Qoyod System: The best electronic billing software

Qoyod System: The best electronic billing software

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In today’s business world, electronic invoicing software is a vital business tool that simplifies the management of financial operations and improves their efficiency. Electronic invoicing software provides an ideal solution for small and large businesses, as it allows ease of use, seeks to reduce the time and cost related to the billing process, and provides a wide range of features that meet the different financial needs of organizations.

This article aims to review the advantages of electronic invoicing programs and services, to help you choose the best electronic invoicing program to suit the needs of your own organization and its work requirements, to enhance the workflow in your organization, and to improve the efficiency of managing your accounts.

How do you choose the best electronic billing program?

The search for an electronic billing program that is appropriate for what you need in your institution to manage your financial operations efficiently and quickly may be confusing, as many electronic billing systems are available in line with the evolution and progress of technology and the tendency of institutions and companies to digitally manage their accounts and bills. We can summarize the advantages of the billing software that you must take into account when selecting the program as follows:

It’s easy to connect with your organization’s systems.

You must already use a lot of systems and programs in your organization, and to get the highest efficiency of electronic billing programs, you need to link them with the systems you already use, so you have to look for the best electronic billing program so that it is suitable and integrated with these systems.

Fast and easy to use

The billing process is a conversion of traditional invoices from paper form to electronic form, so electronic invoices save time spent in creating, writing, or printing traditional invoices and then entering the data of these invoices manually into the electronic systems of institutions. So you have to make sure that the program you choose is easy to use so that you can create and print your electronic invoices as quickly as possible and without any complications or problems that you may face when using it.

Improves billing efficiency

The program cannot be chosen for its competence in reducing the time spent in creating invoices, but you must make sure that the invoices created have accuracy and correctness in information to ensure that the efficiency of the billing process in your organization is improved, as the program’s ability to eliminate any possible errors is one of the most important things that distinguishes it from traditional invoicing and electronic invoicing programs.

Electronic Tax Invoice
Electronic Invoice

Advantages of the Qoyod Program: Best Electronic Invoicing Program

Qoyod accounting program emerges as the best electronic invoicing program thanks to the many distinctive accounting features and services it provides to its customers working in the commercial sector or the service sector alike. It is an effective tool that helps you improve financial operations in your institution and increase their efficiency. The advantages of the Qoyod accounting program cannot be easily limited, but we can display some of these advantages as follows:

1. Many e-invoicing services

Perhaps one of the most important cloud accounting services provided by the Qoyod program is all services related to electronic invoicing, and perhaps what makes Qoyod the best electronic invoicing program, which seeks to facilitate financial transactions in your organization, is Qoyod’s compliance with the requirements set by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding electronic invoices. The electronic invoicing services provided by Qoyod can be summarized in the following points:

  • Add signatures or seals to electronic invoices.

Qoyod allows you to add a signature or seal to the invoice in the form of notes or terms and conditions to change its overall coordination and allocate coordination to suit your enterprise’s business identity. It should be noted here that the new invoices will be affected by any changes in the format of the invoice, but the old bills will not be affected.

  • Recording of electronic invoices at prior dates

Qoyod, being the best electronic invoicing program, allows you to record electronic invoices on previous dates in case you want to record and document previous invoices, and you can do this quite easily by choosing the date you want when creating a sales or purchase invoice or when adding manual entries.

  • Procedure for payment of electronic invoices

You can make your electronic bill payment with the Qoyod program by pressing a card icon in front of the bill that was created, and when you press the icon, the payment is made very easily. It should be noted that bills that are in a legitimate situation cannot be paid but must be changed from draft to approved, after which the option of payment will be available.

  • Track your billing status.

You can easily track the status of your electronic bills with the Qoyod program, where the created electronic invoices offer some details that may interest you, such as how the bill is paid in cash or via the bank, and this service is one of the most important features of the best electronic billing program.

  • Add an allowed discount account.

Qoyod enables you to make an allowed discount in the event that the remaining amount is deducted from the customer’s invoice by adding the allowed discount account from within the accounts tree through the accounting drop-down menu under Direct Costs and making it accept payment and collection, and then the remaining invoice is paid by way of reducing the amount to be received from the customer.

  • Print electronic invoices.

Qoyod, the best electronic invoicing program, allows you to print the created electronic invoices quite easily and with the click of a button, as there is a print icon in front of each electronic invoice that enables you to print it by simply clicking on the icon.

2. Ease of use

Qoyod software is specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises so that it is easy to use enough to allow the owners of these projects to manage their accounts themselves, and Qoyod has a simple user interface that is easy to understand and use for all customers, and customers can choose one of the two languages, Arabic or English, as the interface of the system.

While Qoyod, the best electronic billing program, has a smartphone application for Android and iPhone, the most important feature of it is its easy access through the Internet browser from any smart device, so there is no need to do any download; all you have to do is make sure that your smart device is connected to the Internet to enjoy all Qoyod services via the browser.

3: Multiple benefits and services

Qoyod program is characterized by being the best electronic invoicing program thanks to the multiple advantages it provides in the field of cloud accounting. In addition to the distinguished services it provides in the field of electronic invoicing, Qoyod program has other advantages as follows:

  • Dashboard, which enables you to view the summary of accounting operations in your organization in the form of graphs and tables that make it easier for you to understand the financial situation of your organization and thus make the right financial decisions based on data.
  • E-billing services quickly and smoothly.
  • Easy inventory management.
  • Professional automatic reporting feature.
  • Electronic Linking Service (API) to connect electronic stores and connect your existing systems to the system.
  • A customer service team that provides ongoing support.
  • A unique mechanism that allows you to manage the powers you grant to users.
  • Making employee salaries in addition to advance benefits, discounts, and bonuses.
  • Manage customers and suppliers, and issue purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Bundled products and manufacturing orders.
  • The feature of applying POS in conjunction with the Qoyod system.
  • Easy restrictions.
  • The advantage of cost centers lies in the use of additional projects and fields.

4: Special client service.

Qoyod offers distinct customer service on an ongoing basis by telephone number or e-mail with the aim of solving any problems that clients may face and answering their queries. To ensure client satisfaction and contribute to the smooth completion of their operations, Qoyod provides direct conversation service at the bottom of the page of the program.

5-Privacy and security features

Qoyod is keen to keep user information completely secure, as the Qoyod program has been built on several secure servers, and it follows in its policies a specific system for taking encrypted backups of user information, so that it takes a daily copy that it keeps for a month and a two-week copy that it keeps for a year.


If you are looking for the best electronic invoicing program to start the journey of digital transformation in your organization and manage your financial accounts electronically, efficiently, and without any problems or confusion, then you should activate the Qoyod accounting system to enjoy all electronic invoicing services compatible with what has been set by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia.

Qoyod accounting program offers you all the advantages you need in the field of electronic invoicing at affordable prices for everyone, and you can try it completely free for 14 days without needing a credit card. Hurry up to subscribe to Qoyod, the best electronic invoicing program.


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