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All organizations and establishments operating in the food and beverage sector need to fine-tune their finances or they will be affected; learn how Qoyod has achieved exceptional successes for this sector in this article.

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One of the most sensitive and time-consuming activities in the food and beverage sector is financial control.

A lot of establishments suffer from their traditional methods of preparing tax returns.

In this article, we will highlight how Qoyod has facilitated accounting in the food and beverage industry.

1-Fattening Foundation experience with Qoyod

Fattening Foundation is a Saudi establishment that began its work 30 years ago; the establishment fattens livestock for sale and meat.

Highly advanced techniques are used in the care of and raising livestock in order to produce the best possible quality.

Like many establishments in the food and beverage sector, they were looking for cloud accounting software that was easy to use, and aligned with the nature of their work.

The most important thing is that it is at an affordable price, as well as one of the basic requirements is the program’s ability to facilitate the preparation and processing of the tax return and value-added tax processes in order to avoid any legal problems.

They decided to try Qoyod.

After a short time, they were able to control their finances very easily and intelligently.

 According to the founder of the foundation Abdulrahman, he says he no longer needs to employ a full-time accountant.

Because of the professionalism and effectiveness of Qoyod, their accountant only works with them part-time and does not need much follow-up.

Because the biggest+ percentage of the accounting process was automated through Qoyod.

2-How does Qoyod serve the food and beverage sector?

Qoyod has been designed to cope with the food and beverage industry.

It provides the institutions and establishments which use it with a number of advantages that are only found in Qoyod.

The most prominent of which are the following:

  • Easy to add products to Qoyod: You can very easily add all the products or goods you sell to Qoyod.
  • Ability to serve several items in one meal: It is normal in the food and beverage sector that the products offered for sale are closely related to each other, Coffee, for example, is a standalone product, but the customer may order a snack with them; through Qoyod you will be able to add all the items easily.
  • Ease of converting wholesale products to retail products: Through the unit conversion feature in Qoyod, you can convert wholesale product units to retail products with the appropriate price for both.
  • Ease of converting wholesale products to retail products: Through the unit conversion feature in Qoyod, you can convert wholesale product units to retail products with the appropriate price for both of them.
  • Identify the branch for products: Whether you own one branch or multiple branches, you will be able to add products for each branch separately to easily analyze your sales and find out where they come from.
  • The ability to move products from one branch to another: This feature will save you the tiring of moving products from one store to another, you will be able to control the locations of products and move them fast.
  • Easy to prepare the quantity of dishes: This feature enables you to prepare the quantity of dishes expected to be sold in a specific period of time or even update them as soon as they run out.
  • Observing employee sales separately: Thanks to this feature, you can add each employee to be able to register for the purpose of creating invoices, In order to paint a clear picture of gross income and identify the best employees to bring profits.
  • Observing the progress of each branch individually: This feature allows you to add all your branches, as well as the ease of adding and storing purchase and sales invoices for each branch separately to be able to know the progress of each branch, its sales volume and the available inventory in it.
  • Adding your employees easily: whatever the role of the employee who works in your organization or establishment, Qoyod gives you the ability to give them access to their respective constraints so that tasks don’t crash to facilitate highly flexible workflows.
  • Periodically ready reports: Qoyod updates invoices automatically without any intervention from you so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, whenever you need them.
  • Add suppliers: You can build a base of suppliers you deal with in Qoyod in order to do your work in high professionalism and build fruitful relationships with them.

In the opinion of our client Abdulrahman, Qoyod is always one step ahead of us, every time it impresses us with new updates and powerful features. 

Honestly, at Qoyod, we are working hard to deliver the best cloud accounting software for the food and beverage industry.

Try Qoyod for free for 14 days.

3-Qoyod success partners in the food and beverage sector

Since 2017, Qoyod has been developing cloud accounting solutions in Saudi Arabia and seeks to include various Arab countries, Because it is an effective and important program for any business seeking leadership.

This is not Unintentional talk, but rather the opinion of thousands of customers in Qoyod.

Kholoud, owner of the Catlya Visualization Foundation, says “ She was able to identify the most requested and desirable services from her target audience thanks to Qoyod reports.

This led to directing efforts and budget in the right direction to further develop the enterprise.”

Feras Al Ateeq, executive director  of Biotech and BioX, confirms Kholoud’s words.

He says that Qoyod is not just a cloud accounting software at an affordable price.

Rather, it is a real success partner, it has helped him facilitate the process of making development decisions that were reflected on him with high sales and profits, let alone reduce expenses.

We invite you to learn more about the success stories of some of our customers, whether through YouTube or the website.

 4-The conclusion

The food and beverage sector is one of the sectors most in need of accountability due to the diversity and versatility of its products.

It is important that every institution or enterprise which operates in this sector to be fully aware of its financial situation.

So that you can make appropriate decisions, reduce operational costs and enhance profits.

This is exactly what Qoyod provides in this regard to the previous sector.


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