Features of the Qoyod POS program

Features of the Qoyod POS program
If you want your project to succeed, you must use the POS program provided by Qoyod because it keeps customer registers so you can go back to them at any time, and it saves time and effort to record every product sold.

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Have you always dreamed of lining up dozens of clients in front of your store, and after that has already happened, you have found difficulties in the conduct of operations?

In this case, you need to use the POS program so that all operations can proceed quickly.

Consequently, do not lose any of your customers, as this program saves time and effort in registering each product sold separately, conducting many sales at the same time, and informing the user of the data of all his customers from any device.

There are many other features of this program that we’re going to discuss in this article, but first, you must know what this system is. Follow us.

What is the POS system?

It is a system that greatly facilitates sales and their management, as it monitors sales, manages inventory and maintains customer records.

It also helps any business in managing product inventory, following up and recording payments… etc., as well as helping customers complete all payments for their purchases.

It should be noted that this system allows linking between your traditional store branches and your electronic store easily.

What are the benefits of using points of sale?

The sales point program has countless benefits, tracking the rate of sales and inventory, processing and analyzing data, as well as the following benefits:

1. Time and money savings

The sales point program helps you increase your sales. It speeds up payments.

So you’re going to get customer satisfaction about your store, and the program helps you track your money, and thus it saves time and money.

2. Follow-up and management of accounts

The POS system accurately records follows up, and manages accounts of all types, whether they are accounts of salespersons and customers, supplier accounts, loans, expenses, and bank accounts, as well as customer entitlements, checks, and installments.

3. Improving inventory management

The sales point system tracks and manages all inventory items.

It also collects many items as composite inventory, organizes products by type, size, color, and companies, and alerts you when inventory decreases.

4. Creating accurate reports

Sales point programs create accurate data and reports on your business activity immediately; to help you make good decisions, and develop effective strategies.

These reports give you useful data and information, such as: the lowest and best-selling items, the number of inventory items, as well as checks and installments due, to make actual profits for your business.

5. Tracking the stock of all stores

This program helps you track the inventory of all your stores at once, and it saves you the trouble of being in every store.

It also contributes to reducing staff theft and also to maintaining consistent and harmonized prices at all locations of your various stores.

6. Staff and personnel management

POS software saves you the trouble of managing employees and workers to take care of the other most important things.

It assists you in managing staff data and provides you with a summary of each staff member, in addition to determining the responsibility of each staff member and tracking the number of hours worked and the amount sold by each staff member.

The best point-of-sale program

We at Qoyod don’t want to waste your precious time searching for the best point-of-sale program, and we promise you that you’ll find everything you’re looking for with us, as we help you keep track of your business, and we’ll follow up and run your accounts.

We also save you time and effort in entering product data, and we do it for you, The most important features of our sales point system are as follows:

1. Characteristics of the Qoyod sales point program

Qoyod – the best accounting program – helps you monitor your sales directly through the program on your web browser.

It also makes you aware of the performance of your exhibition moment by moment. It should be noted that the points of sale program submitted by Qoyod is easy to use, in addition to the following:

  • The Qoyod sales point system is designed accurately.
  • The program supports both languages: Arabic and English.
  • It does not require any connections, so it is easy to install.
  • This program works on the Android system.
  • Saves costs to entrepreneurs, as each process coincides with the accounting program.

The program continues to work even if the Internet connection is disconnected or weak.

  • When the Internet connection is restored, all processes that are synchronized with the system are saved, so that you can refer to them at any time, and follow what you type.

In conclusion

Because you deserve the best; it’s best to use the sales point program in your business.

This program has unique features that bring your business to the forefront, as it saves you time and effort in creating and registering each product separately, and follows up and manages accounts, starting from the accounts of salespersons and customers to the accounts of loans, expenses, and banks.

Besides improving inventory management, staff and personnel management, tracking the stock of all your stores… and many other features; use it from now on and you won’t regret it.

But when you use it, you’d rather choose the best point-of-sale program; so you can upgrade your business.

At the conclusion of this article, we would like to advise you to use Qoyod experts to develop your business.

They provide the sales point system as well as electronic invoice systems and inventory management. It should be noted that Qoyod is the cheapest sales point program ever compared to other programs.

Are you convinced of it or not yet? If you’re still confused, ask experienced people about us.

Manage all your work with the push of a button and you don’t lift a finger. What are you waiting for? Try Qoyod now for free, for 14 days, and tell your friends about your unique experience.


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