How to choose the right suppliers for your online store?

How to choose the right suppliers for your online store?
As an e-trader looking for growth and stability, choosing the right suppliers should be at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, many online stores fall victim to scammers because they misunderstand how to choose the most suitable supplier and how to find it. You will not suffer from this problem after applying what is stated in this article.

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Any minor mistake in the world of electronic stores could cost the owner a lot of money. For example, if the delivery of the product was delayed on time.

It could turn into a negative assessment from an angry client to set the fires of the “trend” on social media, and its effects would adversely reflect the sales of the intended store.

So it’s important that you have strict criteria when choosing the perfect suppliers for your online store to avoid any disasters resulting from the choice of a bad supplier.

Now you’re in the right place, because this article will show you the important criteria for selecting the best supplier for the condition of your electronic store.

Set basic criteria when selecting suppliers according to the circumstances of your online store

Social media sites are full of advice on the nature and quality of the standards to be applied.

Learning from industry experts is wonderful, but it’s wise to take into account your online store’s circumstances first before working with each piece of advice without reviewing it.

We will provide you with the basic criteria for selecting the most appropriate suppliers according to the conditions of your online store, which are:

  • Set a delivery date: You must make sure that the period during which the supplier will transfer the product to you complies with the delivery policies that you deal with in your online store.
  • Know the minimum and maximum products: Each supplier has a specific sales policy, represented in the minimum and maximum amount of products that he supplies to you. Try to know his policy before adopting it as a basic resource for your online store to avoid misunderstandings that may hinder work.
  • Product quality: It is no wonder that quality is the third most important criterion. You can ask for a sample before accreditation to examine and inspect the product before you start selling it.
  • Guarantee operations: without warning, we have disasters. Products may be broken or flawed beyond your control, so you should discuss and agree with the supplier on a clear and appropriate guarantee policy for both parties.
  • Payment Policy: You must make sure of the payment methods and policies that the supplier deals with.
  • Return and exchange: Returns and exchanges are meant to agree with the supplier on a flexible mechanism to return or exchange the product in case the customer does not like it.

In our view, the previous criteria are important and fundamental, and you are free to modify them in line with your online store policy. Here’s how to choose the most suitable supplier

How do you choose the right suppliers?

Fraud methods evolve as required by the developments that occur, and the supplier world is not without these methods and bad brokers who may sell you the highest prices and send you the worst products.

Focus on this paragraph well so that you know how to choose the right supplier. Make sure your supplier has the following elements before it is approved:

1. Catalogue

The fundamental difference between the real supplier and the broker or impostor lies in the volume of the product catalog it offers.

In other words, the real supplier always offers large quantities of diversified products, while the broker offers fewer products.

2. Shipping

The real supplier has extensive relationships with international shipping companies that entitle him to ship, most of the time, to most countries in the world.

However, this does not preclude some limitations in the shipment to a particular point.

But unfortunately, he doesn’t support your territory, so check this sensitive part before you move on.

3. Integration

Each platform provides the feature of integration with suppliers, whether you use the basket platform, Zed, Shopify, or others.

Linking your store to their products is easy to display on your online store.

Make sure that the supplier you intend to deal with is integrated with the platform on which your online store is hosted.

4. reputation

Any supplier has a website or sales page that contains customer feedback.

In our digital world, reputation is measured by the number of genuinely positive assessments from people who have tried the desired product.

Make sure there are several positive evaluations.

Now that you’ve set your own criteria for dealing with suppliers and know how to choose the most appropriate one, you only need to know where to find them.

The Best Wholesale Sites in Saudi Arabia

There are many ways and websites that sell wholesale to merchants who are active in Saudi Arabia.

 Before you go straight to the best sites, there are two powerful ways to find a supplier:

  1. Search locally: If your store sells in a specific geographical area (Riyadh, for example), search for local wholesaler directories and then choose who sells the products you sell in your store and contact them.

 Search in competing stores: All online stores that deal with suppliers display their details on their website. Collect a list of the most important suppliers to deal with.

With regard to the best wholesale websites in Saudi Arabia, here is the following list:

  • BangGood website: It is the best option for online stores specializing in the electronic devices sector, such as telephones, computers, etc.

MiniInTheBox: A large site with different types of products at low prices

Dhgate is an old Chinese site from 2004 that provides a huge number of products in various fields at wholesale prices.

 This is a list of the most famous and reliable sites for the wholesale sale of products to Saudi traders or activists in the Saudi market.


As an e-trader looking for growth and stability, choosing the right suppliers should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Unfortunately, many online stores fall victim to scammers because they are not able to choose and find the most suitable supplier.

You won’t have this problem after applying what’s in this article. Of course, the smart trader realizes that the activity of any electronic store is based on extremely complex financial equations and needs to be followed closely.

That’s why we advise you to try Qoyod, the best cloud accounting software in Saudi Arabia, with the testimony of hundreds of customers. Try it now for free for 14 days.



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