Writing a resignation letter: A career shift towards a bright future

Writing a resignation letter A career shift towards a bright future

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Are you about to quit your current job and move to a new one and are confused about how to tell your manager? We all know that writing a resignation letter is not an easy task. You may feel embarrassed and find it difficult to choose the appropriate words to explain the reason for your departure in the letter, and those words may evade you at that moment, but do not worry; you are not alone. In this article, I will be with you as your best pen so that you can write and submit a letter of resignation and thanks to your manager, but do not forget to show your willingness to help follow up on tasks and finish your pending work before leaving. This will be in your favor, so let’s review the best tips on what to write in a resignation letter.

What is a resignation letter?

When an employee decides to end his working relationship with the company in which he works, he must submit a resignation letter, which is an official document that expresses the employee’s intention to resign and explains the details of this decision.

It is important that the resignation letter be clear and dated. It must include the date of submission of the resignation and can be specified specifically. In addition, the language of the letter must be polite and professional, without any transgressions or negative criticism towards the company or co-workers.

How do I write a resignation letter?

You must follow some basic steps to ensure writing an effective and professional letter, the most important of which are the following:

Start with the basics.

This includes setting your proposed departure date and making sure your notice periods are respected.

Avoid negativity and be diplomatic.

Thank your manager in the letter for the professional challenges you faced during your work period; try to be polite; avoid mentioning the reasons for your departure in a negative way, especially if you have already discussed them with your manager; and do not turn the letter into a list of grievances because it is possible that you will need to return to work in the future.

Try to be realistic when writing your resignation letter, and remember that your manager may be a valuable link in your future career, and you may need to interact with him professionally at a later time.

Select your departure date.

The resignation letter must include a specification of the proposed departure date. This helps the company plan and organize things properly. Make sure to take into account the notice periods specified in your employment contract, as you will need to give an appropriate period before leaving the job.

Establish the final details.

When writing a resignation letter, it should include important final details. For example, if you are working on a specific project at the moment, you can include a work plan in the letter that explains how to complete the project or hand it over to the right person. It is also important to mention your notice period. To allow the company to organize things properly and complete pending projects.


Once you’ve written the letter, review it carefully to make sure it clearly expresses your main points and is written politely and professionally. It may also be helpful to share the letter with close co-workers to get their feedback before formally submitting it.

The right length to write a respectable resignation letter

When it comes to the length of your resignation letter, the key element is to provide a letter that is as short as possible. There is no need to write a long text explaining in detail why you are leaving the company.

If you want to share the real reasons for your departure with your manager and colleagues, you should prefer to do so in a personal discussion with them rather than writing it down in a letter.

Does the employer have the right to refuse a resignation?

Fixed-term contracts

The right to accept or reject the employee’s resignation relates to the type of employment contract concluded between the two parties. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, both parties—the employee and the employer—are bound by the specified contract period, and therefore the employer has the right to reject the resignation submitted by the employee. In this case, the employee has the right to terminate the contract under the law, but he is obligated to compensate the company in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

The matter also applies when the company decides to dismiss an employee with whom it has concluded a fixed-term contract. In this case, the company is obligated to compensate the employee for not adhering to the contract terms in accordance with applicable laws.

Contracts are of indefinite duration.

Resignation and commitment to the notice period agreed upon between the two parties are sufficient to terminate the employment relationship, unless there are special clauses in the contract that stipulate other controls. In this case, the employer does not have the right to refuse the resignation, and the employee’s commitment to notification is a sufficient condition for ending the employment relationship.

Things you should avoid when writing a resignation letter from work

When writing your resignation letter, there are some things that you should avoid to preserve your professional reputation and your relationship with your current employer, which can be summarized as follows:

Failure to explain the reasons for the resignation in detail

It is preferable not to go into many details about the reasons behind your decision to resign. Instead, you can give a simple and brief reason, such as “I decided to develop my career path” or “I obtained a new opportunity that meets my professional aspirations.”

Avoid bragging about new work.

