Qoyod accounting system and small business success stories

Qoyod accounting system and small business success stories

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If you find inspiration in the challenges and perseverance of small companies that have expanded and operated in multiple cities or countries, allow us to share the key factors that led to their success. The Qoyod accounting system provides everything these companies need to maintain the proper functioning of their business, such as managing accounts and incoming and outgoing funds appropriately and analyzing data to decide what is best for the organization. In this article, you will enjoy some stories describing how our clients succeeded in developing and growing their businesses and what we offered them to reach their goals. You also ensure that our system is pioneering and follows mechanisms that help you continue to achieve success and growth.

What is the Qoyod accounting system?

The Qoyod accounting system is a cloud-based system that helps startups and small companies grow, prosper, and achieve goals by organizing accounting transactions and recording financial and economic transactions of all kinds. It enables companies to track revenues and expenses while regularly extracting approved official reports.

Qoyod was launched in 2017. Its goals were to provide assistance mechanisms for companies that contribute to the management and organisation of all accounting work through a unified system that everyone can easily use to obtain reports that contribute to making the best decisions for the organisation and following plans that lead to success.

Success stories with the Qoyod program

Small companies have experienced numerous success stories with Qoyod, leading them to achieve success. The most significant of these stories are as follows:

The first story (Professor Kholoud Al-Mutlaq)

The successful partner who used the Qoyod system to manage her company, which specialises in photography, confirms that the Qoyod system achieved what she needed to monitor the business and preserve the employees’ and the company’s rights. It also helped to facilitate the calculation of expenses and revenues month by month, allowing her to manage them wisely despite needing more accounting experience. Thanks to this, she was able to increase her profits and grow her company.

The second story (Mr. Abdul Karim Al-Safouq)

Our valued client owns an enterprise based on livestock projects and is a long-time customer of the Qoyod accounting system. He spoke about the Qoyod program, saying it is “the best among accounting programs. Thanks to its design, which has always been superior, it has facilitated financial transactions for me, especially those related to taxes. I found It contains what I needed regarding accounts, invoices, etc. Despite my company’s diversity of activities, I could collect all of them in detail in one system. I truly recommend it to everyone, so do not hesitate to do so.”

Characteristics of the Qoyod accounting system

During its period of work, the Qoyod accounting program provided support to many small, medium, and even large companies in various fields of work, and it succeeded in bringing them to stability and effective management by providing characteristics that are:

Recording cycle accounting for institutions

With this feature, you can follow your company’s complete financial cycles while managing and analyzing its data to learn about the challenges it currently faces or may face in the future and begin planning to avoid them.

Professional Accounts Guide

Through the Qoyod system, you can add various financial accounts depending on your company’s size and field of work. You can easily review, analyse, and link these accounts to organise the company’s financial work and track the movement of funds.

Recording expenses and revenues

The Qoyod cloud system calculates all the costs incurred by the organisation to reach its goals while recording its sources of income. Through the system, you can arrive at net profits during a specific period to evaluate your company’s performance, identify any result that needs improvement, and decide to improve it.

Daily entries

The Qoyod system enables you to record financial transactions related to a short period, such as a day, a week, or even a month, through electronic books that measure the company’s financial performance and contribute to analyzing the extent of the company’s success in achieving its goals and its ability to compete in the market and reach its target customers.

Features of the Qoyod cloud system

The Qoyod accounting system continues to contribute to achieving success, expansion, and growth for many companies operating in different fields because it enjoys the following features:

  • The free trial of the system does not require a credit card, and you can subscribe to multiple packages according to your needs easily and quickly.
  • It works without the need to be installed on devices, maintaining efficiency and smoothness while providing complete security for your company’s financial and organizational transactions.
  • The Zakat and Tax Authority approves the system, which is completely reliable.
  • Integration with other systems used in company management makes the Qoyod system more efficient in data collection and analysis.
  • The Qoyod system’s user interface is simple, which improves the productivity of the company’s employees.
  • The system guarantees the protection of the data of the companies that deal with it, and it is programmed by experts who make it reliable in its financial calculations and analyses.
  • If you encounter any problems or have difficulty with anything, you can contact support, and the problem will be resolved immediately.
  • There are various trainings to enable the system to be used with the highest degree of professionalism, with training to solve common problems you may encounter while registering your company’s accounts or data.

Qoyod system services for companies

Companies have achieved success and prosperity by relying on the Qoyod accounting system, as it was specifically designed to provide the following services:

Cost-center service

This service allows you to analyze your company’s revenues and expenses, identifying decisions that require review regarding expenses. It also shows you new ways to reduce expenses and increase profits. This service stands out because it can be customized to your company’s field.

Use of mailings

The Qoyod system uses e-mail correspondence to provide official financial invoices to customers in real time. Customers can print and benefit from these invoices. The service trades purchase orders and schedules them according to the scheduled dates. This service prevents you from having to print company documents. It facilitates the retention of data and payment receipts, in addition to having all invoices saved safely on the cloud system.

Set custom access permissions.

Through this service in Qoyod, employees of each department can record their department’s data without accessing other data they do not have access to.

Controlling the management of financial payments

With this service, you can document the full or partial payment of a service, including the dates and times of the payment, the type of account, and any other information that will help you manage the payment as efficiently as possible.

Electronic connectivity service

Your company’s online store can be connected to Qoyod. This will help you automatically record invoices, follow up on payment processes, and generate reports. Of course, quantifying the time and effort this feature saves is unnecessary.


