Learn about the features of Qoyod cloud accounting software program

Qoyod cloud accounting software provides a number of amazing features, and in this article I will take you on a detailed tour of the most important ones so that you know them.

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Your access to this article now means that you are looking eagerly for suitable accounting software for your facility.

Perhaps a friend or influencer advised you to search for Qoyod accounting software, specifically its features.

In this brief article, we will give you a detailed tour of the most important features of Qoyod accounting software.

What is Qoyod cloud accounting software?

Qoyod is an accounting program approved by the Saudi Zakat, Customs and Tax Authority. It is one of the first accounting programs launched in the Saudi market.

This is due to the integrated and advanced solutions it provides to small and medium enterprises that control their financial affairs and make the most successful decisions that lead them to profitability.

That is with regard to the definition of Qoyod cloud accounting software, let’s now move on to its features.

Features of Qoyod Accounting Program

Qoyod offers a huge number of unique features for small and medium enterprises, and here is a tour of them:

1-Cost Centers Feature

The cost centers feature provides the ability to analyze all your revenue and spending.

This is in addition to the ability to analyze sales so that you know which salesmen achieved the highest results.

This feature is extremely important for any enterprise – regardless of its size – It helps to know the profitability of all your projects from one place and then make the best decisions that will lead you to your financial goals.

2-Mailing feature

This feature makes the subject of the invoices a fully controlled convenience.

Through it, you can design and send the electronic invoice that is compatible with the conditions of the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority on the one hand.

You can add a professional character that suits the colors of your visual organization’s identity on the other hand.

Not only that, but through this feature, you can also send emails to customers regarding invoices or even schedule them to send their scheduled date, and you can also send purchase orders to suppliers.

3-Attachments feature

The current era requires all establishments to comply with digitization controls.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has the primary goal of digitizing all papers and documents.

And that’s exactly what this feature provides you.

You can send and attach any document electronically, avoiding the hassle of printing.

This feature supports all the documents that your enterprise may need, including document copies, bank transfers, commercial registration, sales and purchase invoices, and quotations.

4-User prerogatives feature

It’s normal for your organization’s employees to vary in their job roles.

The role of this feature is to organize the team’s access process within Qoyod cloud accounting software.

You will be able to give each employee their position, so they will be able to access only the pages that concern them in order to organize the process without overlapping the departments of your organization.

5-payment management feature

The role of this feature is to facilitate the subject of payments in all their forms.

If you want to pay a specific invoice in full or in part as a receipt voucher with a specific date for each payment, you’ll find that in this feature.

In addition, it has a tremendous capacity to determine the type of account and even add your bank accounts to organize and manage your payments very securely.

6-Accountant employment feature

Thanks to Qoyod’s many partnerships with many accounting companies and financial services firms.

Qoyod provides a link service with the right accountant for your enterprise, In case you want someone to act on your behalf to take over the issue of the accountant, This service is specially prepared for you.

Learn more about Qoyod.

7- Points of sale feature POS

Qoyod provides special systems to connect cloud accounting software with your POS system to automate and audit all financial transactions in one place, so you are able to know what you have and what you have to do.

Find out about the points of sale offered by Qoyod here.

8- Inventory Management Feature

If you are an online store or an industry company, you understand the importance of inventory.

Especially it is essential to keep the accounting process accurate.

Qoyod provides integrated inventory management features, including:

  • Adding your inventory if you own one branch or adding all your branches and locating each of them so that you can upload products and establish purchase invoices.
  • Professional control of your inventory so that you can increase the number of products in case of product increase or decrease in case of damage.
  • The ability to transport your products in high craftsmanship so that you can transfer products from one branch to another with high skill.
  • Obtaining accurate reports of the status and sales of products, and even customize the report to obtain a report for a specific branch and not another so that you can monitor how things are going, And all this from the screen of your smartphone.

The conclusion

This was a detailed tour of the features of Qoyod cloud accounting software.

In fact, Qoyod is one of the most famous and best accounting programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the testimony of hundreds of customers on the one hand, and thanks to the unique features offered by the program on the other hand.

The best thing is that you can try all the features and characteristics of Qoyod for free for a full 14 days in order to determine in confidence whether it suits you or not without paying a single riyal.

Try Qoyod now for free.


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