Accounting certificates: how to get an accountant job through it?

Accounting certificates
Here are the top 4 recognized accounting certificates that will qualify you for the labor market when you get them.

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Having a recognized accounting degree can help you get a job, increase your ability to market yourself, and give you a kind of professional credibility in the job market.

Human Resources managers and potential clients viewed the time, money, and effort that went into obtaining any of the accounting certifications as evidence of an individual’s desire to succeed.

A globally recognized degree is often a trump card in the hands of qualified job candidates, which differentiates one from the other.

As with any professional degree, earning one type of accounting degree can help earn higher salaries and bonuses, and more opportunities for career advancement.

For the workers in the accounting field, there are a good number of accounting certifications widely recognized by the business, finance and accounting communities.

The best of which we will talk about in the next lines of this article.

What is the importance of the accounting field?

The accounting profession is an integral part of any organization, whether it is a private or government organization.

so it is a profession that receives great attention and appreciation.

The employment rate of workers in this specialty is constantly increasing, with many career paths in this field of work.

Although there are many specializations in this field.

There are 4 main fields of specialization as follows:

  • Public accounting.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Government accounting.
  • Management accounting.

So, as mentioned above, all companies seek to employ the best accountants and make them part of their workers, and with a master’s or doctoral degree in this field, candidates for these jobs will have more career opportunities.

Top 6 Accounting Certifications

1- SOCPA Certificate

It is a certificate granted by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants, a certificate that aims to develop individuals to be qualified to work in accounting departments in a more professional and organized way.

Its importance is concentrated as one of the most important practical certificates and is related to various fields, as it provides its holder with many opportunities.

The banking and insurance regulator requires all Saudi banks and insurance companies located in the Saudi financial markets to publish their financial statements so that they comply with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Nomination conditions for the SOCPA program:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi.
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or any higher qualification in the disciplines of administrative sciences or its branches, provided that the academic record contains 21 hours in accounting courses.
  • Pass the differentiation test.

2-Value Added Tax (VAT) Specialist Exam

The Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants adopted this test to measure several skills, the extent of accountants’ knowledge of Saudi tax laws and how to calculate them in the company’s lists.

After obliging companies to apply the electronic invoice, especially for the second stage, it became important for every accountant or company to have a person specialized in tax.

From here you can apply for the “Tax Specialist” certificate.

With the emergence of new tax laws, some companies have provided accounting programs that facilitate the accounting process for the owner of the facility to be easier and more economical, such as the Qoyod cloud accounting program, you can now try it for free for 14 days.

3-Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate

The Financial Analysts Institute of the United States of America has designed the CFA certification to be an internationally accredited program for measuring the competence of financial analysts.

This certification is now a benchmark of excellence in the field globally.

This certification is concerned with all monetary and non-monetary data, unlike what financial accounting does.

It is awarded to the holder after passing a 3-stage test to measure the applicants’ ability to apply their basic knowledge in the field of accounting.

4-Certified Public Accountant Certificate

The CPA certificate is one of the most powerful accounting certificates, as it gives its holders the status of global professional accreditation.

This certificate is designed by the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United States (AICPA). 

This certificate is obtained by those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field from an accredited college or university.

Having this accreditation helps increase job opportunities, higher salaries, and better benefits.

As a Chartered Accountant, you will be responsible for your organization’s financial insurance, in order to maintain its distinction among competitors.

5-The Association of Chartered Certified Accountant Certificate.

The ACCA is an accredited academic qualification covering all areas of business, management accounting, financial statements and taxation.

That’s why most international and local companies want their employees to pursue this certificate that qualifies them for advancement and higher career opportunities.

To obtain this certificate, you must pass 14 exams, in addition to possessing 3 years of experience in the field of Chartered Certified Accountant, Accounting, Finance and related matters.

Obtaining this qualification is considered as evidence that a person possesses the skills and knowledge required by employers in accounting, banking, auditing, consulting, and other professions.

6-  Certified internal Auditor Certificate

Awarded by the Institute of Internal Auditors (CIA), this certification is a global certification for those who wish to work as internal auditors, as it is a standard through which they prove their professional competence in the specialization of internal auditing.

A certified internal auditor analyzes and evaluates the business and financial operations of companies, identifies problems, and ensures compliance with company and industry regulations, and government legislation.

 What jobs can be obtained by getting accounting certificates?

Jobs vary according to the type of certificate that the accountant obtains, so we will mention in the next lines some information about some of these jobs.

  • Auditing and bookkeeping.
  • Accounting and auditing.
  • Budget analysis.

 Why is it important to obtain professional certificates in the field of accounting?

The professional certificate indicates the efficiency of those who obtained it.

which means that the holder has the necessary accounting knowledge, in addition to the extent of his commitment to the professional standards of his specialization.

For this reason, accounting certificates enhance the reputation of their holders among their colleagues and potential customers, and these certificates can represent a marketing tool that distinguishes their holders from other professionals.

It is a demonstration of efficiency and a means of differentiating candidates in employment processes.

These accredited certifications also allow accountants to charge higher consulting fees, or to obtain new sources of income for themselves.

The conclusion

In conclusion, it should be noted that no professional certificate is more important than the other; it depends on each person’s specialization and career path, and for precisely this reason, we did not rely on the standard of preference in our ranking of these accounting certificates.

Now that you know some of the most important accounting certificates, we invite you to collect the greatest possible benefit by visiting the Qoyod platform, in which we offer you everything that is useful in the field of accounting.

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