What is a point of sale “POS” system in Qoyod?

What is a point of sale “POS” system in Qoyod?
In this article, we will learn in detail about the POS system in “Qoyod” and why it is your first and optimal choice.

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The common POS system, which you see daily in various groceries and supermarkets, is the traditional POS system that stores product information on a server and you always have to update it manually, otherwise it hangs or loses data.

Whilst in “Qoyod” we were keen to build a cloud POS system.

This means it stores information on an online server which automatically updates the data and enables you to access it whenever you need it.

In this article, we will learn in detail about the POS system in “Qoyod” and why it is your first and optimal choice.

What is the POS system in Qoyod?

Qoyod’s POS system is a cloud system, specifically designed to maximize profits and increase productivity. It provides you with a highly automated and accurate observing and follow-up system.

Through this, you can receive payments and obtain the required reports to have a comprehensive knowledge of the workflow, in addition to making it easier to monitor inventory, and most importantly, you can access it from anywhere.

What are the advantages of the POS package?

The advantages of the POS package in Qoyod lie in synchronization which means that the system updates the data automatically. In addition, you will get the required information of reports, information, and accounts in the required time

Here are the advantages of Qoyod‘s POS package:

1-Up-to-date reports about the status of your branches: The system enables you to observe the status of branches and stores at any time and from anywhere.

2- Managing users: Whatever the size or number of your employees or even your branches, you can add them all to the system, each according to the space in which it works, to observe the workflow easily.

3-Managing products and services: The system allows you the ability to add different varieties of each of the products or services you offer.

4- High flexibility in performance: The system enables you to connect your different devices from barcode readers to printers, and money drawers because the system recognizes all of them so all you have to do is turn it on and leave the rest to the system.

5-Managing customers easily:  The system provides you with a feature of customizing customers according to your sales system in order to arrange customer information, especially when their number is in the tens or hundreds.

6- Price control: You can give the authority to the concerned employees to adjust the price of the products so that the process is not disrupted.

7- Full control of cash in branches: The system allows you full validity in Customizing an account Or cash accounts for each employee separately at the points of sale.

8- Ease of offering discounts: You can easily identify the concerned employee or give a specific employee the ability to give a discount(s) to customers, and you can also determine the size of this discount.

As long as we mentioned discounts, there is currently a special discount on the POS system in Qoyod, take advantage of it now before it runs out.

In Qoyod, We proceed from the principles of honesty and transparency, although this is a purely selling article.

It is our professional duty to provide you with the right details and information to make your decision informed.

In the next paragraph, we will present a set of questions that may come to your mind as you are thinking of investing in the Qoyod selling system, Let’s get started.

Questions about Qoyod POS System:

We have collected here a set of questions that we frequent a lot from our customers, and we will summarize under each question, a comprehensive and satisfactory answer, and here are the most prominent.

Does POS system need to be connected to the Internet?

We are well aware of the limitations of the difficulty of this dilemma and its great harm. So, the system was worked in a way that allows you to operate it without the availability of the Internet throughout the day, provided that the Internet is available at the end of the day so that the system saves all the data and updates it automatically for fear that it will not be lost.

How can I try the POS package?

The mechanism of trying the POS package is very easy in Qoyod, to try it, follow these steps:

First: sign up for the free trial package here.

Second: After you register an account, activate the POS user by following the following path: From the Settings drop-down menu – Users –  In front of the main user, you will find the “Edit” icon, then put “tick” on the points of sale and choose the branch to which it belongs.

Third: Download the POS application for Android and congratulations on the free trial.

What are the after-sales services for POS devices?

As an after-sales warranty service for the POS device(s), you will receive a two-year warranty from the dealer.

What printers work with the POS app?

Qoyod’s POS system is very flexible, it works with Sunmi’s built-in printers. It also works with Epson printers through the internal web.

The printers are provided by the authorized printer distributor. 


You now have a clear vision of the POS system in Qoyod, and its features.

This is in addition to the most common questions about how to use it and its compatibility with some printers.

Get a free trial now to assess by yourself the strength of the system and its compatibility with the nature of your facility’s work.


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