You must be humble and respectful in your resignation letter from work, and avoid referring to the new job in a manner that suggests bragging or showing off. It may be appropriate to mention that you have found an opportunity that suits your professional goals or fulfills your aspirations, but without bragging or going into detail.

Do not criticize the company or colleagues.

You should maintain respect for your current employer, the company, and co-workers, and avoid negative criticism and derogatory comments when writing your resignation letter. Instead, focus on the positive things you have benefited from during your work at the company, and thank your employer and team for the opportunity and support.

Pay attention to language and spelling.

Your resignation letter should be professionally written, free of grammatical and spelling errors, so review it carefully before sending it and use proofreading aids to ensure it is error-free.

Keep the letter brief.

It is preferable for the resignation letter to be short and concise, not exceeding one page, so make it a brief summary of your intentions to resign and your appreciation for the opportunity you have been given to work for the company.

Resignation request form 

Here’s a nice resignation formula you can use:

Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope you find this letter in the best of health and happiness. I would like to notify you of my final decision to resign from my current position as [your current position] at [company name]. I take this matter very seriously and would like to clarify the main points of this decision.

First of all, I would like to point out that I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me to work at [Company Name] and for all the knowledge and experience I have gained during my time here. This has been a very valuable experience for me, and I will hold unforgettable memories.

Based on current circumstances and new professional developments, I have decided that it is best for me to pursue new challenges and other growth opportunities, and therefore I am notifying you of my intention to resign from my position at [Company Name]. I will be available to work for a notice period of [specify notice period], and the last day of work will be on [specify the date of the last business day].

I fully understand that this decision may create some challenges, and I am committed to facilitating the transition and overcoming any interruptions. I will work hard during the notice period to complete all current tasks to the best of my ability and ensure that they are delivered in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the manager and all the team for the support and guidance they have given me throughout my time here. I had the opportunity to learn from them and grow as a professional, which I will always appreciate.

Finally, I would like to stress that I understand the importance of adhering to the terms of the contract I signed with the company and that previous contacts can be of great importance in the future. I am passionate about continuing to build long-term and beneficial relationships with former colleagues and the company.

I cherish my time here and look forward to the new challenges that await me. Thank you very much for your understanding and support of this decision. Please accept my resignation and make appropriate departure arrangements.

yours sincerely,

[First and last name].

[Full address].

[Date the letter was sent].

A Word resignation form is ready for download.

If you want a sample resignation letter from work in Word format, just click here.

What is the difference between dismissal and resignation?

Resignation and dismissal are two similar means of ending the work relationship between the employee and the employer, but they differ in several aspects, which are as follows:

The difference Resignation dismissal
The nature of the initiative An employee’s resignation is a step taken on his own initiative, as he submits a formal request to end his working relationship with the employer. It is done at the initiative of the employer, as the employer takes a decision to terminate the employee’s services for specific reasons.
Legal principle An employee’s resignation is generally a legal principle, and the employee has the right to submit his resignation at any time and without giving reasons. Dismissal is an action taken by the employer based on a specific reason and may have legal grounds, such as poor performance or a violation of work rules.
Reparations If the employer accepts the resignation, this usually does not entail any compensation obligations towards the employee, unless there is a different prior agreement. In the event of dismissal, especially if it is for an unlawful reason, the law usually stipulates that the employee is entitled to financial compensation in accordance with the provisions of practical law for the period in which he did not take full advantage of the contract.



Are you thinking about changing your current job or changing your career path? Taking a comprehensive look at your options and wanting to leave your current job and move to a new work environment is completely normal. You may find yourself open to new opportunities, improving in another area, enjoying greater competitive advantages at another company, etc., regardless of the reason that prompts you to resign. It is very important that you write a resignation letter and send it to your current manager, as this contributes to leaving a good impression with your current employer. You should take into account the good times you spent in the company, focus on them, and ignore the difficulties you faced. This will help you set the tone for your letter, be professional when writing it, and allow you to take advantage of the opportunity to make a good impression.

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