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Payments are a vital part of any business or financial activity. With the development of technology, new and innovative means have emerged to facilitate these processes and make them more efficient and faster. An electronic receipt voucher is one of these modern means that provides a flexible and reliable solution to record and confirm the receipt of payments electronically.

In this article, we will discuss the uses and benefits of an electronic receipt voucher, and we will highlight its importance in ease of use and saving time and effort in daily financial operations. We will present the security features provided by an electronic voucher, including encryption and digital signatures, which enhance confidence in electronic payments.

An electronic receipt voucher is not just an alternative to traditional paper vouchers but rather represents an important development in the method of recording and processing payments. With the increasing use of technology and the transformation of businesses towards digitization, an electronic receipt voucher is an ideal solution to meet the needs of companies and individuals in the era of the digital economy.

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What is an electronic receipt voucher?

An electronic receipt is a type of financial document that is used to confirm the receipt of payments electronically. An electronic receipt is commonly used in business operations and financial transactions over the Internet and in many industries. An electronic receipt can serve as official proof of receipt and recording of payments. It usually contains: Basic information, such as:

  • The amount was paid.
  • Payment Date.
  • Payment information
  • The payment method used (such as credit card, bank transfer, or electronic payment).
  • Invoice or order information associated with payments.

Electronic receipts are also more convenient, faster, and cost-effective than traditional paper receipts, and they also provide ease of storage and emailing, making them a popular choice in modern business operations.

What are the contents of an electronic receipt voucher?

The contents of an electronic receipt voucher can vary slightly depending on the company or service you provide, but usually include the following information:

  • Name of recipient (payee): refers to the person or company receiving the payment.
  • Payment date: the date of the financial transaction.
  • Payment information: The amount paid in the specified currency, often displayed in numbers and words.
  • Payment method: such as credit card, bank transfer, electronic payment, or any other method used to complete payment.
  • Invoice information: If the payment is associated with a specific invoice or order, it may include information related to that order or invoice, such as the invoice number or order details.
  • Company information: information about the company issuing the receipt voucher, such as the company’s name, address, and contact information.
  • Reference number (if available): A unique number used to track the financial transaction, which can help accurately identify the payment in the event of any inquiries or problems.

These basic contents are usually present in the electronic receipt voucher, and additional information may be added according to the needs or requirements of the company or entity issuing the voucher.

What are the procedures for creating an electronic receipt voucher?

To create an electronic receipt voucher, you can use programs designed to create invoices and receipt vouchers online, such as what is provided by the Qoyod platform. There are some basic steps to creating an electronic receipt voucher:

  • Determine basic information: Consider the bond information, such as the name of the payment recipient, payment date, payment amount, and any additional details you wish to include.
  • Use a design program or billing software. Open your design program and start creating and designing a receipt voucher. You can use text and shape tools to customize the voucher according to your needs.
  • Customize your voucher: Add your logo or company name and any additional details you wish to include on the voucher.
  • Provide payment options: You may want to include information about how to pay, such as a bank account number or email address for electronic payment.
  • Review and print or save the voucher: Be sure to review the voucher carefully for accuracy before printing or saving it in electronic format.
  • Send a voucher: After you create a voucher, you can either print it out and deliver it in person, email it as an attachment, or use e-invoicing services to send it online.

Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding billing and receiving vouchers, and provide necessary notices to recipients.

What are the advantages of electronic receipts?

Here are some of the advantages that the electronic receipt document has:

  • Convenience of use: Electronic receipts can be easily sent via email or text message, making the process of receiving payments more convenient for customers and businesses alike.
  • Saving time and effort: There is no need to travel to receive the paper bond. Rather, the customer or recipient can receive the bond directly in their email or via mobile applications, which saves time and effort.
  • Environment: Reducing the use of paper contributes to preserving the environment and reducing paper waste.
  • Cost: Reduces printing, shipping, and distribution costs associated with traditional paper bills.
  • Tracking and Verification: The electronic receivable voucher facilitates effective tracking of payments and financial transactions and provides mechanisms to verify the validity of payments.
  • Security: Electronic bonds can be encrypted and secured with digital protections, making them more secure compared to traditional paper bonds that can be easily lost or stolen.
  • Compatibility with technology: The electronic receivable voucher is compatible with modern technological developments and can be easily integrated with modern electronic payment systems and online banking platforms.

Overall, the electronic voucher is a convenient and effective option that saves time and effort and enhances safety and environmental sustainability.


What are the disadvantages of electronic receipts?

Despite the many advantages provided by the electronic receipt voucher, there are some negatives that can affect some individuals or companies, and among these negatives are:

  • Susceptibility to forgery: Although electronic vouchers have advanced security measures, they are still vulnerable to the risk of forgery and fraud.
  • Data Insurance: The use of electronic vouchers requires identity verification and electronic security to ensure the safety of financial information, which may require additional costs to achieve this goal.
  • Reliance on technology: The electronic receipt voucher may depend on technology, which makes it vulnerable to technical problems such as Internet outages or other technical malfunctions that may affect users’ ability to access it.
  • Tracking and Storage Ability: Some companies may have difficulty tracking and storing electronic vouchers effectively, especially in relation to legal or financial requirements.
  • Resistance from some customers: There may be some customers who prefer to pay using traditional paper vouchers and may have difficulty adapting to electronic vouchers.

Despite these potential drawbacks, the electronic voucher remains a popular and preferred option for many companies and individuals because of the efficiency and convenience it provides in managing financial operations.

How to create an electronic receipt voucher from Qoyod

Choose “Receipt Customer”: Go to the Sales menu and choose “Customer Receipts,” then click “Create Receipt Customer” at the top of the page.

Specify Receipt Customer data: Enter voucher details such as reference number, customer name, account used, voucher type, date, and amount. You can also select the associated invoice and customize the amount if you wish.

Save Receipt: After entering all the details, tap on the save icon to add the new receipt. You will be automatically transferred to the receipt management page.


In the era of accelerating digitization, an electronic receipt voucher plays a vital role in facilitating financial operations and improving the efficiency of business management. An electronic voucher is a digital financial document that proves the receipt of payments online or through electronic payment methods. It has many advantages compared to traditional paper vouchers, as it provides convenience. Easy to use and track, it reduces costs and delays associated with paper transactions.

The process of creating an electronic receipt voucher on the Qoyod platform is classified as easy to use and customize, as users can enter details of the financial transaction such as the reference number, payment date, recipient’s name, payment amount, and description of the transaction. In addition, the type of bond can be set, whether it is a receipt or exchange voucher, allowing the uses of vouchers to be diversified according to the needs of the company or individual.


On the other hand, Qoyod is considered the easiest accounting program to use. The program provides effective systems such as electronic invoices, point of sale systems, and warehouse and customer management, making it an ideal choice for companies at affordable prices. Try Qoyod now for free for a powerful and enjoyable experience for 14 days.

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