You can easily access your account on the Qoyod system from any device, which helps you track revenue and expense movements and extract invoices at any time and from anywhere.

Company inventory management

Through this service, you can measure your company’s sales ratios, compare them to inventory, and determine many accounting processes to determine its success. The Qoyod system enables you to create multiple warehouses, transfer products between them, and create an integrated sales and purchases file for them.

Sectors served by Qoyod accounting software

The services and features of the Qoyod accounting system are available to all types of small and emerging companies, among others. It serves the following sectors:

  • Service sector companies work in education, training, medicine, tourism services, restaurants, etc.
  • Retail sector institutions such as stores and organizations that rely on buying and selling operations.
  • Contracting sector companies that work on multiple projects and need efficient administrative services.
  • Institutions of the industrial sector that work in production in all its forms.

Qoyod cloud software supports corporate strategic management.

The strategic management provided by the Qoyod system enables companies to allocate their resources effectively, enabling them to achieve their goals across various stages. This approach has been instrumental in assisting small companies in their journey towards growth.

  • Providing tools for collecting, analyzing, and organizing data and facilitating their use in accounting provides complete transparency regarding the company’s financial position and the steps that must be followed to improve it.
  • Using analytical decision-making tools to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine the available resources and operate them efficiently to use them optimally.
  • Relying on accurate data to make decisions.
  • Linking the organization’s ultimate goal and vision through tools that track the company’s operational performance.
  • Using performance monitoring and evaluation tools to support the company’s strategies and plans to achieve success.

Why does Qoyod excel at supporting small businesses?

Many success stories are associated with the Qoyod accounting program and are all inspiring. The companies that used the Qoyod program achieved their goals by adopting the Qoyod system to manage their business and financial and accounting data. Thanks to the superiority of this program, it achieved what it aspired to, and three basic pillars caused the superiority of the Qoyod accounting program, which we summarize as follows:

Integrated experience

The Qoyod accounting system provides everything companies need, including accounts, invoices, and financial and regulatory transactions. Even individuals without accounting experience can obtain reliable data from these systems. Therefore, successful companies could follow the most minute details of their accounts and exploit their strengths to achieve growth.

Intelligent mechanisms

Managing the company through the Qoyod system requires implementing operations quickly and accurately while enabling the use of modern technological means to save time and preserve information. The most prominent solutions include sharing invoices via the Internet, synchronization, and technical support.


The system combines synchronization and access to accounts from multiple devices with encryption of your organization’s data so that no one can access it, and the data on the system cannot be hacked thanks to the protection programs that the system uses.

Awards won by the Qoyod program

Although the Qoyod system is fairly new among cloud systems, it has won important awards. Its nomination and winning of these awards were evidence of its ability to produce success stories for many companies, and the most prominent of these awards are the following:

The accounting system is the fastest-growing in the Kingdom.

The system received this award for 2021 after a vote from managers and consultants of major international companies operating in multiple sectors. This confirms Qoyod’s deserving leadership and merit, as well as its diligent effort to achieve integration and the most efficient cyber services.

The best accounting solution provider in Saudi Arabia

The Qoyod program won it for the year 2022, and this victory was confirmation that the program follows precise and organized standards that help companies reach the top.

The best working environment

In 2022, Qoyod received the Best Place to Work award, indicating its commitment to an evolving culture and job standards that aim to achieve exemplary engagement and pride among employees.

Prices of Qoyod accounting software for companies

You can use the Qoyod accounting system in both Arabic and English. You can also try it for free and then decide to purchase a package that is appropriate for you, whether monthly or annual. You can choose what suits you from the following packages:

Package Lite Plus Premium Advance
Package features ·         Single-user subscription.

·         Managing one branch.

·         Issuing invoices without limits.

·         Manual accounting entries.

·         Limited reporting.

·         Customer management.

·         Controlling products and services.

·         Access the chart of accounts.

·         Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

·         Subscription for 3 users.

·         Managing one branch.

·         Supplier control.

·         Access to purchase invoices.

·         Record and manage tasks.

·         Integration Management.

·         In addition to the Lite package privileges,.

·         Manage 5 users.

·         Managing 5 branches.

·         Offers on prices.

·         issuing purchase and manufacturing orders.

·         All reports are available.

·         Enable integration with Zapier.

·         In addition to all the features of Plus,.

·         Manage users without a limit.

·         Control branches without limits.

·         Control and depreciation of fixed assets.

·         Appointing an account manager for the company.

·         In addition to all premium features,.

Monthly subscription 60 Saudi riyals + 9 riyals VAT. 120 riyals plus 18 riyals in value-added tax. 240 riyals plus 36 riyals in value-added tax. 600 riyals + 90 riyals value added tax.
Annual subscription 580 riyals + 87 riyals value added tax

(after a 20% discount)

1160 riyals + 174 VAT (after 20% discount) 2300 riyals + 345 riyals annual value added tax.

(after a 20% discount)

5760 riyals + 864 value added tax.

(After a 20% discount.).

برنامج قيود المحاسبي


We have provided you with the details you’re interested in about the Qoyod accounting system, including its ability to transform small and emerging companies into large ones that share inspiring success stories related to the program. If you want to tell your success story soon, start using Qoyod for free and enjoy all of its features and characteristics that contributed to its superiority. Don’t forget to tell us what you think when purchasing the appropriate package for your company.

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