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Designing a ready-made invoice has become more than just the process of creating a financial document; it has become an opportunity for creative expression and a unique brand identity. The invoice design process, whether for sales invoices, purchases, or other invoices, requires a combination of creativity and strategic thinking, which requires the designer to find a balanced solution between presenting financial information clearly and directly and highlighting the design elements and visual identity of the brand. Colors, fonts, and elements can be used. Other visual features are strategically designed to attract attention and enhance the professionalism and excellence of the invoice, making it establish itself as an effective communication tool between the company and its customers.

تصميم فاتورة من قيود

In this article, we’ll explore how to excel in invoice design and highlight best practices you can follow to produce effective and attractive invoices.

What is the process of designing an invoice?

Invoice design is the process of determining the look and feel of a commercial invoice. Invoice design includes using colors, fonts, and other visual elements strategically to achieve certain goals, such as professionalism, enhancing the visual identity of the brand, attracting attention, and making it easier to read and understand the financial information presented in the invoice. Designing an invoice also includes formatting the information in a logical and organized manner to ensure ease of use by customers and the accuracy of the data provided in it.

What information is included in the contents of the invoice design?

The contents of an invoice design include various elements aimed at providing clearly organized and specific information to customers. These contents usually include:

  • Supplier and customer information, such as company name, address, and contact information,.
  • Invoice Date: The date on which the invoice was issued.
  • Invoice Number: A unique number used to identify the invoice.
  • Items and Services Provided: A list of products or services provided with their details, such as quantity, price per unit, and subtotal for each item.
  • Final Amounts: The total amounts due for various items, including taxes and discounts if applicable.
  • Payment information: accepted methods of payment, such as bank account numbers or electronic payment methods.
  • Payment terms, such as the currency used and the time limit for payment,.
  • Terms and Conditions: These are the terms of the agreement that the customer must read and agree to.

The contents of an invoice design vary depending on companies and customer needs, but these basic elements are often part of it.

What are the procedures for designing an electronic sales invoice?

Here are the general steps for designing an electronic invoice:

  • Determine needs and requirements: Before starting the design, you must determine the information that should appear in the invoice, such as vendors and customer information, items and services provided, amounts due, and other necessary details.
  • Choosing a program to design invoices: Different design programs can be used, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or specialized programs for designing invoices, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks.
  • Basic Invoice Template Design: Create a basic invoice template design that contains basic elements such as the company logo, supplier and customer information, items and services provided, and amounts due.
  • Customize design and colors: Customize the design to match your brand identity, and choose colors and fonts that reflect your company image well.
  • Add granular details: Add granular details for each line on the invoice, such as quantities, prices, sub-packages, and any taxes or discounts.
  • Verification and testing: Review the invoice to ensure that the information is accurate and formatted correctly, then perform testing to ensure that the invoice works correctly on all hardware and software.
  • Save and use the template: Once you have finished designing the invoice, save the template to use again to easily issue future invoices.
  • Send the invoice electronically: Send the invoice electronically to customers via email or the electronic payment gateway, and ensure that safe and convenient payment options are provided to customers.

How to design a sales invoice template from Qoyod

Designing an invoice from Qoyod requires attention to details and a focus on the basics. Here are the simple steps to design an invoice from Qoyod:

  • First, the process of creating a sales invoice is done through the sales drop-down menu and clicking on the (+) sign that appears in front of the invoices.
  • A new sales invoice is added, focusing on writing a reference number for the invoice and describing it if necessary, in addition to selecting the desired customer or adding a new customer.
  • The issue date, maturity, and payment terms are specified, and the location from which the products will be sold is determined.
  • You can choose the desired product or service, specify the quantity sold, adjust the price if necessary, and determine the tax rate.
  • You can write your own terms, conditions, and notes and pay the invoice value through the bonds section.
  • You can also deduct the balance from the invoice to reduce the customer’s due and add attachments to the invoice.
  • Finally, click “Save and Approve” or “Save as Draft” to be able to modify the invoice later. Please note that after clicking “Save and Approve,” the invoice cannot be modified, but rather it is copied and the previous one is deleted.

