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With the development of technology, there have become innovative and integrated solutions to this problem, which include using accounting software for your company. This program is considered a magical tool that makes managing accounts and financial reports an easy and effective process. There are many programs available on the market, but the most important of them is the Qawid program, which is the best integrated accounting program with a set of wonderful features that make it indispensable in any commercial organization that aspires to success. It is worth noting that it is not just a tool for recording financial transactions and calculating numbers, but it also provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to deal with the program with ease. and helps them understand financial statements better.

Factors for choosing the best integrated accounting program

When searching for the best integrated accounting program for your company, there are several factors that you must take into consideration, the most important of which are the following:

Choose a program that fits your skills and needs.

Before you start searching for the best accounting software, determine your company’s needs and requirements and ask yourself: Do you need to manage financial accounts, inventory, and payroll? Or do you want to track purchases, sales, and invoices?

You should also take into account the skills available to you and your team, as some software requires advanced technical expertise while others are designed for easy and simple use.

Determine the available budget.

Your available budget will be a pivotal factor in choosing the best accounting software. So check the costs related to different software, including the cost of licensing, updates, and maintenance, and remember that integrated software may be more expensive than basic software. So determine whether your company’s needs require an integrated program or if you can do without some additional features.

Prioritize cloud software.

In recent years, cloud ERP accounting programs have become popular and preferred for many companies, as these programs provide many advantages, such as access from anywhere and at any time, easy integration with other applications, and automatic updates and data backup.

You may need to consider cloud software and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Share your ideas with your company’s specialist.

When you define your needs and start searching for the best integrated accounting software, you can also share your ideas and feedback with specialists in your company, as they can provide you with valuable advice and guidance based on their experience.

Features of the Qoyod accounting program

When searching for the best accounting software for small and medium businesses, the Qoyod program is one of the best options available, as it has many features that contribute to improving accounting business management and facilitating financial operations. Among these features are the following:

purchase management

Qoyod offers a powerful purchase management function, as you can record and track all transactions related to purchases, from receiving invoices to tracking payments to recording expenses, which makes it the best integrated accounting program for managing companies.


If you are wondering: What is the best accounting system? It is a Qoyod program, as it provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and sending invoices to customers. You can also add invoice details, such as products or services provided and accounts payable, in addition to generating reports related to invoices due and paid.

asset management

Qoyod is the best integrated accounting program, as you can use it to record and track fixed assets and depreciated assets. You can record asset details, such as the original cost, date, and depreciation method. The program also allows you to monitor the value of assets and calculate depreciation.

Professional Accounts Guide

The Qoyod program offers a professionally structured chart of accounts that makes it easy for you to organize and classify your financial accounts. You can also add and modify accounts, create custom classifications, and generate detailed financial reports.

Track expenses

You can record and monitor all your business expenses using Qoyod. You can categorize expenses, track them across different categories, and analyze them to make better strategic decisions.

Pay online

Qoyod provides an online payment feature, which facilitates the process of collecting invoices and making payments to suppliers. You can also link your bank account and carry out financial transactions easily and securely.

Tax return management

Qoyod is a powerful assistant in managing tax returns, as you can collect all the necessary tax information and generate accurate and reliable tax reports according to the requirements of local tax authorities.

Inventory monitoring

Qoyod provides an inventory monitoring function. You can record and track stored products, available quantities, as well as sales and purchases. This helps you manage inventory efficiently, avoiding stock shortages or excess accumulation.

Advantages of using the Qoyod program

When we talk about Qoyod Software (ERP), we refer to a comprehensive system that aims to organize and manage all aspects of work in institutions and companies. It also has many features that contribute to improving work efficiency and enhancing the financial and operational performance of the organization. Among these features are the following:

Reducing financial errors

The Qoyod program contributes to reducing financial and accounting errors, as financial and accounting operations are carried out automatically and accurately. This reduces the possibility of manual errors. Thus, Qoyod becomes the best integrated accounting program for your company.

Achieving transparency

The software helps achieve a high level of transparency in the company’s operations, as specific information can be accessed easily and quickly and allows operations to be reliably tracked and verified.

Improve security

The Qoyod program provides advanced security means to protect the company’s financial and accounting data, such as encryption and specific access permissions. This reduces the risks of hacking and data tampering.

Effective cooperation between different departments

Qoyod works as a bridge between different departments in the organization, as employees can share information and data easily and quickly. Which enhances cooperation and coordination between departments.

Price versus cost

Qoyod software is a fruitful investment, as companies can achieve cost savings and increase the overall efficiency of operations. Although the cost of implementing the software may be high initially, its long-term benefits compensate for this.

Easy-to-use interface

Qoyod features a simple and easy-to-use user interface. This makes it easier for users to deal with the system and use it effectively, even for people who are not specialized in the field of technology.

The best integrated accounting program
The best integrated accounting program

Strong payroll management

Qoyod is the best integrated accounting program, as it provides the ability to manage and process payrolls in a comprehensive and accurate manner. This facilitates the process of calculating salaries and distributing them to employees with high accuracy and effectiveness.

How much is Qoyod software?

Package type Lite Plus Premium Advance
Properties ·        User management (1 user)

·        Product and service management

·        Chart of accounts.

·        Branch management (1 branch)

·        Limited reporting

·        Unlimited bills

·        24/7 support

·        Easy entries

·        Customer management

·        Manual accounting entries

·        User management (3 users)

·        All the benefits of Lite

·        Vendor management

·        Branch and inventory management (1 branch)

·        Purchase invoices

·        integration

·        Task and project management

·        User management (5 users)

·        All Plus features

·        Quotations

·        Branch and inventory management (5 branches)

·        Manufacturing order management

·        integration with Zapier

·        All reports

·        Purchase orders

·        Unlimited number of users

·        All premium benefits

·        Fixed asset management

·        Unlimited number of branches

·        Assign an account manager to your account.

·        Asset depreciation management

Subscription price: monthly 60 riyals 120 riyals 240 riyals 600 riyals
subscription price annual 580 riyals 1160 riyals 2300 riyals 5760 riyals


Qoyod is the best integrated accounting program, thanks to its advanced technologies and comprehensive features. It provides an innovative solution for managing accounts for companies and institutions. It is also characterized by extreme flexibility and high adaptability to your individual needs and business requirements. It is worth noting that it also provides an easy-to-use and visual user interface, which facilitates the process of navigating and dealing with various functions. Thanks to its comprehensive integration, you can manage financial accounts, budgets, invoices, taxes, as well as salaries, and other accounting operations with ease and accuracy. In addition, the program provides detailed and customized financial reports, which help you make strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable information. You can also rely on it to analyze financial data and track financial performance.

No matter the size or type of your company, this integrated accounting software can meet your needs and streamline your accounting workflow. It provides you with the electronic invoice as well as the point-of-sale system, customers, and stores, all with the click of a button.

After learning what the best integrated accounting program is, try Qoyod now for free for 14 days and get ready to improve your business management and achieve sustainable profit.

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