Founding companies in Saudi Arabia

Founding companies

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In the business world, the founding of companies is a bold step that requires a spirit of adventure and creativity, and in Saudi Arabia, there are countless opportunities for ambitious individuals who seek to achieve their pioneering dreams. At first, you may think that the establishment of companies in Saudi Arabia is complex and challenging, but the truth is quite different. There are specific steps that can be taken to achieve success in the journey to create your own company:

First, exploring the opportunity is an essential step for any entrepreneur, so look for gaps in the market and listen to the needs of potential customers. Follow with us to learn more important information and the most important secrets that no one will tell you—to be at the forefront.

Conditions for founding companies in Saudi Arabia

Founding a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires compliance with a set of general conditions that ensure the stability and organization of economic work in the country. If you are wondering: What are the conditions for founding a company in Saudi Arabia? Here are some of them:

Saudi partner 

A partner must be a Saudi national, or even a resident of Saudi Arabia, who is a local partner and has certain rights and duties in the company.

Sufficient capital

The registered capital of the company must be sufficient to carry out the chosen business, and the amount required for establishing companies in Saudi Arabia usually depends on the type of activity, the size of the proposed company, and the registered capital, which must be confirmed by the competent authorities in the Kingdom.

Fixed headquarters

The company must have a fixed headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and must provide an accurate and specific address for the company’s headquarters, in addition to submitting the required documents to confirm the validity of the fixed headquarters.

Compatible accounting system 

The company must have an accounting system that conforms to Saudi regulations and standards; therefore, the company must identify and apply an appropriate accounting system, which will not be better than the Qoyod accounting program, so that it can submit the required financial reports as soon as possible and comply with Saudi Arabian accounting laws.


Using the Qoyod accounting program is a very smart choice, and although there are dozens of other accounting programs, it is undoubtedly the best among them for several reasons, the most important of which are the following:

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What are the requirements for founding a company in Saudi Arabia? 

Before the start-up of the service and the establishment of the company, there are a series of documents and procedures that you must perform. An overview of some of those documents and procedures is provided below.

Certified and reliable commercial register

You must obtain a certified and reliable commercial register proving the company’s registration with the competent authorities, as this register will be issued by the regulatory authority or the Ministry of Commerce in your country.

General Manager Statements

Detailed information about the Director General of the Foundation must be provided, including: full name, date of birth and nationality, residential address, phone number, as well as e-mail, and do not forget that a copy of the ID card may also be required to provide the Director General.

Certificate of good conduct

It is required to provide a certificate of good conduct to the owner of the company or the general manager. This certificate can be obtained from competent government authorities, such as the police or the Ministry of Interior.

Licenses required

According to the type and activity of the company, there may be additional licenses required before starting to set up companies in Saudi Arabia. For example, if the company is engaged in the field of food or health, you may need to obtain health and food licenses.

Capital Deposit Certificate

Sometimes, incorporating companies in Saudi Arabia requires a certificate of deposit of capital in a bank account approved by local laws.

Power of Attorney

If there is another person acting on your behalf in the founding company procedures, you must submit a power of attorney proving the validity of this person to represent you and carry out the foundation procedures on your behalf.

Headquarters Lease Contract

A lease must be submitted to the company’s headquarters, and you must have a valid and approved lease that proves that the company’s headquarters is available and that it is able to carry out its work at this location.

Steps to found the Ministry of Commerce company 

The foundation of a company is an important process requiring specific steps, depending on the location of the Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia. You can follow the following steps to found your company:

Log in via the Saudi Business Center platform.

You must log in to the Saudi Business Center platform via the link provided on the Ministry of Commerce website, and you will need to create a new account if you do not already have one.

Choosing the service of the contract for founding a company

After logging in, you must choose the “contract for founding a company” service from among the services available on the platform, and it is worth noting that you can find this service in the Companies Foundation section.

Issuing the order number and sending verification messages

Once you choose the contract for founding a company, you will receive an application number for the process of founding companies in Saudi Arabia. Verification messages will be sent to the partners participating in the foundation to authenticate the contract, so the partners must verify these messages and follow the instructions provided.

Invoice Payment

After the partners approve the foundation and document the contract, an invoice will be issued for payment. You must pay that invoice according to the methods available on the platform, such as electronic payment.

Issuance of the foundation contract and commercial register 

After payment of the invoice, the company’s foundation contract and a commercial register will be issued, and it should be noted that an electronic copy of these documents must be kept.

Contract Publication Electronically

Upon completion of the issuance of the contract and commercial register, the contract must be published electronically, and you can do so through the electronic platform on which you are logged in.

Can a foreigner open a company in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, a foreign investor can open companies with regional headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after obtaining a license from the Ministry of Investment by applying for this service electronically through the digital branch on the Ministry of Commerce website or even through the Saudi Business Center platform.

How to establish a successful company in Saudi Arabia 

Managing a successful company in Saudi Arabia requires attention to several important aspects, and if you want to know how to run a successful company, follow the following:

Market study and competitive analysis

Market understanding and competitive analysis are crucial to managing a successful Saudi company, as the company must examine market needs, identify trade opportunities, and identify potential threats.
This can be achieved through market research, analysis of available data, and the use of such information to identify effective marketing strategies and develop products and services that meet the needs of clients.

Building an excellent team

Building an excellent team is crucial to a company’s success, so the company must choose the right people and develop a positive and motivational work environment. This includes hiring people with the required experience and skills, providing continuous training and development, and encouraging good communication and teamwork.

Remember that by building a strong and motivated team, a company can achieve success and excellence in the market.

Use of technology and innovation

Innovation and technology are an essential part of the success of establishing a company in Saudi Arabia, so a company must use the right technology to improve its operations and increase its efficiency.

Technology solutions can be used in a variety of areas, such as digital marketing, operations management, and customer communication.

In addition, innovation must be encouraged and applied in the development of new products and services to meet market needs and outperform competitors.


In Saudi Arabia, founding companies is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for ambitious individuals seeking strong commercial success; this country full of economic opportunities offers an encouraging and developed investment environment.

If you want to set up companies in Saudi Arabia, there are specific steps that must be followed to achieve success. First, you must do a good study of the market, identify appropriate business opportunities, then carry out the procedures for registering the company, and finally obtain the necessary licenses and permits and register work contracts. Do not forget that this requires careful research and good planning, in addition to compliance with legal and regulatory procedures. With following the necessary steps and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, you will be ready to start your business in Saudi Arabia.

Get ready for adventure, work hard with the Qoyod program to achieve your goals and achieve success in the dynamic business market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and do not forget that the program also offers all its customers: electronic invoice systems as well as POS systems, stores, customers, etc. And so on and so forth.

After knowing the steps to set up a company in Saudi Arabia, try Qoyod now for free for 14 days and take advantage of the promising opportunities offered by this program.

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