Comparison of electronic payment gateways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Comparison of electronic payment gateways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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After the modern technological boom occurred throughout the world, electronic payment gateways have become an integral part of our daily lives. It has been adopted in recent years in Saudi Arabia as a method that helps the customer pay for any service or product using his bank card without carrying cash with him to pay in cash. The matter is done within seconds or a minute at most.

What are electronic payment gateways?

Say goodbye to carrying money in your wallet. The approved electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia have made it easy to carry out purchases and sales that take place within the Kingdom. All you have to do is just take out your bank card, then give it to the seller to enter the due amount. Then you enter the password for your card, and the process is completed successfully.

The most important electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia

There are many recognized electronic payment gateways within the Kingdom, and through the following lines, our dear reader will be able to know the advantages of each of them and the most important things they lack in order to be the best among the rest of the payment gateways suitable for them, while mentioning the most important outlines for each of them separately:

بوابة دفع مدى Mada


Mada is one of the famous payment gateways in Saudi Arabia, and it is approved by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. As for the most important details related to it, including disadvantages and advantages, this is explained as follows:

Mada features

  • It relies on the 3D Secure payment system to protect the customer.
  • Provides extremely stringent safety standards.
  • It is easy for all categories to use, and payments are made easily and securely through it.
  • Mada supports many other payment cards, such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and others.
  • Technical support for all customers around the clock, all days of the week.
  • Lower transaction fees than other online payment gateways.

Disadvantages of Mada

  • The checkout experience is rather slow.
  • It does not support alternative payment methods such as electronic wallets or payment upon receipt.
  • The interface is not attractive to some customers, and they cannot use it easily.

بوابة الدفع هايبر باي (HyperPay)


It was established in 2014 AD, and from then until today, it has been classified as the fastest digital payment gateway within the Kingdom. It is also accredited by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. Its most important advantages and disadvantages are the following:

HyperPay features

  • It enters into a partnership system with many electronic platforms, which makes it easier to use as a payment method.
  • It is contracted with most Saudi banks as well as important commercial companies.
  • The payment method through it is very secure and protects its customers from fraud.

Disadvantages of HyperPay

  • A commission is deducted from each purchase transaction made through it, up to 2.5% of the value of the amount plus one Saudi riyal.
  • If you use a Mada card through HyperPay, only 1.75% is discounted in addition to a Saudi riyal.

بوابة دفع باي فورت


PayFort is one of the most important electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia. It was established in the first years of the 21st century. It is a digital intermediary for electronic payments approved in several Arab and international countries. It is distinguished by several features, most notably the following:

Features of PayFort

  • Discounted fees.
  • We are contracted with the most important Saudi banks, such as Al Rajhi, SABB, Al Ahly, and Riyadh.
  • Supports payment methods in installments.
  • Providing details of transactions completed with detailed reports to the client.
  • Providing the payment feature upon receipt of the product.

Disadvantages of PayFort

  • Unspecified commissions on every purchase made through it.
  • The bank deducts a commission according to the change in the currency price.
  • The portal deducts 1.75% from the value of the purchase amount, plus a Saudi riyal.

بوابة دفع سداد (sadad)


There is no longer a need for cash collection in Saudi Arabia, as SAMA, the Saudi Monetary Agency, launched this portal in order to facilitate the payment of bills for customers, especially those owed to government agencies, and then its work extended to paying what is owed to electronic or commercial stores or companies.

SADAD advantages

  • A unified platform for bill payment.
  • SADAD supports payment methods through ATMs, electronic payments, and payment by phone.
  • It supports the payment of bills by government and private agencies and deals with many Saudi banks.

Disadvantages of SADAD

  • There is a delay in updating the invoice after payment, and this makes some customers anxious.
  • SADAD does not cover all parties, which forces the customer to use an alternative payment method.
  • Sometimes not prompt customer service.

بوابة الدفع باي تابس PayTabs


PayTabs was established in approximately 2014 AD, and it is one of the electronic payment gateways spread throughout the Kingdom. Many people tend to use it because of the services it provides, and we can present the rest of its details as follows:

PayTabs features

  • Fast transactions.
  • Complete safety.
  • It supports many banks, commercial companies, and institutions.
  • It is primarily linked to the electronic payment platform, which helps to pay bills through it with ease.


Disadvantages of PayTabs

The customer is obligated to pay a fee of 2.7% in addition to one riyal for every transaction made through it.

باوبة دفع Telr 


Telr is primarily an Emirati digital payment broker, and then its work expanded to include several other countries, the most famous of which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It supports many online stores, making it one of the ideal electronic payment gateways. Below are a set of important points that highlight its disadvantages and advantages:

Teller Features

  • It supports a variety of internationally known currencies.
  • It supports many alternative payment methods, such as electronic wallets, debit cards, credit cards, etc.
  • Helping merchants manage their cash payments with quick reconciliation of each completed transaction.

Disadvantages of Teller

  • High fees compared to some other payment gateways.
  • Customer service is not perfect.

بوابة دفع كاش يو Cash U

Cash U

It is also an Emirati electronic gateway that was established in 2002 AD. It is also one of the most famous electronic payment gateways used today. It cares a lot about protecting its customers from fraud by following the PCI DSS system. It is also widely spread in this digital field, and the rest of its details are as follows:

CashU features

  • Safety in use.
  • Support multiple payment options.
  • Ease of use.
  • Speed up the work.

Disadvantages of CashU

  • High dealing fees.
  • Slow technical support.
  • Payment gateways have better features.

بوابة دفع يوروري


Do you want to know the importance of Urway and how, in a short period of time, its name became one of the trusted electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia? In fact, the following features will help you understand this point easily and explain it as follows:

Urway features

  • Linked to a partnership with many electronic commercial platforms.
  • The panel used is sophisticated and intelligent.
  • Supports all known payment cards.
  • Fast connection to all banks and government agencies.

Disadvantages of Urway

  • The commission rate is a bit high.
  • Some companies face challenges using Urway, unlike some other payment gateways.

Check out

It is an American digital payment gateway, but it is widespread in most countries, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It supports a large number of currencies, up to 87 currencies used globally. It also supports a good number of languages, which makes it easy to use and widespread.

Checkout features

  • Supports multiple payment options.
  • Complete payments in a safe and secure manner.
  • Available in many countries around the world.
  • Easy to use.
  • It supports many stores, banks, and various payment cards.

Disadvantages of Checkout

It requires paying a fee of 3.9% of the value of the amount, in addition to an additional $0.45 for each transaction made through it.


In summary of what we mentioned about electronic payment gateways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we touched upon how they are one of the modern digital methods for conducting purchase transactions, and they help the merchant receive his money and add it directly to his bank account. On the other hand, it helps the consumer buy what he needs without carrying a lot of money with him.

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