How do we start learning accounting? What steps should you take into consideration?

How do we start learning accounting What steps should you take into consideration

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When you aspire to open your own project or a company that is thinking about learning accounting, it is necessary that you record your financial statements, calculate your capital, and separate your personal money from the money that you want to allocate to the project. You can only prevent its impact on your personal life by understanding the fundamentals of accounting, its principles, and the regulations that govern it, as well as the rules you must follow when specialising and working in the field. In this article, we give you the basic instructions that enable you to start learning accounting easily and without complexity.

What is accounting?

Before you start learning accounting, you should know that it is a description of the process of recording monetary values in accounting books that institutions and companies use to organize their financial transactions, with the aim of measuring their level of progress towards their goals during specific periods and comparing this progress with expectations and plans established previously.

Why is learning accounting important?

Understanding the fundamentals of accounting is necessary for conducting business in any institution, and specialising in accounting necessitates an understanding of the significance of records and books, as well as the methods for recording and extracting information from them. Furthermore, the accounting books record each value with a specific meaning, which guides the company’s decisions. This is due to the inevitable increase in the complexity of the accounts as the business grows, which requires broader experience to deal with this overlapping and interconnected data and extract conclusions and information from it.

The basic skills needed to learn accounting

Ensure you have some skills before learning accounting, and work on improving them if they need improvement. These skills include the following:

Focus on the fine details and extract their meanings.

Note differences in values to easily detect any potential errors.

Possessing the ability to confront problems, solve them, and innovate in creating solutions.

Logical thinking skills that help link reality and numbers contribute to logical planning for the future.

Advanced computational and mathematical skills without relying solely on electronic tools that contribute to assisting accountants and developing companies.

Types of Accounting

When you begin learning accounting, you must understand that it is not a single branch but rather a variety of types that vary depending on numerous factors. Among the most significant types of accounting are the following:

Financial Accounting

It is related to creating financial reports to enable obtaining information that describes the financial transactions of your company, including balance sheets and cash flow reports, and money for this type is the measure that indicates the good performance of the company.

Managerial Accounting

The same principles apply to managerial accounting as to financial accounting, but managerial accounting handles it differently by extracting data from report values to make decisions that help manage the company’s business and investments. Additionally, managerial accounting is broader and more comprehensive than financial accounting.

Cost accounting

This branch of accounting focuses on monitoring expenditures and costs. It contributes to determining the cost of production and the amounts that the company needs to pay if it decides to produce a specific commodity. This type of accounting is distinguished by its view of money as one of the company’s economic resources.

Tax accounting

It pertains to the taxes imposed on companies, their payment methods, their due dates, and the methods used to calculate their percentage. The tax accountant’s commitment to submitting the tax report on a specific date and transparently reporting the company’s financial situation is crucial, enabling the management to make informed decisions to minimise tax payments. In this type, the accountant is responsible for this entire branch in relation to the organisation.

How to start learning accounting

You can learn accounting in many and varied ways, thanks to the educational and technological development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Below, we will discuss two types of paths to learning accounting in qualified and accredited places, which ensure that you obtain recognised certificates proving that you possess the accounting skills required for the labor market.

The first track: university education

There are a number of Saudi universities that allow you to study and learn accounting within a predetermined number of years. You also commit to studying specific courses throughout your years of study to eventually obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting. These universities include the following:

Unayzah National University and Colleges

After completing high school, you can enrol in the Accounting Program at the College of Humanities and Administrative Studies at Unayzah National University, where you will study 42 courses in the academic hour system over a 4-year period. Among the most prominent of these courses are the principles of financial accounting, statistics, and Saudi commercial law. At the end of your studies, you obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The college also enables you to obtain a master’s degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree with distinction, which makes you well-qualified for the labour market. You can request admission and study at the university from here.


King Saud University

The university provides the College of Business Administration to study accounting, where the study takes place over a period of 4 years, at the end of which you obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting as long as you get good grades in your exams. You can apply for a master’s degree and a doctorate after that. At the bachelor’s level, you learn everything related to accounting, such as accounting and auditing principles and procedures, methods for making accounting reports, and other mandatory official courses at the college. You can apply to join the university through the unified electronic admission portal here.

