Employ accountants with different expertise.

Employ accountants with different expertise.

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

We seek to enhance the efficiency of using Qoyod by training those who have accounting experience and those who do not have accounting experience. We have been trained to educate a qualified number of accountants within Qoyod, especially those of with different accounting experience.

This service is not limited to non-accountants only!

Ensures the integrity of the processes and data entered.

To help entrepreneurs who do not have time.

For companies that are not able to hire a full-time accountant.

How can I request an accountant?

Check out the following table and select
accountant experience and required days:


Contact a representative of customer relations or ask your accountant.

You will receive an email with a quote for the required service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.



Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

Does Qoyod provide accountants for business organizations?

Qoyod management provides the service of accountants trained in the program of Qoyood according to their diverse experience and qualifications, and the owner of the establishment can obtain the consultation of the accountants or request help service in preparing the establishment on the program of Qoyod and entering accounts, invoices and different other processes.

What is the method of requesting the accountant? And how is the appropriate accountant for my establishment determined ?

By communicating with the customer relations team through direct conversations and answering a set of questions sent by the customer relations team.

When is the accountants service quotation sent from QoyodK?

After answering the questions that have been sent from the customer relations team the accountant team sets the appropriate accountant, and the quotation is sent to you. 

How is my application for accountant service approved?

After sending the quotation and approving it, the amount will be transferred and informing to the customer relations team via direct talks by sending the transfer receipt, after that communication is done with you by the accountant.

What is the difference between your accountancy experience and others?

Depending on the need of your establishment, the accountants team will determine the appropriate accountant for your establishment and operations.

Do you provide stamp service on the financial statements?

Qoyod is an accounting program that provides you with financial statements that are prepared and not stamped, you can then use the help of offices of certified accountants to be stamped by them.

How credible are accountants in maintaining the confidentiality of the entity’s information?

Cooperation with accountants has been carried out on certain bases, the most important of which is the confidentiality of customer information.

Is it possible to change the accountant who has been agreed on if we do not fit in the way he works?

This rarely happens but you can change the accountant by agreement with the accountants team.