How has Qoyod achieved success for the auto show sector?

Qoyod Auto Show Sector
Accounting management in the auto show sector, a difficult, very difficult process. But not anymore; read on to find out how Qoyod has facilitated accounting in this sector, so that you no longer need much accounting experience.

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A fundamental pillar of the rental sector, especially auto showrooms – whether you rent apartments or cars – is accountability.

So accounting expertise and an appropriate accounting system are required to paint a clear vision of total sales, and the role of the staff involved, but don’t worry.

Because Qoyod offers a complete system, it’s easy to use.

And his support for the Arabic language to manage the entire process without the need for much experience in accounting or even an accountant.

Let’s learn how to take advantage of Qoyod to maximize your profits in this article.

1-How does Qoyod serve the automotive sector?

In Qoyod, we understand the sensitivity of the sales issue for the automotive sector, especially since its sales cannot tolerate error or confusion.

In Qoyod, we start from the principle of effective simplification that helps you know the workflow without the need for financial experience.

Qoyod serves the automotive sector by giving it a number of important characteristics headed by the data of your cars available for rent or sale in your showroom.

With Qoyod you can add your inventory or store details.

And even branches of your organization or establishment in order to be able to track the movement of cars and the number of sales.

You can also grant access to sales representatives to issue purchase or rental invoices through the Qoyod system.

so you know by the click of each representative’s performance button and which one is the best work.

Not only that, but you can also add the suppliers you are dealing with.

As well as the ease of conducting the inventory process so you are aware of your entire business.

2-How has Qoyod helped the rental and exhibition sector?

The key word for success in the rental and exhibition sector is profits.

If you are not able to determine your progress towards your profit goals, your efforts will inevitably fail, this is a foregone conclusion.

But the dilemma lies in applying the above in practice that facilitates the development and measurement of its results to make the necessary decisions.

In this regard, Qoyod provides you with the successful solutions you need.

It gives you the ability to know all aspects of your business through comprehensive reports.

Through which you can track sales, and the movement of inventory for each branch separately, in addition to accurate reports on profits and losses.

As well as knowing the number of customers and the performance of employees compared to their goals, Qoyod literally acts on your behalf in all financial matters of your showroom.

3-Advantages of Qoyod in showrooms, stores and asset management

Qoyod has been conveniently designed to help manage exhibitions, stores and assets; just consider the following features you’ll find at Qoyod:

  • Knowing the progress of the rental process: Qoyod allows you to add a new field in the system called the car plate, to put the plate number in it for each car rental, so you will be able to know the total revenue and expenses of the car due to the previous transaction in the income statement.
  • Details of locations or branches: regardless of the number of locations or branches.

This feature allows you to add them all so that you can enter the purchase and sales invoices for each branch/location separately to paint a clear picture of the performance of your branches/location, and be able to make the appropriate decisions.

  • Easily grant authority in Qoyod to employees: whether you want to add a salesperson, an employee, or a group of employees.

Through Qoyod, you can give specific employees access to it as well as the ability to determine the appropriate role for each employee.

  • Vital customer database: The leasing or sale process is not without a recurring number of customers; it is important to follow them to know the history of transaction, and the amounts paid and due.

Thanks to this feature, you can add all your customers and create a database of them to draw a clear picture of everything about them.

  • Round-the-clock reports: An important feature of Qoyod is the automatic updating of data so that you can get a comprehensive report anytime you need it.
  • Adding suppliers: The importance of following up on suppliers and strengthening the relationship with them cannot be neglected in any way.

With Qoyod you will be able to build a database of suppliers you deal with to strengthen the relationship and follow the workflow very easily.

  • Organization of sales and services provided: Sales are the fuel of any business, through the additional fields in your Qoyod dashboard.

You can add multiple fields for sales invoices, quotations, purchase invoices, purchase orders, customers, Suppliers, and sales

So that they can be analyzed to see how the work is going quite easily.

Qoyod is the best cloud accounting software to manage your accounting in the field of car shows and leasing in Saudi Arabia; try it free for 14 days

4-The conclusion:

You will no longer need to study accounting or employ an accountant.

Because Qoyod acts on behalf of your accountant in automating the process.

so that you can devote yourself to the important things in your business.

As well as the power of Qoyod program attested by thousands of customers.

It’s an easy-to-use cloud accounting software that doesn’t need to be downloaded.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, try it for free for 14 days.


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