Cashier and accounting program for stores and supermarkets online

Cashier and accounting program for stores and supermarkets online

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In today’s business world, account and inventory management has become vital to the success of shops, whether small or large, and accounting software has contributed to streamlining and organizing account processes effectively, which has helped store owners focus on developing their business instead of manual account management. In this context, the Qoyod accounting program for shops is among the best accounting programs for shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this program is characterized by a set of features and characteristics that make it the ideal choice for managing accounts efficiently and easily, as it provides an easy-to-use and organized user interface, allowing its users to enter financial data quickly and accurately.

In addition, Qoyod offers a wide range of advanced accounting functions and features, such as invoice management, sales and purchase tracking, and inventory management, and users of the program can easily generate detailed financial reports, which helps them make the right strategic decisions for the success of their stores.

Because of these unique features and characteristics, Qoyod is the perfect choice among the best shop accounting software, as it enables shop owners to improve their business management and increase the efficiency of accounting work in their store.

What is Shop Accounting Software?

It is a tool that helps store owners manage financial accounts efficiently, and its tasks include tracking sales and purchases, managing inventory, issuing invoices, and generating financial reports. It aims to facilitate calculations and improve the operational efficiency of shops.

Benefits of the Qoyod Shops Accounting Program

Qoyod’s shop accounting program has a range of advantages, and the following are their statements:

Qoyod helps shops issue invoices.

  • Provide a simple user interface: Qoyod has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, making the billing process easy for any user.
  • Customer Data Management: Allows users to easily manage customer data, such as recording, updating, and saving customer data in a secure database.
  • Provision of invoice templates: The software provides pre-invoice templates that can be customized according to the needs of the shop, making it easy to issue invoices frequently and quickly.
  • Add products and services: Allows users to add a list of products and services provided by the store, specifying prices and available quantities.
  • Cost and tax calculation: The software automatically calculates the cost of the invoice and the taxes applied to it, providing accuracy and transparency in financial invoices.
  • Send electronic invoices: Users can send invoices directly via email to customers, saving time and effort in the communication and collection process.
  • Record payments: Allows users to easily record payments received on invoices, helping to update invoice status and track outstanding debts.

Qoyod provides the ability to manage electronic invoices.

  • Create invoices: Qoyod can easily generate invoices via a simple and flexible user interface, which allows users to add customer details, product or service descriptions, quantities, and prices.
  • Customize invoices: The software provides options to customize invoices according to user needs, such as adding the store logo, changing colors, and selecting the preferred way to display details.
  • Send invoices via email: The software can send invoices directly via email to customers, saving time and speeding up the communication and collection process.
  • Invoice status tracking: Allows users to track invoice status, such as submission date, due date, and payment amount received.
  • Record payments: Allows users to record payments received on invoices, making it easier to update invoice status and track outstanding debts.
  • Financial Reporting: The program provides detailed financial reports on the status of invoices, such as sales reports, outstanding debts, and invoices paid, which helps to analyze the financial performance of the store and make the right decisions.

Qoyod provides the ability to manage taxes for shops.

  • Automatic tax calculation: The software automatically calculates taxes based on the selected settings, whether it is value-added tax (VAT) or local sales tax.
  • Tax reports: The program allows the generation of accurate financial reports that include taxes due and paid, which facilitates the application process to the tax authorities.
  • Customize tax settings: Users can customize tax settings according to local tax legislation, such as tax rates and tax calculations used.
  • Follow-up on tax liabilities: The program helps track outstanding tax liabilities, such as tax reporting deadlines and tax payments.
  • Tax Data Analysis: The program provides a comprehensive analysis of tax data, which helps to understand trends and tax information important for making sound financial decisions.
  • Tax Compliance: Qoyod ensures compliance with all local tax legislation, reducing the risk of tax violations and potential penalties.

برنامج محاسبة للمحلات من قيود

The Qoyod program provides the ability to manage the affairs of workers in shops.

