Human Resources Management: How is it done with Qoyod?

Human Resources Management: How is it done with Qoyod?
Human resources management is concerned with training employees and their salaries and wages, and therefore it is very important for your company. It also provides a good organizational environment for work and contributes to the discovery of mistakes and problems related to individuals.

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Owners of institutions and companies often hear about the importance of the HR function in their own business or so-called human resources management.

Human resources management deals with the affairs of employees and individuals in the workplace.

The employer must choose the HR manager very carefully because he will be responsible for carefully selecting employees to join the company.

Dozens of accounting programs are responsible for doing this, but they are not as efficient as they should be, so you must choose them carefully.

Qoyod accounting software is one of the best programs that will make your business shine again.

What is the concept of human resource management?

It’s the management of the workforce of enterprises and companies that is concerned with the development of staff skills.

One of the most important functions of the human resources manager is to recruit and train staff within the company to achieve the organizational objectives of the company.

Human resources management aims to achieve the highest success rate for the company and staff, increase production, reduce the incidence of error, and improve the relationship between all departments of the company.

 The role of human resources management in the continuity of the company’s business

There are many key roles to manage these resources in the field of business continuity if we talk about them; time will run out and we will not be able to know everything, but in general, their role is as follows:

  • Ensuring the proper application of any contractual relationship between the company and the employees.
  • Securing employee data
  • Negotiation of any convention has concluded.
  • To consult with staff representatives and obtain all information.
  • Ensuring the quality of the company’s social environment.
  • Providing necessary staff alternatives when needed.


 Why do companies need HR software programs?

Recently, many companies and institutions have become indispensable for human resources management programs.

This is because of the many advantages of human resources management that benefit the work, namely:

  • Execute work quickly and easily like no other.
  • Termination of paper transactions, partially or completely.
  • Facilitate the disbursement of dues and salaries.
  • Save and retrieve employee data permanently, quickly, and securely.
  • Facilitate communication between human resources management and employees.
  • Making accurate reports.
  • Providing vacations easily and smoothly.
  • Clarity of the processes related to the company’s employees affairs

Types of HR systems

There are three types of human resource systems:

1. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

This system is used to track the performance and training needs of employees, recruitments, and future vacancies.

As well as vacations and holidays, and to assess client satisfaction with the company and the tasks assigned to them through surveys within the system.

It is also used to plan and review performance and track problems facing employees.

2. Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

This system tracks information concerning the company’s employees.

Each employee within the company has an identification file separately, which collects information about them and arranges it so that it can be referred to and modified at any time. The profile includes files such as title and job number, contact information, departure and attendance, position, as well as privileges and salaries. It also provides minimal human resources management processes, tracks requests, reviews information, and has some simplified characteristics.

3. Human Capital Management (HCM)

This program contains a range of programs such as departure and attendance follow-up programs, payroll programs,  productivity reports and analysis programs, etc. on one platform, and this system shares information with other company programs and thus assists the company in planning future staffing needs, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software programs. Human capital management software programs can be sold independently or as part of huge technical solutions.

 The best HR software program

There are many human resources programs in Saudi Arabia, including the Qoyod program, which is the best program ever, as it has the following advantages:

  • A cloud system that does not need to be installed and can be easily used.
  • Submit requests for holidays and vacations.
  • Calculating end-of-service benefits as well as entitlements
  • Record departures and attendance in a variety of ways.
  • Follow up on the status of all applications made through the system.
  • Automatic calculation of the deductions of the public social insurance company
  • Evaluation and follow-up of staff performance
  • Follow-up of recruitment requests as well as video interviews of candidates
  • Support for both Arabic and English.
  • Publish job openings easily.
  • The possibility of calculating the percentage of working time automatically for each employee.
  • Receive all the data on the operations conducted in each branch in one control panel.
  • Organizing and scheduling development and training programs, as well as disseminating them with the company’s employees.
  • The possibility of uploading and archiving paper documents and documents in the system
  • All existing packages are affordable for everyone.


Human resource management software is of paramount importance to your company.

Because it follows everything related to employees within the institution or company, such as calculating employees’ salaries monthly, and follows up on their data very accurately.

It also determines the date of entry and termination of the staff member, the dates of departure and attendance, and reports on all of this.

So you have to include it within your institution, and to do so, you have to use an integrated accounting program.

like Qoyod, which makes it easier for you to do things and saves you the trouble of searching, all at prices that are not comparable.

At the end of our article on human resource management, we invite you to visit the Qoyod platform, which is the best accounting software ever.

The program takes care of all employees’ financial and administrative matters with the highest quality standards.

It is worth noting that the program offers a point of sale system, electronic invoice systems with the click of a button, and prices that suit all companies.


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