Sales invoice template

|                   invoice


|     invoice number:   F2024-001


|     Invoice date:   April 21, 2024


|Company Data:

| Company name: example General Trading Company

| Address: Model Street, city, state

| Phone number: 123-456-7890 Email:


| Customer data:

| Client name: Abdullah Mohammed |

| Address: Customer Street, City, State |

| Phone number: 987-654-3210 Email:


| Invoice details:

|Goods/service | Quantity | Price per unit (in Saudi Riyals) | Total (in Saudi Riyals) 


|Laptop                | 2 |            3000.00 |                                 | 6000.00 

| Wireless mouse | 1 |            100.00 |                                  |  100.00 

|USB charging cable | 3 |        20.00 |                                   |   60.00


Total: 6160.00 


| Tax value (5%): 308.00


| Amount Due: 6468.00



What are the advantages of designing a sales invoice from Qoyod?

Designing an invoice from Qoyod offers many advantages, including:

  • Enhance brand visual identity: Invoice design can be used to display the company logo, brand colors, and fonts, enhancing brand awareness and strengthening its identity.
  • Enhance creativity: Invoice design can be creative and attractive, making customers view it positively and remember the brand better.
  • Improving the company’s professionalism: Designing the invoice in a professional manner reflects the company’s attention to detail and quality, which contributes to building a positive reputation for the company.
  • Make it easier to read and understand: By organizing and designing information well, invoice design can help customers read and understand information easily, reducing confusion and redundant inquiries.
  • Save time and effort: By using ready-made invoice design templates, companies can save time and effort on preparing invoices manually, allowing them to focus their efforts on other areas of the business.
  • Ease of electronic management: When using electronic invoices, companies can improve the processes of managing, storing, and tracking invoices more efficiently and accurately.


What are the disadvantages of designing an electronic invoice?

Despite the many benefits associated with designing electronic invoices, they can also have some drawbacks, including:

  • Compatibility and display issues: Problems may occur with the display of electronic invoices on some devices or in some programs, which may make them difficult to read or understand.
  • Electronic security risks: Electronic invoices may be exposed to the risks of hacking and tampering, which puts the confidentiality of customers’ financial and personal information at risk.
  • Technology and infrastructure requirements: Electronic invoices may need advanced technology infrastructure, which may require additional financial investment and resources.
  • Delay in delivery or receipt of invoices: You may encounter some technical or communication problems that lead to a delay in the delivery or receipt of electronic invoices.
  • Dependency on technology and the Internet: Companies that rely heavily on electronic invoices can face problems in the event of an Internet outage or problems with the technological system.
  • Difficulty in obtaining a paper copy for documentation: Some customers may need a paper copy of the invoice for documentation or archiving purposes, which may be difficult in the case of electronic invoices.

Despite these drawbacks, technological progress and developments in information security contribute to reducing the risks associated with designing electronic invoices.


Designing an invoice from Qoyod software is a vital task for any business, and the invoice must combine practical functions, ensuring that accurate and organized financial information is presented in a professional and attractive manner. Relying on good organization and using proper coordination.

In addition, the design of invoices must be compatible with the requirements of local and international laws and legislation, such as including the required tax data and added tax details if they exist. The design should also allow enough space to add additional information, such as payment terms and company policies, which helps clarify the relationship. Business between the company and the customer. Therefore, a design should be chosen that comprehensively meets the needs of the company and customers, reflects business professionalism, and enhances confidence in business operations.

On the other hand, Qoyod is considered the easiest accounting program to use. The program provides effective systems such as electronic invoices, point of sale systems, and warehouse and customer management, making it an ideal choice for companies at affordable prices. Try Qoyod now for free for a powerful and enjoyable experience for 14 days.

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