Integrated sales software for company management from Qoyod

Integrated sales software for company management from Qoyod

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In today’s business world, competition is increasing day by day. Companies need effective tools to manage their operations efficiently and reliably. In the midst of this changing landscape, an integrated sales program provided by َQoyod stands out as a distinctive solution for companies seeking to achieve success and sustainable growth. This innovative software combines a set of powerful features that enable organizations to comprehensively improve the management of business operations, from inventory management and pricing to tracking and analysis. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and advanced digital capabilities, this integrated solution provides the comprehensive solution that companies need to keep pace with accelerating market requirements. Through this article, you will learn about the main advantages of this integrated program and how it can help your organization achieve its business goals, so read on.

An integrated sales program for company management

There is no doubt that an integrated sales system plays a pivotal role in the success of a business and enhancing its competitiveness, as it provides many basic features that facilitate the sales process and help increase profits, such as:

Sales operations management

The system provides the possibility of issuing electronic invoices easily and quickly, as well as issuing price offers to customers, allowing them to approve them and convert them into invoices. It also allows for controlling the design of invoices and modifying them to suit the nature of the work.

Sales and commission management

The system can restrict the powers of sales employees when dealing with it, facilitate the control and activation of commission systems, as well as evaluate performance to disburse dues.

Payment methods and pricing

Any integrated sales software offers flexible and diverse payment options, including the ability to pay bills in installments or in part, and also provides advanced pricing options that can be customized according to customer categories.

Discounts and marketing

The system provides a variety of discount methods available to customers, allowing for an abundance of offers. It also supports some marketing features such as discounts, offers, and loyalty points, in addition to sending promotional messages to customers automatically.

Point of sale and reporting management

The system provides a point-of-sale system available for use online and offline, in addition to providing accurate reports, a preparation mechanism, and instant issuance.

Features of an integrated sales program for corporate management from Qoyod

The integrated sales program provided by the Qoyod accounting program is characterized by many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • Item management: The program allows for easy management and classification of items and enables the user to add, modify, and delete items based on his needs.
  • Sales system: The program provides an integrated system for managing sales operations, including issuing invoices, managing discounts, and complete tracking of sales history.
  • Barcode Tool: The program includes a barcode management tool that facilitates the inventory and selling processes.
  • Productivity System: It also helps in managing production operations by tracking raw materials, finished products, preparing manufacturing orders, and production schedules.
  • Tax preparation and tax rates: The program allows for the preparation of tax data and the calculation of tax rates based on applicable legislation.
  • Inventory Management System: It also provides tools for effective inventory management, including tracking minimum levels and alerts.
  • Backup every minute: The program provides a mechanism to make automated backups periodically to maintain data integrity.
  • Procurement system: The program provides integrated management of procurement processes, including issuing purchase orders and recording payments.
  • Access from anywhere: The program can be accessed from anywhere using mobile devices while providing the ability to work remotely.
  • Stock management system: The program allows for managing the company’s shares, tracking trading movements, and distributing profits.
  • Reports: Provides a variety of reports and statistics to help the user make decisions.
  • Integrated data security: The program is keen to protect data through advanced security measures.

Sales by Qoyod software

An integrated sales program for managing companies from Qoyod is a powerful and comprehensive tool for managing buying and selling operations in commercial establishments, as it offers a set of advanced features that help improve the efficiency of operations and increase productivity, which can be summarized as follows:

The ability to import invoices

One of the most important advantages of the program is the ability to import invoices or enter them manually. Thus, this provides high flexibility in managing invoices, keeping records constantly updated, and accurate monitoring of balances in warehouses, which facilitates the process of inventory management and planning for future orders.

Providing an advanced cashier’s bill

An integrated sales program provided by Qoyod also provides an advanced cashier invoice that includes shortcuts for quick inputs via the keyboard. Thus, this feature facilitates and speeds up the process of issuing invoices to customers. The ability to add discounts on different items and the flexibility of designing invoices provide an integrated selling experience for customers.

Providing special offers to customers

Other important features of this program are the ability to provide special offers to customers and suppliers, such as: managing item offers and discounts; the ability to use more than one price for one item; calculating value-added tax; dealing in several currencies; and managing bonuses and quotas.

Stores in the Qoyod sales program

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of any successful integrated sales program, and it is worth noting that advanced sales programs provide a set of powerful tools to help merchants control their inventory efficiently, such as:

Import item balances

One of the most important of these tools is the ability to import item balances and the different units of measurement for each item directly from the Excel file. Thus, this provides great flexibility in preparing basic inventory data and updating it easily.

Provide a comprehensive report.

In addition, the sales program provides an integrated report on the movement of each item, which shows all transactions and accounting entries associated with it. Therefore, this report facilitates inventory tracking and control.

Add an infinite number of varieties.

