What is the Saudi tax number 2024, and how do I obtain and verify it?

What is the Saudi tax number 2024, and how do I obtain and verify it?

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In a world full of numbers, statistics, and complex financial terms, the tax number appears as one of the most important figures that individuals and companies in Saudi Arabia should pay attention to in 2024. It is a number that carries many meanings and financial responsibilities, is a financial identity that distinguishes the individual or company, and contributes to the organization of tax systems and tax collection in the Kingdom. It is a number that reflects the commitment of citizens and residents to financial and tax laws.

It contributes to supporting the national economy and financing important government projects, and nowadays, obtaining a tax number in Saudi Arabia has become simple and simplified, as individuals and companies can take advantage of the technological development witnessed by the Kingdom to apply for a tax number online.

What is the tax number in Saudi Arabia ? 

It is a unique and non-recurring number used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to distinguish every establishment or person obligated to pay taxes, for those who wonder: Is there a tax number in Saudi Arabia? The answer is yes; this number is used to record, track, and manage taxpayers’ tax liabilities, especially with regard to VAT.

How many digits are in a tax number? 

The tax number consists of 15 digits, and the taxpayer must include it in each issued or incoming tax invoice. It is a unique identifier through which the taxpayer’s identity and tax information can be identified.

Where do I get the tax number?

If you’re wondering, how do I know my tax number in Saudi Arabia? All you have to do is follow those steps, which can be summarized as follows:

Visit the Zakat and Income Tax Website.

If you’re wondering: Where do I get my tax identification number? Zakat and Income Tax (GAZT) is the main source of access in many countries, so visit the official website of the Zakat and Income Authority in Saudi Arabia and search for services related to obtaining a tax number.

Create a new user account.

If you do not have a user account on the site, you must create one. This may require providing some basic information, such as your name, address, and ID number.

Add enterprise information.

After creating the user account, you will need to add the information of the enterprise for which you want to obtain the tax number, and this may require providing information such as the name of the enterprise, the type of business, as well as the address of the enterprise.

Contact Information

You must provide your contact information, such as your phone number and email, and this information can be used to contact you if further investigations or additional documents are required.

Bank Account Information

To obtain a tax number in Saudi Arabia, you may also be asked to provide your bank account information, as this information is used to transfer tax-related amounts, such as paying or refunding taxes.

Add official documents.

You will be required to submit some official papers as part of the process of obtaining the tax number, and these papers can include the commercial registration of the establishment, the tax declaration, as well as the social contract, so please check the requirements of the required papers on the official website of the Zakat and Income Authority in your country.

How do I make sure that my tax number in Saudi Arabia is correct? 

When it comes to the tax number, verifying its authenticity is vital for individuals and companies alike. Checking the tax number allows you to verify the validity of the tax certificate of a specific company or individual, and here is how to verify it:

Visit the Zakat, Tax, and Income Authority website.

You can start the process of inquiring about the tax number of the establishment by visiting the website of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Choose the right service.

After accessing the authority’s website, you will find a list of available services. Search for the word “verify” or “verify tax number” and choose this service.

Select Check VAT Registration Certificate

After choosing the tax number inquiry service, you may see a list of available options. Select “Check VAT Registration Certificate,” as this option is common for verifying the number.

Add the necessary data.

After selecting the option to verify the VAT registration certificate, you will need to enter the necessary data. You usually need to enter the tax number you wish to verify, and you may also be asked to enter some additional information, such as the name of the company or the individual.

Click the search button.

Once you enter the required data, click on the “Search” button or a similar icon, and the system will validate the tax number in Saudi Arabia and display the results.

How to cancel a tax number 

The cancellation of the tax number in Saudi Arabia is a process that requires following specific procedures to ensure that the company is not subjected to legal accountability, and the following are the most important key points to cancel the tax number correctly:

  • Registration on the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority website: You must access the authority’s website by clicking here.
  • Access to tax services: After logging in, you must select “Tax Services” from the available list.
  • Select the “VAT Deregistration” service: Choose “VAT Deregistration” from the available services.
  • Login to the service: After selecting the deregistration service, you must click on the “Access Service” button to continue.
  • Complete the data and submit attachments. In this step, you must upload the required attachments and fill in the required data to implement the cancellation service.
  • Review the data and confirm the order: After completing the data, all the data provided must be reviewed and verified before confirming the cancellation request.


It must be noted that the company must not be bound by the tax number or have decided to suspend its activity. In order to be able to cancel the tax number in Saudi Arabia, these procedures should be carried out on the basis of the official directives of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, to ensure compliance with the regulations and laws in force.

Common Questions 

What is the tax number in the Al Rajhi account?

The Al Rajhi tax number consists of the following digits: 300000434710003, which is a specific fifteen-digit number used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to identify individuals or companies in tax terms.

Is the tax number the same as the TIN number?

No, of course there is a difference between the TIN number and the tax number in Saudi Arabia. Let’s take a look at the main points of each.

TIN Number

  • Used to prove the identity of the company and distinguish it from other companies.
  • It does not entail any specific tax obligations.
  • It may be required in some cases, such as dealing with government agencies or concluding commercial contracts.
  • It appears on business cards or promotional materials for the company, but it does not have to appear on invoices.

Tax number 

It’s also known as a “value-added tax number” or “the company tax number.”.
Used to track and collect taxes on the person or company.

It entails tax obligations, such as filing periodic tax returns and paying taxes due.

It must appear on invoices and other financial documents that relate to tax transactions.

What is the tax number for individuals? 

It is a unique number used to identify individuals in tax terms, as Saudi individuals and residents who meet the tax registration criteria are required to register the tax number to meet tax obligations.


We invite you to reflect on the importance of the tax number in Saudi Arabia for the year 2024, and how it can affect our financial lives, as it carries with it many meanings and responsibilities, and reflects our commitment to abide by the financial and tax laws in the Kingdom, whether you are an individual seeking to comply with financial controls, or a company that wishes to regulate its financial affairs; You must obtain the tax number, and you can easily do this online, as you can submit the application and submit the required documents, and after studying the application, the tax number is issued in a short time, and not only that, but you can also verify the validity of your tax number easily, as it is enough to enter the number in the designated form on the website of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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