Multiple sectors need Qoyod

Multiple sectors need Qoyod
Are you looking for the best accounting software that serves multiple sectors? Quyod is what you're looking for; with the click of a button, you will be able to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, no matter what your sector.

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Just imagine how hard it would be if you were the manager of one of the sectors in the market!

You need to add the services you provide and their cost, specify the name of the employees on the invoice, follow up on all financial reports, create a database of customers and view their history of dealing, as well as follow up on the sales of each delegate, and so on.

But it got easier with Qoyod because it’s the best accounting program because it serves multiple sectors with the click of a button.

All that while you’re sitting in front of your phone, you’re following everything, and you’re at your house; so whatever your sector is, you’re definitely going to find Qoyod helping you.

What is Qoyod?

Qoyod is an integrated cloud accounting program approved by the Zakat and Income Authority that serves many sectors.

One of its most important advantages is that it does not need to be downloaded; only a well-connected Internet device is needed. The program is designed to make it easier for owners of medium and small enterprises, as it enables them to manage suppliers, customers, inventory, and issue purchase orders to suppliers.

It should be noted that it provides the sales point system as well as the electronic invoice.

 Multi-sectors served by Qoyod at the click of a button

The best programs are those that aim to achieve the highest amount of sales, such as Qoyod, whose customer satisfaction is its ultimate goal; it serves multiple sectors with the click of a button.

Therefore, it is the best accounting software, and some of the most popular sectors that Qoyod serves include:

1. Retail Sector

Qoyod serves the retail sector in Saudi Arabia and the Arab nation.

It adds your products easily by entering specific data, in addition to the following:

  • Determine the location, branch, or warehouse where the products are located.
  • Transfer of products from one branch or warehouse to another, thus ensuring that you have full control over the quantity to be transported as well as the location of the products.
  • Add more than one product under a single name in one step with the grouped items feature.
  • Inventory counting by accessing the report page and finding product location reports, thereby ensuring that you reduce defective products.
  • Monitoring the sales of each delegate by means of an analysis of the field allocated in the income statement reports
  • Seizure and adjustment of inventory; to obtain additional products at no cost; and control of damaged products.
  • Conversion of product units through the unit conversion feature; it is therefore the best accounting program for shops.

2. Services Sector in Saudi Arabia

If you are a provider or designer of IT services, or even a lawyer, there is no doubt that you urgently need Qoyod, as it serves the service sector as follows:

  • Add services easily.
  • Follow up on the financial reports of your service establishment, which are updated continuously and automatically.
  • Add many details by adding additional fields; to organize your business more and more, these fields accept analysis in the income statement.
  • Follow up on the sales of each employee separately.
  • Collect customer data and establish a database of clients.

3. Contracting Sector

Qoyod serves the Saudi contracting sector and greatly facilitates the management of contracting and construction works, as it works on:

  • Add many products and costs using the grouped items feature.
  • To learn about the performance of staff in carrying out all the projects entrusted to them.
  • The possibility of building long-term relationships and a database with suppliers so that they can reach them as soon as possible.
  • Recording the information of all customers and importing or exporting their list.
  • Qoyod serves multiple sectors by following up on and continuously updating the financial reports of your enterprise.
  • Cost center for each project.
  • Follow up on the success of an existing project by showing the expense and income of each project.
  • Fully input resources and convert them into units.

4. Leasing Sector

Many sectors are served by Qoyod, which is the best accounting program for small companies.

These include the leasing sector for all leasing companies, such as the rental of goods for parties, the rental of cars or apartments, etc., if this system works to:

  • The details of the sections or sites are available on the pages of the reports.
  • Introduction of sequenced and specific data for the products they provide in easy steps.
  • Grant employees the use of Qoyod anytime and anywhere with specific permissions.
  • See the progress of leasing operations by analyzing additional fields in the income statement.
  • Create a database of customers as well as view their history of dealing.
  • The automatic granting of discounts to privileged clients
  • Use additional fields for further details so that you can regulate your services and sales.

Law firms need Qoyod

Lawyers’ offices and legal advice also need to use the Qoyod program.

It will make it easier for you to run your legal office with the click of a button, as it works to:

  • Follow-up of cases by means of project and task characteristics and the addition of all documents contained in the case;
  • Organization and addition of services provided to the client, such as contract formulation, documentation, and legal advice; third-party litigation; and preparation of legal regulations and notes
  • Determine the type of expenses related to the nature of work within the office and enter their details so that you can refer to them by amending them at a later time.


There are many accounting programs that serve companies, but Qoyod is the best accounting program in Saudi Arabia.

It serves several sectors, such as the technical sector in Saudi Arabia, the food and beverage sector, the manufacturing and maintenance sector, the law firms, the leasing sector, the contracting sector, the services sector in Saudi Arabia, as well as the retail sector, etc.

Whatever your sector, you will get the best results if you use Qoyod’s integrated cloud software in Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion of this article, we would like to point out the importance of Qoyod in the field of accounting.

What are you waiting for? Try Qoyod now for free for 14 days.

Be a reason for the development of your company or organization so that it competes with international companies.


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