The importance of creating an electronic application for your project

The importance of creating an electronic application for your project
Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We wouldn't be surprised to know that you're reading this article right now on your smartphone. The number of smartphone applications has exceeded the barrier of 9 billion, according to a recent study. The application is the backbone of any smartphone. It is essential that your online store has its own application that reflects positively on your business. This article was written especially for you if you want to create an application for your online store or if you have the idea from time to time.

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The importance of creating an electronic application for your business

First, it is important to know that the smartphone does not only include the Google search engine; the App Store is also an important and vital search engine.

On the one hand, the App Store and Play Store contain a huge number of applications , and according to the Statsita research site, the number of phone searches is twice as high as the computer.

If you only have a website, you leave a huge opportunity on the table for your competitors.

As is the usual practice in marketing, the first and last goal is to satisfy the desires of customers.

You have to create an application for your project, whatever your business model is, to make sure that your clients have the best experience.

Now, let’s go over the reasons that we think they are going to change your conviction and make you immediately invest in an app specific to your project.

1. The first reason: The app enhances the visibility and success of your brand.

Due to the strong competition, you are facing a huge crowd of competitors who can’t rest until they keep you out of the competition.

First, the customer you are targeting is periodically and daily exposed to dozens of advertisements.

Secondly, today’s client is very lazy; he is used to finding everything in front of him.

He gets his food at the push of a button, let alone other products, and major online stores such as Amazon and others have smart applications programmed in an attractive marketing style that stimulates purchase.

One of the advantages of the application is that it enhances your brand and increases your chances of appearing more in front of your customers and target audience, which has a significant impact on your sales.

2. The second reason: The business app provides you with a new source of profit.

The application is a privileged sales channel because it makes it easier for the customer to browse the website and preview dozens of products before identifying the one he wants.

An application gives you the opportunity to add a new source of income to your business.

In 2016, online store revenues amounted to more than 550 million dinars.

The application contributed to these revenues by 70%.

The app also gives you the ability to create a customer loyalty program to turn your current customer into a loyal customer who proudly markets you without hesitation.

Besides, the application works on its own without needing an internal team to take full care of it.

3. The third reason is that the application enables you to excel against competitors.

It is known in the market that applications are linked to large brands.

It is difficult to find a small or medium-sized business that has an application.

In other words, the application not only gives you an effective marketing channel to boost revenues but also helps you outstrip your competitors morally in terms of your clients and target audience.

It will become a huge non-competitive entity thanks to a simple act that you may expect only to satisfy your clients’ desires.

4. The fourth reason is that the app makes you closer to your customers.

According to the famous marketing rule, a potential customer often only buys the product to which he is exposed the most.

This may be due to psychological reasons that we do not have much time to discuss.

but what we would like to say is that your application will bring you closer to your customers like the rest of your competitors because it will make it easier for them to buy.

The app also enables you to chat with the customer or open the door for complaints or improvements, which means you have access to a real mine of valuable information about what your customer wants.

Imagine the impact of the previous information on modifying the direction of your digital marketing plan.

The conclusion

We hope you’ve realized the importance of having an application for your project for the reasons we’ve explained.

If you’re convinced of its importance, you won’t find a better or worse way to program your application.

But if your budget is not large, it is best to hire a freelance programmer through one of the popular freelance platforms.

Qoyod is a cloud-based, easy-to-use accounting software that supports the Arabic language.

This makes the accounting process for small and medium enterprises very easy and simple.

And then, more importantly, we have a special application for our program. We invite you to try Qoyod for free for 14 days.


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