Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface

API Features

Sync your online store.

Build an accounting department for your

Automatic update of entered data.

Look at the financial situation at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I benefit from the API service?

If you own an online store or application and want to link all accounting processes, Qoyod will automatically do it for you and create a report.

What works with API?

All businesses that offer their services or sell their products through websites or smart device applications.

What is the mechanism of activating the API service?

The API is activated automatically by going to the general settings and then issuing a key to connect and save.

Where can I find API information?

It can be found with the link provided below:

Is the API service offered by programmers in Qoyod?

The work depends on the programming of API by the programmer who works with you, the service is not offered by programmers in Qoyod.

How long can it take to work API?

The work process on the API depends on your website or application being ready.

Is there a fee for using API service?

No, it is provided free of charge.