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E-Invoice - Qoyod

What is an Electronic invoice (FATOORA)?

Electronic Invoicing is a procedure that aims to convert the issuing of paper invoices and notes into an electronic process that allows the exchange and processing of invoices, credit notes and debit notes in a structured electronic format between buyer and seller through an integrated electronic solution

E-Invoice in Qoyod - Phase Two

Free Webinars on Electronic invoice (FATOORA)

You can view the available free webinars (in Arabic & English languages) that will greatly help you in understanding electronic billing, and how to apply it in your facility correctly.

E-invoicing implementation phases

”Phase One“ (Generation Phase)

December 4, 2021

Taxpayers are required to generate and store compliant electronic tax invoices and notes using compliant e-invoicing systems.

”Phase Two“ (Integration Phase)

January 1, 2023

Integration of taxpayer e-invoicing systems with ZATCA in waves by targeted taxpayer groups. Taxpayers will be notified by ZATCA on the date of their integration at least 6 months in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First: Click on “Settings”

Second: Click on “General Settings”

Third: Choose “Activate” you will find it next to “Activate the electronic invoice in accordance with the Saudi regulations issued by the “Zakat, Charity and Taxes Authority”

Fourth: Click on “Save”

The printed barcode from Qoyod conforms to all the security specifications required by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and you can view it in Clause 4.1 of the electronic requirements file through the link from here

The data printed in the barcode must be converted first to TLV format and then to Base64 encoding and programs that print barcodes directly.

Without this transfer, it will not be in accordance with the security specifications of the electronic invoice, and the owner of the facility may be subject to a violation

You willl see the barcode on sales invoices, and it’s not required to display if you’ve created or printed quotes.

You cannot delete invoices. Therefore, we ask you to make sure that the invoices are completely correct before you save or agree to them.

You can save the invoices as drafts to return to them for deletion and modification and after making sure that the data is completely correct, Click Save and Agree.

Barcodes will only be printed on electronic invoices that have been approved or invoices that have been paid or partially paid.

It does not appear on unapproved draft and electronic invoices.

After activating electronic invoicing the barcode will be automatically added to the bills, or if it is not activated, you can through the “new designer”.

You can choose the barcode by clicking on the document details.

Through this link, you can view pre recorded electronic invoicing webinars, as it will greatly help you in understanding electronic invoicing and how to apply it in your facility correctly.

E-Invoice - Qoyod

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