Tax calculation

Tax calculation

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While the outside world ignores most of the financial documents and taxes that creep into our daily lives, there is a secret key buried deep inside waiting to reveal itself. Yes, you are all invited to discover the amazing world known as VAT. At first glance, the concept of taxes may seem boring and complicated. But let us give it a magic touch that completely changes our idea of it, as it is not just hidden numbers and boring procedures but rather a true story about the flow of wealth and its transfers in our society. It is worth noting that calculating the value-added tax magically reflects the strength of the economy and business and reveals the fact that we are all intertwined in a mysterious network of financial transactions.

What is a VAT calculator?

It is a useful tool used to calculate the value of the value-added tax that is added or deducted from any sale amount. It is also a tool that facilitates and speeds up the process of calculating the tax and avoids the need to think about complex formulas and equations to calculate it.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, value-added tax is one of the main taxes imposed on goods and services, and using the tax calculator, you can easily know the final price of the product or service, including the tax added to it.

What is a value-added tax?

It is a type of indirect tax imposed on goods and services and is applied in most countries around the world. It is considered one of the most important government financing tools, as its revenues go back to financing public services and government projects.

It is worth noting that it relies on the principle of imposing the tax at all stages of the supply chain, from the initial stage of production until the final sale to the consumer. This means that the tax is added to the value of the product or service at each stage, is collected from the participants in these stages, and is deposited with the competent government bodies. .

What is the added tax rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

First, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the imposition of value-added tax (VAT) in the year 2018. Initially, the added tax rate was 5%, meaning that it was imposing a 5% tax on local goods and services sold and provided in the Kingdom, but on June 11, 2020 AD, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an increase in the added tax rate from 5% to 15%, effective July 1, 2020. It is worth noting that this decision was taken based on the economic and financial conditions of the country and to diversify sources of revenue.

It is worth noting that companies and individuals who exceed the annual limit specified by the General Authority of Zakat and Income are required to register for value-added tax, as those registered must submit periodic tax reports and pay the tax due, and we must not forget that value-added tax is collected through recognized tax mechanisms. Such as issuing tax invoices containing the added amount of tax and transferring them to the General Authority of Zakat and Income.

How to calculate business tax

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax system used in many countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is usually imposed on goods and services sold and purchased in the market. It is worth noting that there are two main methods for calculating it: adding the tax to the selling price or excluding it from the selling price.

Add VAT to the selling price.

This method is used when the tax is not included in the selling price. The following formulas can be used to add VAT to the selling price:

  • Tax amount = (sale price x added tax rate) / 100.
  • Total amount = selling price + tax amount.

Excluding value-added tax from the selling price

This method is used when the selling price includes VAT. The following formulas can be used to exclude VAT from the selling price:

  • Added tax amount = (sale price x tax rate) / (100 + added tax rate).
  • Total amount = (selling price x 100) / (100 + VAT percentage).

An example of VAT calculation

If the sale amount equals one thousand Saudi riyals, then the added tax (VAT) can be calculated in two cases:

First case

When the sale price does not include value tax, the tax amount is calculated by multiplying by the specified tax percentage (15%) of the sale amount. Therefore, the amount is equal to 150 Saudi riyals, while the total amount paid by the buyer is the sale amount plus the value-added tax amount, i.e., 1,150 Saudi riyals.

The second case

When the sales price includes the added tax, the value-added tax amount is calculated by multiplying by the specified tax percentage (15%) of the sale amount, but this time the total amount is calculated by adding the added tax amount to the sales price, i.e., the value-added tax amount is 130.43 Saudi riyals and the net sale amount is 869.56 Saudi riyals.

Who is required to register for the added tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, value-added tax (VAT) registration is required by residents who meet certain conditions. One of the main conditions for registration is: The company’s or individual’s annual sales volume of taxable supplies in the past twelve months exceeds 375,000 Saudi riyals.

In other words, if the sales value of the company or individual exceeds 375,000 Saudi riyals during the past twelve-month period, they must register for the added tax, and the volume of sales is then measured based on the taxable supplies, which are the goods and services that are subject to the tax rate imposed on them.

Benefits of using tax calculation software

The program for calculating salaries, wages, and taxes is a powerful and effective tool in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it provides many benefits to individuals and companies alike. Below, I will review for you the most important main points that highlight the importance of using this program:

Quick tax calculation

Calculating salaries and taxes in Saudi Arabia is a complex task that requires a lot of time and effort when done manually. However, by using the salary calculation program for employees and taxes, the process becomes faster and more effective, as the program can automatically calculate the tax based on the entered data. Which saves a lot of time and effort for individuals and companies.

Prepare invoices accurately.

Accurate invoicing is essential to maintain business organization and comply with tax requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with the salary and tax increment calculation software, it provides automatic and accurate invoicing functionality, as invoice data can be linked directly to the tax system. Thus, this ensures accuracy in tax calculation and reduces human input error.

Reducing human errors

Avoiding human errors is important in calculating VAT, as errors can lead to legal problems and additional financial costs, but payroll and tax calculation software significantly reduces the possibility of human errors. The program is based on precise rules and standards and has the ability to verify data and perform calculations with high accuracy. This therefore ensures compliance with tax legislation and protects individuals and companies from potential problems.

time saving

Time is one of the precious resources that individuals and companies care about, and by using tax calculation software, a lot of time can be saved that can be used for other important work. Instead of spending many hours calculating value-added tax manually, the program can perform the process quickly and efficiently. This allows individuals and companies to direct their efforts to other matters that enhance their growth and development.


It clearly shows that calculating VAT is crucial in the world of business and economics. It is a mechanism that aims to provide financial stability and promote sustainable development in countries. It contributes to achieving tax justice and distributing wealth in a more balanced manner. It is also a means of enhancing financial and accounting transparency. This contributes to building the confidence of the parties concerned, whether they are businessmen or consumers, and despite the complexity of some aspects of the added tax, a careful understanding of this tax system is crucial for individuals and companies alike, and if exploited correctly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, this can bring significant advantages, offering new opportunities for growth and expansion.


Individuals and companies must be aware of the importance of value-added tax and strive to achieve correct tax compliance with an effective accounting program, such as Qoyod. It is worth noting that the program also offers all its customers: electronic invoice systems as well as point-of-sale systems, warehouses, customers, etc., which makes it a complete accounting program at unparalleled prices.


After you know how to calculate value-added tax and its examples, try Qoyod now for free for 14 days. Surprises await you around every corner and page of this amazing journey.

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