The role of customer Journey in increasing sales

The customer journey
We have simplified the concept of the customer journey for you to know how to address your potential customers in order to maximize your sales and retain them for as long as possible. Read the article now.

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Have you ever heard of “The customer journey”?

Imagine with us that you are sitting on the sofa browsing Twitter and seeing an advertisement for an online store specializing in women’s fashion appearing to you, its design attracted you and you entered the website.

You were impressed by what you saw, and began to think carefully about buying a dress from it or a specific piece to give as a gift to your sister or mother.

Do you know what happened now?

You’ve been targeted so precisely that you reach the pinnacle of persuasion and are close to buying a feminine product that has nothing to do with you.

But in reality, your marketing campaign is very tightly prepared because it knows at what stage of the customer journey it is currently in, and it is not an act of insanity.

And this is the power of studying the customer journey. Let’s start by defining it.

What is the customer journey?

A customer journey is a path that takes your target customer from someone who doesn’t know anything about your brand to an actual customer.

The customer journey is based on conducting a comprehensive study of the target audience to determine their interests, tendencies, income size, and pain points which they suffer from.

This audience is then broken down into segments, each at a certain phase.

Whether it’s brand awareness, looking for information, or thinking about buying, that’s the concept of a customer journey. Is it really important?

What is the importance of the customer journey?

The importance of the customer journey lies in the fact that it helps you direct your marketing efforts and material resources in the right direction.

Establishments that target all and sundry think that it is the best way to reach the target audience. It will not achieve anything; it will strain its budget and efforts only.

When a clear customer journey is built for your target clients, marketing efforts will be more successful and closer to achieving the desired marketing goals.

The customer journey consists of several phases, each of which is different and requires different work; let’s get to know them.

What are the phases of the customer journey?

In order to understand the phases of the customer journey brightly, let’s divide it into two parts.

The first part belongs to the potential customer who has not yet bought from you.

The second part belongs to the current customer, who bought from you in order to keep them for as long as possible.

Let’s start with the first part; its phases consist of three basic phases: awareness, consideration, and purchase decision.

Phase of awareness

The awareness phase is the stage in which establishments begin to introduce the customer to the most important problems he suffers from. Often, the client does not realize – for sure – that he has problems that he is looking for a solution to.

Your role at this stage should be to provide practical solutions in the form of articles, blogs, or podcasts, whatever medium you use.

The important thing is to make sure to educate him and stay away from trying to sell him a product because he will alienate you.

Consideration or comparison phase

The phase of consideration is the stage in which the customer realizes the magnitude of the problem he suffers from and embarks on a journey in search of the most effective solutions.

His problem may be: overthinking, and he is now looking for the right medication or the most appropriate psychiatrist to deal with.

Try to provide him at this phase with the appropriate solutions, without forgetting, of course, to make your product or service the most important and best solution.

Decision Phase

The decision phase means that the customer has reached a huge stage of saturation and familiarity with the various solutions in the market that will help him get rid of his problem, but he still has not made a decision yet.

Try to offer him attractive offers, the opponent’s “coupons” may play an important role at this stage.

What is certain, however, is that the best way to convince a customer in the decision phase is to provide case studies to them, from customers who have gone through the same problem they are going through, and after trying your product/service, they were able to get rid of it.

The previous phases belong to the potential customer who has not yet dealt with you and has become a customer thanks to your marketing efforts and your understanding of his problems and the stage in which he is located.

But your efforts shouldn’t stop here, you should keep him, as keeping an existing customer is harder than bringing in a new one.

To succeed, apply the following two phases:

Loyalty Phase

The loyalty phase is to make the customer have the best possible buying experience, the dexterous organization understands that the process is not a customer looking for a solution, and a product to sell to him. 

It is in providing high-quality customer service, and providing after-sales services, so that the customer feels that he has made the right decision really and that he is dealing with a distinguished enterprise.

Make sure your customer is satisfied because it has strong effects on your enterprise’s revenues.

Promotion Phase

The promotion phase is a translation of your previous efforts in the four phases we discussed.

This stage is meant for the customer to turn into a soldier who markets your products with pride because he liked what he saw and wants his acquaintances to have the same.

Again, make sure to provide the best possible service/product in order to gain the loyalty of your customer for as long as possible.

How to increase your sales and develop your success by following these phases and how does Qoyod sales program help you with that?

Now you know the phases of the customer journey and what each stage entails.

But the question will arise: how do you exploit previous information about your potential customer to double your sales?

No one denies that the most important element in the business plan of any enterprise is sales.

Apply the following tips, and we’ll guide you to know how to use Qoyod Accounting Sales Program:

know your customers well: as you’ve noticed from the previous phases, you’re targeting a crowd of potential customers who differentiate prominently in their problems and pain points.

Try to build a personalized purchasing personality for each customer separately in order to reconcile your marketing efforts.

Distinguish their behavior: After you’ve finished building purchasing personas and traffic has started pouring in on your website>

You will certainly notice through any tracking program such as Google Analytics that customers do not buy from the first visit, and that some of them buy from the second visit.

you will find varying percentages between your expectations and actual results.

The solution is to act on the data you’ve gained from customer interaction with your product. 

Recognize their behavior and know exactly what is holding them back from becoming actual customers and then modify it.

One of the best tools to know customer behavior is the Hotjar tool.

  • Customize the content to suit the different stages of the client: It makes no sense to write, for example, an educational article for a client at the decision phase, which he will not read because he understands the type of his problem and the solutions available to it.

Try to provide educational content for the awareness phase, comparison content for comparison and so forth.

Don’t write an article or produce a video and expect it to address all customers.

Modify your content to suit your customer at the stage they are in.

  • Seek help on your marketing with questionnaire: Let’s agree that marketing is not based on personal guessing or assumption but on real knowledge of your audience’s problems and pain points. 

The best way in today’s digital age is to build a questionnaire and then send it to customers to find out the type and magnitude of the problem they are suffering from.

Invest well in the questionnaire so that the rest of your efforts will be successful.

The conclusion

The indisputable fact is that enterprise that move in the light of guesswork will get confused and suffer a lot. As well as the depletion of its material and human resources.

Know the phases of your customer’s journey well, understand them, and then pay your efforts thoughtfully and personally, for each customer individually according to the phase in which he is located.

On our mention of financial resources, it is important to study your marketing budget well and determine your current financial situation and desired destination, knowing that this is not a small matter.

It needs a professional accountant, which is inevitably an expensive burden, but you don’t need an accountant at the current stage.

Just use cloud-based accounting software, easy to use, such as Qoyod.

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