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Creating a quote

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Through the corridors of the business world full of challenges and opportunities, the secret of success lies in the company’s ability to offer an innovative and attractive quote, as it is the language of numbers that speaks loudly and makes decisions with a strong fist. This offer is nothing but a thin line linking desires and reality, between ambition and competition, as well as between quality. Value is a language different from any other language. It tells the story of work and cost, excitement and risk, success and failure. It is also like a magical force that attracts eyes and moves minds. In one moment, a small number may be the big decision, and in another moment, a huge number may be the key to victory, so stay tuned for this article, which will take you on a unique journey into the world of the price quote, as you will discover its secrets and methods and how to use it as an effective tool for influence and success in the modern business world.

What is a quote?

It is an essential tool in the business world, as it contributes to communication between the seller and the buyer. The quote formula contains details of the goods or services provided by the company, in addition to the announced prices for these goods or services. It generally aims to attract customers and increase the volume of sales by clarifying the added value of the products or services provided.

Setting prices, their explanations, and the details associated with the transaction is an integral part of a company’s strategy to gain customer satisfaction and achieve profits. When customers receive a clear and transparent quote letter, they are then able to understand the amount they will pay and the benefits they will receive. This transparency therefore helps build trust between clients and the company and creates long-term, sustainable relationships.


What should the quote include?

The main points that any quote form should contain are the following:

Explain products or services.

The offer should be clear and detailed about the products or services offered, explaining the features and benefits that customers get when purchasing.

determining prices

Prices must be clearly and understandably stated, whether fixed or negotiable, and the offer must also include any additional fees that may apply, such as sales taxes or shipping costs.

Additional details

A quote can include additional details that help customers make a purchasing decision. These details may include an example of previous work or any warranties or after-sales services.

Time and duration

Some offers may require a validity period or a deadline for purchase at a specific price. Therefore, these matters must be clearly stated in the offer.

Payment options

The quote should include the payment options available to customers, whether they accept cash, credit cards, bank transfers, or other payment methods, and can also explain any additional payment policies, such as installment payments or discounts for cash payments.

Quote items

The quote for companies is an important tool in buying and selling operations, and its terms include: the necessary information to achieve clarity and transparency in the understanding between the seller and the buyer, the most important of which are the following:

Date of creating the quote

The day and date of submitting a sample quote must be specified, as this helps determine the time period for which the quote is valid and binding.

The expiration date of the quote

Since prices may be updated, the expiration date of the offer should be specified in order to avoid any confusion in the event of offers running for a long period.

Buyer and seller information

Information for both the seller (the quote provider) and the buyer (the quote recipient) must be included, including the organization’s name, address, and email, in addition to the tax number, as this information enhances transparency and contributes to ease of communication between the two parties.

Description of the product or service

It is preferable to mention a detailed description of the products or services provided when designing a quote, as this contributes to removing any ambiguity or doubts about the nature of the product or service. Thus, it contributes to avoiding any disputes between the seller and the buyer later.

Quantity of product or service

The agreed-upon quantity of the required product or service must be determined, as this contributes to determining the total cost and avoiding any confusion in the required quantities.

unit price

It determines the unit price of the product or service provided, and it is worth noting that this item is one of the main factors in calculating the total cost.

Tax, if available

If there is a tax imposed on the product or service, this must be made clear in the terms of the price quote, as this contributes to avoiding any confusion or ambiguity regarding the cost of the added tax.

Total cost

This item shows the total cost of the product or service after calculating the unit price, quantity, and tax (if any), and this item is one of the main factors considered when making a purchase decision.

Additional notes

If there are any additional notes related to the process of providing the customer with the service or product, such as notes about shipping and storage operations, they must be added to this item. These notes contribute to clarifying any additional details that must be taken into account in the final process.

Formatting and designing a quote form 

When formatting and designing a PDF or Word quote form, there are several main points that must be taken into consideration to make the form attractive and easy to read, which can be summarized as follows:

Use appropriate colors and fonts.

  • Colors must be chosen that suit the company’s identity and reflect its attractiveness and professionalism.
  • It is preferable to use colors that match each other and make the content easy to read.
  • You should choose easy-to-read and clear fonts and avoid using decorative fonts that may cause difficulty in reading.

Add the logo and personal information of the company.

  • The form should contain the company logo in order to enhance the corporate identity and distinguish the company from the rest.
  • You should also include personal information about the company, such as its address, phone number, email, and any other details that are necessary to communicate with the company.

Organize sections and content in an attractive way.

  • Sections and content should be well organized to make it easy to read and understand.
  • It is necessary to use headings and dividers to divide and organize the content.
  • The content must be clear and include all important details, such as a description of products or services and their prices.

Clarifying prices and discounts

  • Quote forms should be clear about the prices and discounts offered.
  • You may need to explain the details of prices, the method of calculating them, as well as the available discounts, in a clear and detailed manner.
  • This action helps customers understand the value they will receive and increases their trust in the company.

Details of discounts and special quotes

  • Any discounts or special quotes offered by the form must be clearly stated.
  • The terms and duration of discounts and offers should be clearly and specifically stated.
  • This helps customers benefit from discounts and quotes and avoids any confusion or misunderstanding.

Download a contracting quote form.

A quote goes beyond the limits of numbers and details. It is a microcosm of the company’s vision and strategy. It is not just a list of prices but rather emotional content that touches the customer and convinces him that he deserves the best services and products. There are dozens of quote models, and here is an example of a contracting quote letter template, which you can download: It can be used easily and conveniently by clicking here.


In the business world, creating a quote is key to attracting customer interest and achieving a successful trade. It is the decisive moment in which the customer makes his decision to purchase or invest, when the offer is attractive and reflects real value for the product or service. It can attract the customer’s attention and ignite the spark of his desire to carry out the commercial transaction. It is worth noting that the clarity and transparency of the offer are among the main factors in attracting attention when providing clear and detailed information about the price of the product or service, including added benefits and potential discounts. This gives the customer confidence and gives him a feeling of security and transparency. In addition, the price offer must be appropriate and proportional to the value of the product or service provided. When the customer sees that the price is commensurate with the quality and benefits that he will receive, he becomes more willing to pay and invest.


Companies and institutions’ quotations must be presented in a manner that attracts attention and arouses curiosity through an effective accounting program, such as the Qoyod program, which encourages customers to make a quick decision and take advantage of the opportunity. It is worth noting that the program also offers all its customers electronic invoice systems, as well as the point of sale system, stores, and customers.

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