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The management of personnel and human resources is an issue of concern to all companies and enterprises in all their different areas and sizes. Effective personnel management necessarily means the success and continuous development of the company. It works to improve communication between the company and the staff in order to clarify their functions and roles and to enhance their participation in the achievement of the company’s goals and aspirations while making sure to improve their experience and meet their needs at the same time, which increases their efficiency and productivity in a way that benefits them and the company.

Most companies form a special department to manage their personnel and human resources, and if they do not have a sufficient budget for this, they can outsource companies that provide these services. But what is personnel management as a concept? And what is its importance? And what are its tasks?

We provide you with a satisfactory answer to all these questions in this article, and we also explain to you the importance of using the personnel and human resources management program in your company, the criteria for choosing the optimal program for your needs, and we show you the advantages of the Qoyod accounting system: The optimal program, so follow us.

What exactly do we mean by people and human resource management? 

Personnel and Human Resources Management is a collection of responsibilities that involve managing workers, from interviewing them for recruitment and training to managing their salaries, compensation, and benefits, settling conflicts among them, and concluding with end-of-service gratuity. These responsibilities are delegated to a specific department inside the organization, such as the human resources department, or to external organizations that provide human resources services.

The Personnel and Human Resources Department develops strategies focused on improving and maintaining the company’s workforce in an effective manner, keeping in mind the long-term goal of improving and developing the company itself. This section is also concerned with keeping abreast of laws that can affect the company and its employees and taking comprehensive note of them.

HR Department Responsibilities

We must talk about the most prominent responsibilities of this department and its great importance, which drives many companies to use the personnel and human resources management programs to carry out these tasks accurately and to the fullest. So what are the responsibilities of this department?

  • Researching and interviewing employees and assessing their competence to accept or reject them.
  • Manage and use employees effectively.
  • Enhance employee engagement and improve communication with them.
  • Resolve conflicts that may arise between employees to maintain a calm and problem-free work environment.
  • Planning succession among employees.
  • Managing salaries and wages and all related deductions, allowances, advances, and others.
  • Monitor employee performance and compliance to make decisions regarding bonuses or discounts.

How do companies manage personnel?

Companies need to carry out personnel management tasks efficiently, and they use one of the following methods to do so:

  • Company HR Department

Most companies have a special human resources department, which performs the tasks and functions of personnel management in all its aspects.

  • Outsourcing

If the company does not have its own human resources department, it resorts to outsourcing to carry out human resources functions, which are performed by companies that provide these services to other companies.

  • Personnel and Human Resources Management Program

Companies resort to using electronic programs that provide them with human resources services with high efficiency, and it is worth mentioning that these programs do not replace human resources employees, so what is the use of them if employees must be present to use them?

Benefits of personnel and human resources management programs 

Many companies prefer to use the personnel and human resources management program to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of all functions assigned to the Human Resources Section. The benefits of using these programs include:

1: Accuracy and Efficiency 

The most important benefit of HR software is that it automates many personnel management tasks accurately and efficiently, as the use of these programs reduces many potential human errors due to manual entry, particularly in payroll, allowing the company to avoid problems, penalties, and financial losses.

2. Save time and effort.

The personnel and human resources management program facilitates and simplifies tasks so that it saves a lot of the efforts of the employees in charge of it, in addition to saving time in completing tasks and reducing time wasted in auditing, which is beneficial to the company.

3: Data Security

Personnel management software provides a high degree of data security, as it provides a secure environment for information and maintains data privacy, and these programs allow employees to access data according to their roles and assigned tasks, thus protecting against unauthorized access to employee data.

How do I choose the right personnel and human resources management program?

Criteria to consider when choosing the right personnel and HR management software

1- User-friendly

The program you choose must be user-friendly, making personnel management functions easy, efficient, and highly accurate in record time, and you do not want to waste your staff time using a difficult and complex program.

2: Services provided

It is important that the Personnel and Human Resources Management Programme has an integrated set of services that help you to accomplish tasks with accuracy and efficiency and in one place, so as to prevent the dispersion and loss of data and information when moving from one program to another in the event that the program does not provide you with all of its needs.

3: Data Analysis and Reporting

One of the most important advantages you want to look for in the software may be its ability to analyze employee data in a way that suits business needs. In addition to its ability to prepare accurate reports, it also helps you make informed decisions.

Qoyod Program: Optimal in Personnel and Human Resources Management

The Qoyod accounting program is the best personnel and human resources management program you can use. It provides you with an integrated and professional set of services that help you manage personnel in your company, manage employees’ salaries and wages, and add all the company’s employees and determine their salaries. You can also add bonuses, add overtime wages for employees, apply deductions in case of violations, or advance employees to their monthly salary and deduct it from their salaries in the coming months.

Qoyod enables you to do all these tasks easily and saves this information for you completely securely, taking care of keeping your company’s data private. Qoyod System is not limited to that but also provides you with a comprehensive set of smart accounting services that help you complete your work smoothly. You can try all these services and more completely free for 14 days when you subscribe to Qoyod System. You don’t need a credit card to do this; you can upgrade your subscription while maintaining all your employee information entry or feature activation, and you can cancel registration at any time as well.


After you are acquainted with the concept of personnel and human resources management, and the importance of the responsibilities it entails, from searching for employees, managing all their affairs, enhancing their participation, improving communication with them, resolving disputes among them, managing their salaries, wages and all their entitlements, evaluating their performance, and others, You must be fully confident in the importance of using the personnel and human resources management software in your company, as it facilitates and simplifies these responsibilities so that you accomplish them efficiently and accurately, while saving a lot of time and effort, and ensuring permanent compliance.

There is no doubt that the Qoyod accounting system is your ideal choice. It has all the criteria that you should take into account when choosing a personnel and human resources management program; it is easy to use; it is designed in a way that people without previous experience can use it quite easily; and it provides you with a full range of professional services that will save time and effort for your employees. Do not hesitate to register for the Qoyod accounting system to enjoy all the services provided by the program completely free of charge for 14 days.

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