding them or specify the accounts of manual entries when they are added.

More about adding a new account.

Qoyod program provides 7 levels to cover all organizations’ needs.

Accounts can be imported to download the Excel template and then upload it to Qoyod program.

Because they are considered main accounts that must be in each facility that cannot be modified or deleted, you can only modify the account name, but the account you carry can not be modified.

From the drop-down menu – Accounting – Manual accounting Qoyod – Create a manual entry.

Yes, you can edit the manual entry by clicking the edit icon in front of the required entry.

Manual depreciation can be added manually, by manual journal entries or easy entries, and future updates will be applied to automatic depreciation.


Yes, There are opening balances for both the customers and the suppliers

Accounts are automatically migrated once the closing date of the accounts has been determined and the start date of the fiscal year is determined if you are working on Qoyod in the previous year.

Entries are entered through the Manual journal entries – Opening balances.

Deletion: To get rid of the account if it does not carry any operations, it must be from the accounts that were added by you and not from the basic accounts in the tree accounts.

Archive: An account with multiple operations loaded but will not be used in the future.

Data analysis

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Yes, the list of accounts, the product list, the list of suppliers and customers can be Imported.

From the Products and Costs page – click Stock transfers at the top of the page.

Quantity is added by adding a purchase invoice

If this quantity is obtained at no cost, it is added by adjusting the inventory on the Products and Costs page.

The amount of stock in the damaged quantity from the Products and Costs page – and then click on the Stocktake at the top of the page.

From the Purchases drop-down menu – Billing – Debit Note.

You can add it with the Unit Conversion feature you find when you add a new product from the Products and Costs page and fill in the prices of the new units.

You can put an approximate price when you add the product or service and you can change it when you create the invoice.

From the Reports drop-down menu – Account Statement Report – Choose Accounts Receivable – then filter it with the Customers.

Yes, this can be done by clearing the closing date of the previous year and then adjusting the accounts on the last year’s closing.

You can use the summary report of the sales and purchases of stored products to see the value and quantity remaining in the stock which is the net movement.

Qoyod has custom fields & Project properties that override cost centers, and you can analyze the income statement and the balance sheet with the advanced analysis.

Yes, if each customer’s data is needed, they must be entered each time. If the customer’s data is not needed, you can add a new customer name as “passing customer”.


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Qoyod management provides the service of accountants trained to use Qoyod according to their diverse experience and qualifications, and the establishment owner can choose the training service or establishing the system based on the organization’s requirements.

By contacting the Customer Relations Team through direct conversations and answering a set of questions.

After answering the questions that have been sent to you from the Customer Relations Team, the accountant team sets the appropriate accountant, and the quotation is sent to you.

After sending the quotation and approving it, the amount will be transferred and informing to the customer relations team via live chatting by sending the transfer receipt, then the accountant will contact you. 

Depending on the need of your establishment, the accountants’ team will determine the appropriate accountant for your establishment and operations.

Qoyod is an accounting system that provides you with financial statements that are prepared and not stamped, you can then use the help of offices of certified accountants to be stamped by them.

Cooperation with accountants has been carried out on certain bases, the most important of which is the confidentiality of customer information.

This rarely happens but yes, you can change the accountant by agreement with the accountants’ team.