  • Employee Data Management: The software enables comprehensive management of employee data, including personal information, job dates, salaries, bonuses, vacations, attendance, and departure.
  • Attendance and departure tracking: Qoyod can automatically and accurately record employees’ attendance and departure, making it easier to track working hours and calculate wages accurately.
  • Payroll and Remuneration Management: The program offers advanced functions to calculate salaries and bonuses based on attendance and departure data and predefined criteria, which facilitates the process of preparing and disbursing salaries smoothly and accurately.
  • Providing human resources reports: Qoyod can create customized reports on human resources, such as monthly payroll reports, attendance and departure reports, and performance reports, which facilitate the process of monitoring and evaluating employee performance.
  • Leave and absence management: The program allows employees to manage leave and absence records centrally and automatically, facilitating the process of tracking absences and managing leaves effectively.
  • Analyzing the overall performance of employees: Qoyod software can generate reports and analyze employees’ performance and efficiency, which helps in making the right management decisions and improving work performance.

برنامج محاسبة للمحلات من قيود

Qoyod software provides the ability to manage inventory effectively.

  • Inventory Tracking: Qoyod can accurately and effectively track inventory, including adding new products, updating available quantities, and identifying storage locations.
  • Supply and Distribution Management: The program facilitates the process of managing supply and distribution operations effectively, including tracking shipments, allocating them to orders, and updating the status of orders automatically.
  • Setting optimal inventory levels: Qoyod software provides tools for data analysis and demand forecasting, which helps determine optimal inventory levels and avoid shortages or excess supplies.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: The program allows for the complete management of the product lifecycle, from purchasing and production to sales, marketing, and storage of unsold goods.
  • Generate inventory reports: Qoyod can generate multiple reports on inventory status and product performance, which helps in making appropriate strategic decisions to manage inventory efficiently and effectively.

Qoyod accounting software provides effective point-of-sale management and organization of your sales team’s sessions.

  • Point of Sale (POS) System: Qoyod software can be linked to the POS system to record sales effectively and accurately. This allows accountants to easily track revenue and generate accurate financial reports.
  • Inventory Management: Qoyod enables comprehensive inventory management, including tracking available stock, redistribution, and forecasting future needs.
  • Data Analysis: The software can analyze sales and performance data to understand trends and identify opportunities to improve performance.
  • Sales Team Sessions: Users can use Qoyod to organize sales team sessions, including setting goals, tracking performance, and providing feedback.
  • Report Generation: Qoyod can generate comprehensive sales reports that display the individual and collective performance of the sales team, which helps improve performance and achieve set goals.

برنامج محاسبة للمحلات من قيود

Why choose Qoyod as the best accounting software for shops?

Qoyod’s shop accounting software provides many advantages and benefits, including:

  • Effective inventory management allows users to track inventory accurately and provides easy identification of the quantities of products available and sold.
  • Sales and revenue follow-up: helps in recording sales and following up on daily and monthly revenues.
  • Purchase and sales account management: Enables the issuance of invoices and the recording of payments and payments due.
  • Accurate financial reports: Generates detailed financial reports that facilitate the examination of the performance of the shop.
  • Ease of use: Provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface, suitable for individuals with a non-accounting background.
  • Data Security and Protection: Provide security features that protect customer data and financial transactions.
  • Save time and effort. Reduces manual work and speeds up calculation and management processes.
  • Performance analysis and decision-making: Provides analytical reports that help shop owners make better decisions.
  • Technical support and updates: Provides continuous technical support service and updates to ensure continuity of performance and keep pace with developments.


In the era of modern technology, shop management has become easier through the use of advanced accounting software, and among shop accounting software, Qoyod software emerges as one of the best options for managing shops efficiently and easily.

Qoyod’s shop accounting software has a set of features that make it the ideal choice for shops, as the program provides an easy-to-use user interface that allows for easy management of invoices and inventory.

Among the advantages of Qoyod is its ability to provide comprehensive support for tax management and financial data analysis, which helps in making the right decisions and achieving success for the business.

In short, Qoyod is the perfect solution to manage shops efficiently and easily, and it helps achieve financial sustainability and success in the business world. Are you still confused? It’s okay; you can take the quickest route and use good accounting software for your business, but which one would you choose? If you try Qoyod now for free and for 14 days, you won’t regret it.

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