POS Point of Sale

Synchronize all your sales operations within Qoyod’s accounting system.

POS Features

Connected and ready devices

All you have to do is turn on the device to start working on it, as the POS app recognizes devices such as barcode readers, printers, and cash drawers.

products or services

With easy management, you can add multiple categories of products and other categories of services.

Easily manage your users

You can control the users of the POS application for your branch employees through Qoyod cloud system.

Your branch reports are up-to-date

At any time and any place, you can view the reports and monitor the performance of your branches and stores.

Powers of discounts

You can specify the users who can add discounts to customers and you can specify the percentage of discount allowed for each user.

Easy control of cash in branches

You can allocate specific cash box accounts for each user at the point of sale

price control

You can specify which point of sale users can adjust the price of the product.

Easy customer management

If you have many clients, you can allocate clients to points of sale.

Point Of Sale Devices



os      Android 11

4G      Support 4G/3G/2G

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     Support Wi-Fi  Point Of Sale - Qoyod Support  Bluetooth

Gps     Support GPS, AGPS

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     2GB RAM+16GB ROM

Point Of Sale - Qoyod      Scanner

Camera      5.0MP Auto Focus, with Flash LED

2D      Support 1D/2D

Nano SIM      Nano SIM *2

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     Printer High speed, 58mm thermal printer

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     Print speed: 80mm/s

Point Of Sale - Qoyod      Support Label paper specs: 30-58mm wide

Battery      Battery: Removable

Weight     Weight: 417g

D2 mini

SUNMI D2 mini

os     Android 8.1  

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     2GB RAM+8GB ROM

Point Of Sale - Qoyod     Support Wi-Fi

Point Of Sale - Qoyod    Main Screen:10.1″HD, 1280*800 

Touch Screen    touch screen

4G    Support 4G network

Printer    Built in 58mm thermal printer

Printer    Printing speed 160mm/s

Weight    Weight : 1.94kg




Point Of Sale - Qoyod

Download The Application

Point Of Sale - Qoyod

Point Of Sale

It makes your daily accounts synchronized with the system without the hassle of you as it is done in an automatic way. This helps to follow the facility from anywhere and using any computer, mobile phone, tablet device. It is also characterized by ease of use and obtaining quick invoices in the exhibitions, and it works with the invoice printer and cashier machines.

The application works mainly on the availability of an internet connection, but it deals with the disconnection so that the bills are entered without the need for the internet, except at the end of the day the internet is connected in order for the bills to be updated and raised.

The cost of each user of the POS package is 51 riyals per month and 552 riyals annually.

You must first register for the free trial package

Then, through the program, the POS user must be activated as follows: From the settings drop-down list – Users – and in front of the main user you find the “Modify” icon, then put “True” on the POS and choose the branch to which it belongs.

And then download the POS app for Android

The same email and password that you use in the program is entered and you are required to enter 4 optional numbers to be entered each time to enter the application instead of using the email and password

The basic barcode that will be scanned when the product is sold is specified and entered in the barcode field, and the second barcode number used in arranging records is entered in the serial number field.

The POS application works with Sunmi compact printers, and it also works with Epson printers via the intranet, and the printers are provided by the authorized distributor of the printer.

  To order printers, please contact our customer relations team.