King Faisal University

King Faisal University accepts high school students and those who hold secondary commercial institute certificates in the Applied College, which allows you to obtain an intermediate professional diploma in accounting by passing four academic levels within two academic years, after which you become qualified and able to obtain a job in the field of accounting. You will be distinguished in your work and able to achieve the required efficiency in it.

You can also join the Accounting Department after high school, upon obtaining the required grades, to study the official curricula prescribed by the university and obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which means that you are familiar with the skills and knowledge that make you qualified for the labour market, and you can continue your studies at the university after that to obtain a master’s and doctorate. To view the details of applying to the university and filling out the application, click here.

Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University

The College of Business Administration at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University grants you a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting after studying for 4 years using the credit hour system. The number of hours for the bachelor’s degree is 173 hours, during which you can graduate from learning accounting from the beginning to experience. The educational curricula are concerned with introducing students to the terms and information they need to acquire the skills required in the labour market and achieve extensive experience in the field of accounting. It also enables them to advance to higher levels and obtain master’s and doctoral degrees. It is worth noting that the university enables you to learn using the attendance system or the distance learning system, according to what suits you, with slight differences between the two systems, and you can apply from here to join the college and begin learning.

King Abdulaziz University

The College of Economics and Administration at King Abdulaziz University offers you a distinguished opportunity to learn accounting, obtain a bachelor’s degree in it, and then progress to obtain a master’s degree and doctorate.

In the Accounting Department at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, you learn the principles of accounting and its types, in addition to practical exercises to hone skills and create good practical experience. In the end, you obtain a certificate that enables you to enter the labor market with confidence, develop your work, and multiply your experience quickly. To apply to the university and begin studying, see the admission guide. , and then click here.

The second path: liberal education

In liberal education, you can learn accounting or any other field you want without being restricted by the percentage you obtained in the secondary school certificate and without being tied to a specific age. However, you will obtain accredited and reliable certificates that you can use to apply for various accounting jobs. But it is important to choose an appropriate study program so that you can join the labor market and develop in it without any problems. Among the most important approved platforms for teaching accounting are the following:

the Saudi Electronic University

It is a university that adopts an integrated education system that allows students to apply without requiring a specific age or a specific cumulative average in the secondary stage. The accounting major is studied in the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Department of Accounting. This is for a period of 4 years, during which you study 42 courses in the English language to eventually obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting. You can view the details and admission requirements and apply for admission to the university by clicking on the link here.

Hadaf Platform for Education and Training

This platform is affiliated with the Human Resources Development Fund and is interested in providing online courses in multiple fields and in accounting as well, with the aim of improving learners’ accounting skills and increasing their capabilities and experience to become more compatible with the requirements of the labour market. The Hadaf platform offers the Certified Financial Accounting Program in the form of fixed-term courses, including the International Accounting Standards course and the Financial Accounting Basics and Principles course, in addition to other specialised courses. You can pass these courses and obtain an accredited certificate for mastering the basics of accounting, and you can join the available courses from here.

Saudi Authority for Auditors and Accountants

The Authority provides training courses to raise the efficiency of those holding accredited qualifications in accounting and those working in companies by studying specialised and diverse accounting programs such as the International Accounting Standards Program, the Bankruptcy Tax Course, accounting courses for non-accountants, and others. The aim of these courses is to develop the accounting capabilities of accountants and make them more efficient and able to achieve the required career progression. Training hours vary depending on the type of course to be taken, and you can obtain details of the courses and join them from here.

Saudi Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance in the Kingdom offers a number of accounting courses that aim to produce a new generation of experienced accountants who are able to meet the requirements of the labour market while maintaining academic development and advancement in positions. This is done through training packages that are studied remotely and include knowledge of international accounting standards, methods for consolidating financial statements, asset accounting, etc., and lectures are attended remotely with support for explanations in sign language. You can learn about the details of the courses and apply for them by creating an account and requesting to join using the link here.


Learning to account is not a difficult matter, as it is one of the professions that is exciting and relaxing to think about, and once you learn it, you will be able to manage your company without worrying about the future. You will be able to make the right decisions, and to achieve this, we have taken care of the Qoyod accounting system to provide you with some appropriate training courses that enable you to prepare electronic accounting entries easily and safely to make your steps towards success clearer. You can also start the free trial of the program and benefit from it within 14 days, after which you can choose your appropriate package and start using the system on your various devices without having to install it.

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