Sales management program from Qoyod and its features

Sales management program from Qoyod and its features
The sales management program provides your company with many features, such as: micromanagement functions, central client data, identification of potential clients' priorities, and you'll get a detailed client history, and an automated workflow.

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Do you want to improve your company’s brand, but you spend a lot of time entering data online; you’re still looking for a sales management program to manage your accounting transactions, and you haven’t found it yet?


Did you get bored and confused by a lot of online programs, and you don’t know what to choose anymore?


Everything has a solution, and we’re here to help you choose a sales program that develops your business, and brings you to the top.


Read this article very carefully to have an unmatched choice. Qoyod is the best accounting program and your best solution.


What is the sales management program?


The sales management program was designed for several reasons, including: tracking invoices, sales, customer requests, receipts, as well as profit and sales analysis.


It allows you to control all procedures that make it easier for you, such as: transfer of reports and requests, offer of prices, as well as quality assessment, etc.


It also controls the sale process, stores and collects customer, sales and expectations data, which facilitates the sale of the company’s services and products.


The importance of using a good sales program for your company


If you aspire to increase the productivity of your company, you need a sales management program to manage your accounting transactions easily, which offers customers a unique experience, as well as the following:


1. instantaneous follow-up of data


This program collects your company’s data in a central database and cloud system.


Which makes it easier for you, helps you make the right decision, and even follow it up.


2. Follow-up of all sections


One of the most important features of a good sales program is that it follows all departments moment by moment, which in turn increases the rate of productivity.


It saves dedicated labor to deliver any data or sales order from one department to another, saving effort and time needed to return to old books.


3. Control of credit limits


The sales management software sets a credit limit for the customer and conditions for sale, and also lets you know whether the customer is late for payment or not by sending you a notice.


The program also enables you to allow customers who have exceeded the credit limit to make purchases, but for specific terms by means of the certification system, or even to prevent them if you wish.


4.Identification of your sales problems


The sales management program helps you to easily identify and solve your sales problems.


By following up on the customer first and determining the status of his order, which helps you to reach out to all the problems you face and solve them, which increases the client’s satisfaction with your services.


It should be noted that the sales management program not only provides this but also follows up on the returns, and the main reason for this, as well as reducing the problem of price debate and negotiation, by setting price lists for each customer separately.


5. Synchronization of inventory with sales management


A good sales management software balances the actual need for inventory and its quantity within your company, constantly preparing accurate data, and also developing an alternative plan if there is a work deficit.


This positively impacts your sales and retains your potential customers.


3- How to choose a sales program that elevates your business?


If you’re wondering, what program can I choose for my online work? To read the following points, you will find the advice that must be taken into account in the selection process:


  • Your type of business.
  • The budget you set for it, and whether the program fits your budget or not.
  • Number of program licenses.
  • Consult others and take into account their views.


It should be noted that Qoyod is the first cloud accounting program to offer the sales management system easily.


All of the above are identical, all at prices appropriate to all; therefore, it is one of the best programs ever.


4- Why do you have to choose restrictions to manage sales?


Do you see your business being negatively affected, and you don’t know what to do?


There is no doubt that you are in dire need of a sales management program, and we especially mention here a program that elevates your business and improves its level, such as: Qoyod, which is the first integrated cloud accounting program to run your sales easily.


It should be noted that Qoyod not only offers this, but also supports electronic invoice without additional charges, and supports the POS system… etc., all at unbeatable prices.


5-The conclusion


Have you chosen your company’s sales management software or not yet?


If you are confused, do not worry, and choose Qoyod, which is the best integrated accounting program to manage your projects very easily, its experience is enough to take your company to the top among the global companies.


It is also an expert in electronic invoice, POS system… etc., which facilitates the management of your accounting transactions. Trust that we don’t want to waste your precious time, and when we tell you that Qoyod is the best.


This is true with the testimony of other customers, and to be sure of what we say, you can try the free period with us, and then judge for yourself.


At the end of this article, we would like to point out the importance of Qoyod in accounting.


It is the appropriate sales management program that conforms to all international accounting standards.


It also offers a POS system, electronic invoice… And others, without any additional expenses, making it everyone’s first choice.


What are you waiting for? Try Qoyod now free, for 14 days, and enjoy a program that meets all your needs; with Qoyod the dream becomes reality.


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