Accounting Job: How to Find the Right Accountant for Your Business

Accounting Job
Since the dawn of the small and medium enterprise world, many have been ignorant of the characteristics and role of an accounting job and do not know how an accountant can help them in their work. In this article, we provide you with basic information to understand the nature of the accountant's role and tasks and how to hire the right accountant for your business. Read the article now.

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In small and medium enterprises, the executive director has many difficult and complex responsibilities, so he needs to manage the company’s overall business plan as well as have knowledge of human resources and build a healthy work culture.

Of course, attention to accounting and financial matters is important, but perhaps the most important reason is that accounting is the backbone of any business that wants to stay in the field of competition.

But before hiring an accountant for an accounting job:

  • Who is an accountant?
  • What are his responsibilities?
  • And his skill and qualifications?
  • What are the most important tasks that will help you carry out when hiring?
  • Also, what is the difference between hiring an accountant and investing in cloud accounting software

As an accountant, it is also important to know what small and medium enterprises are looking for so that you are a difficult number that is impossible to remove and that HR managers look for. 

This article is very unique as it provides satisfactory answers for both sides: the executive director to be hired with confidence and professionalism on the one hand and the accountant to know what to include in his CV and improve it to get his desired job.

What is the job description of an accountant in an accounting job?

Over the years, many of us have been imbued with the misconception of accounting—like politics and sports, it is in the discussion of friends and family—and it seems that the role of the accountant is no more than calculating incoming revenues and expenses and then determining net profit and preparing appropriate cash flow.

But the truth is that the job description of the accountant is much larger than that, as he prepares financial reports to describe the current situation of the establishment in which he works through an in-depth study of various data and information related to it.But the truth is that the job description of the accountant is much larger, as he prepares financial reports to describe the current situation of the establishment in which he works through an in-depth study of various data and information related to it.

It uses the performance of the enterprise, its financial position, cash flow, and cash flow, and is also keen to provide adequate financial answers about the future of the enterprise. It also works on preparing the general and special budgets.

Statement of income reports: expenses, profits, losses, expenses, and revenues

That is, it provides all possible information and data in the form of reports and lists on the financial situation of its establishment.

1.1-Tasks and responsibilities of the accountant

The tasks and responsibilities of the accountant vary from one company to another due to its size, the number of its resources, and its market situation, which necessitate certain tasks and not others.

But the main tasks and responsibilities of any accountant include:

  • Preparing financial reports and analyzing their data.
  • Preparing the following transactions: financial records, purchases, and sales.
  • Preparing lists, reports, financial tables, and accounting books periodically.
  • Preparing and preparing the trial balance monthly.
  • Preparing accounting books and following them accurately
  • Ensure that a secure copy of financial records is kept in reserve.
  • Preparing basic financial information and sending it to senior management.
  • Provide appropriate advice on appropriate financial procedures in the entity’s current situation.
  • Preparing the general and special budget, income statement, internal statements, and reports: expenses, profits, losses, expenses, and revenues
  • Integrity at work means maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of financial information due to its extreme sensitivity.
  • Arrange the previous financial information in a particular system such as placing it on a program in the computer for easy access. 
  • Converting financial information into data that is easy for a non-specialist to understand and assimilate to make appropriate decisions.

This is with regard to the most important tasks and responsibilities of the accountant, as for his skill and qualifications, continue the next paragraph.

1.2-Accountant skills and qualifications

As for skills and qualifications, it is a translation of the expression of requirements that prove that the candidate for the job is a professional accountant and can work with him, and to ensure that he has them, the following information must be available:

  • He has a degree in accounting or finance, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in one of the two previous majors. 
  • It would be good if he possessed a specialized accounting degree.

Such as: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Certified Chartered Accountant (GGA), or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) which are important certificates and reflect the keenness of the accountant to develop his skills and knowledge.

  • Have good arithmetic skills.
  • To be faithful. 
  • Have a good understanding of finance.
  • Possess at least academic writing skills in order to write financial reports.
  • To have a high sense of the smallest and simplest details.
  • To be committed to his work schedules.
  • Have good research skills.
  • Possess the skill of entering data.
  • To possess high skill in mathematics.
  • Be familiar with cloud accounting software.
  • Possess the skill of analytical and critical thinking to provide objective and impartial observations on the financial situation of the establishment/institution.
  • To be able to repeat the same boring verbs daily without distemper.
  • To possess good management skills.

Here is the most important basic information about what the job description of an accountant is:

And his tasks and responsibilities, as well as his skills and personal qualifications to be good at selection and employment.

This ends the part for the executive director or entrepreneur who accepts to hire an accountant for his business.

The accountant section is discussed below.

What are the career progressions of an accountant?

Although the previous paragraphs were intended for the entrepreneur and the executive director, they are still important to you in terms of arranging your resume as an accountant.

But to be a difficult number in any business you must clearly understand your career path.

You will not remain the only accountant if the business you work in grows, often an accounting department will be established to hire other accountants with you.

Here’s the career path of an accountant:

  • If you are just an accounting clerk, you may take on many tasks, such as managing invoices and financial statements, but due to the sensitive nature of your role and the fact that you do not often hold a license, this prevents you from going to the tax authority to represent your company or prepare taxes, and therefore you may develop into an auditor or deputy.
  • If you are a chartered accountant, as you know that you are able to represent your company in the tax authority and even prepare tax reports as well, so your career path is shining, you may be promoted to an accounting manager, chief accountant, or financial controller.
  • If you are a registered agent, you are slightly better than an accounting clerk in terms of career progression because you are able to represent your company before the tax authority in case of an audit, but you should know all the legal conditions in your country to avoid any legal problems. You are indispensable and can be promoted according to what your management sees.
  • To be honest, it is not possible to summarize the career path of an accountant accurately.
  • This is because there is an industry factor in which you work (for example, career progression in banks is different from real estate or even technical companies such as Qoyod).

But the general track is: you start with an accountant, then a senior accountant, then a head of accounts, and finally a financial manager.

We recommend that you visit the Saudi Certified Public Accountants system (if you are Saudi) or search for the system for your country. 

The role of Qoyod accounting program in organizing accounting work

Pan accountants believe that cloud accounting software is working against them, and this is not at all true.

Cloud accounting software facilitates accounting work so that you, as an accountant, can focus on the important things instead of writing on paper or using a program such as Excel.

The Qoyod cloud accounting program is characterized by its ease of use, meaning that as an entrepreneur, you do not need experience in accounting or money to be able to use it. It is very easy, but for the accountant, it is fun beyond pleasure.

When you use Qoyod, you will enjoy a lot of benefits that every small and medium enterprise dreams of.

The benefits are not over yet; they are still in the Qoyod system.

The conclusion

The market is saturated with thousands of accountants, and the task of choosing the most suitable accountant is not easy at all, especially if you do not know what to look for.

But we hope that this article has helped you understand the accountant, his role, tasks, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications so that you can choose the best accountant for you.

We also hope that you have understood what companies are looking for and what they expect from you as an accountant to prepare your CV well.

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