The program also allows you to add an unlimited number of items, which provides great flexibility to grow and expand inventory. Barcode labels for items can be easily printed.

The ability to add more than one store

Another distinct advantage of stores in the sales program is the ability to add more than one store, choose the appropriate type of inventory, and have multiple prices for each item.

Providing a set of periodic reports

Finally, the software provides a variety of periodic reports on your profits, losses, expenses, and net profit, which helps traders make informed decisions about managing their inventory.

Accounts in Qoyod sales software

The list of accounts in any integrated sales program, such as Qoyod, is a comprehensive tool for dealing with expenses and financial transactions due, and its most important features are the following:

  • The ability to enter manual accounting entries: The user can create customized accounting entries according to business needs, which provides flexibility in dealing.
  • Automatic entries: The program provides automatic entries after each transaction, which makes it easier to follow financial movements and record them accurately.
  • Tax reconciliations and submitting the form: The program provides the possibility of making the necessary tax reconciliations and submitting the tax form directly to the concerned authorities.
  • Linking cost centers: Cost centers can be linked to customers, branches, or main accounts, which facilitates the follow-up and analysis process.
  • Financial comparisons: It provides the ability to make comparisons between income statements on a monthly, weekly, and annual basis, which helps in making appropriate decisions.
  • Entering multiple expenses: The program allows entering more than one expense in one batch, which saves time and effort.
  • Cash transfers between branches: The program facilitates the process of cash transfers between different branches.
  • Uploading taxes to expenses: Taxes can be uploaded to expenses automatically, which helps in managing tax aspects.
  • Collection and payment of bills: The program supports the process of collecting and paying bills efficiently.
  • Cost Centers: The program provides the ability to track various cost centers and link them to financial operations.

Reports in the Qoyod program

Reports are a very important tool in any integrated sales program for managing companies. It is difficult to improve your business or plan for the future if you do not know your current level of performance. So creating detailed reports on key performance indicators will help you know what you have, where it is, and how to use it to keep your business on track. It is worth noting that the Qoyod program allows you to extract many useful reports, such as:

  • Customer account statement: to know the sales movement and payments for each individual customer.
  • Negative Balance Reports: To identify customers with outstanding balances.
  • Stagnant Items Report: To identify products that are not selling well and need review.
  • Total profits reports: To know the total profits of the store during a specific period of time.
  • Group Earnings Report: To analyze earnings by product groups.
  • Detailed reports for invoices: to know the composition of sales at the invoice level.
  • Cost of Goods Sold and Net Profit Report: To calculate the gross profit margin.

The importance of sales management

Sales management is the backbone of any successful business, as it forms the basic link between the company and customers and ensures the achievement of the organization’s financial and marketing goals. Among its benefits are the following:

Identify new opportunities.

First, sales management helps identify new opportunities for expansion in the market. By understanding customer needs and analyzing trends in the market, the company can determine which products and services are best able to respond to these needs. Hence, this in turn provides opportunities for expansion and growth in the market.

Identify the most profitable products.

Sales management also plays a pivotal role in determining the most profitable products and services, and through performance analyses and financial reports, the company can identify the most in-demand products and services in the market and focus on them to maximize profits.

Highly efficient sales management

ERP software, such as Qoyod, makes it possible to manage sales very efficiently. It provides advanced tools to track company sales, analyze performance across employees and geographic regions, and also helps identify important customers and deal with them intelligently by managing relationships effectively.

How do I use Qoyod ERP software in sales management?

Qoyod ERP is a powerful and integrated tool for managing sales in companies, as it provides a set of features and tools that help improve and organize sales processes effectively, the most important of which are the following:

Track and analyze sales results.

First, Qoyod ERP helps track and analyze sales results in detail, as users can enter all details related to sales operations, including products sold, customers, financial amounts, appointments, and notes. This data can be analyzed to understand team and sales performance accurately and in real time.

Set and track sales goals.

The Qoyod ERP program helps in setting and tracking sales goals and standards, as users can set sales target goals and follow up accurately to ensure they are achieved. The program also provides the ability to create periodic reports to evaluate performance and measure actual results.

High flexibility in managing sales operations

The program provides high flexibility in managing sales operations, as users can view data in different ways and perform various analyses based on their needs. It is worth noting that these features help in making informed and effective decisions in the field of sales.


Qoyod sales management software represents a comprehensive, integrated solution for companies seeking to excel in the competitive business market, thanks to its advanced features, ease of use, and ability to meet diverse business needs. Qoyod provides an indispensable tool to enhance efficiency and increase profits, so experience today the difference that an integrated sales program can make in improving your company’s performance and making success your constant ally. Now, after reading this article, you are aware of the real value that this business management program can provide to your company. Will you be one of the companies that invests in its future through Qoyod?

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