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In light of the important economic and social developments taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, opportunities have opened up for women to participate effectively in the world of entrepreneurship, as women have been able to enter new fields and achieve great achievements in them in record time. In this regard, women seek to search for promising project ideas that suit their abilities, circumstances, and interests. It provides them with sufficient space to show their creativity and add their unique touches to the project, and it is undoubtedly a crucial step to ensure the success of the project and distinguish it from competitors in the market.

Choosing a suitable idea requires a lot of research and careful analysis of the market, its needs, and the gaps that can be filled. Because many women wonder about the best successful projects for women in Saudi Arabia that they can invest in to achieve excellence and independence, in this article we present a comprehensive guide to the best productive and service projects suitable for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we explain the factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure the project’s success. We also explain why Qoyod is a companion on the path to project success, so follow along.

The most successful project for women in the productive sector

Productive projects involve producing goods or products, whether industrial or artistic, and selling them to customers. Below are the best ideas for productive projects for women in Saudi Arabia:

1: Handmade products project

The handmade products project represents the most successful project for women in Saudi Arabia for the following reasons:

  • There is a huge variety of artistic or craft products that can be manufactured and sold, such as jewelry, home decor, and unique gifts.
  • Handmade products are based on skills that can be easily acquired through continuous learning and training.
  • It enables women to utilize their creative skills to produce various unique goods.
  • Ease of marketing and selling products through electronic stores that provide wide access to customers in various regions of the Kingdom.

2: Homemade food or dessert project

The home-made food or sweets project is considered the most successful project for women in Saudi Arabia for the following reasons:

  • There is a constant demand for food and desserts, especially those made by hand and in traditional ways.
  • It provides a wide space for women to be creative and unique in preparing and decorating food and desserts in a way that distinguishes them from competitors.
  • It is less expensive than other projects, as the materials needed to prepare food or desserts upon request can be purchased and prepared with kitchen tools already present at home.

3: Clothing design and production project

Many women in Saudi Arabia tend to establish a clothing design and production project, as it is the most successful project for women for the following reasons:

  • Demand for unique and innovative local clothing pieces is high, as many prefer to support local designers.
  • It allows women to diversify products and offer unique pieces.
  • It provides a platform for women to express their creativity by designing unique and distinctive clothes. They can also explore different colors, cuts, and materials to produce clothing pieces that express their creative identity.
  • It is not limited to design skills only but also includes sewing and embroidery skills, which is why it suits a large segment of women with different skills.

The best successful project for women in the service sector

Service projects involve providing services to customers in exchange for a sum of money, and many people prefer them because they are often less expensive than producing tangible goods that require large amounts of capital for raw materials. Below are the best ideas for service projects for women in Saudi Arabia:

1: Beauty Services Project

Many women consider the project of providing beauty services at home the best successful project for them for the following reasons:

  • There is a high demand for beauty care, nail decoration services, etc., as part of today’s lifestyle.
  • It provides comfort and privacy in obtaining beauty services, which is preferred by a large segment of women.
  • Gives a wide range of creativity and skills to suit the tastes of different clients.
  • Women are allowed to work flexibly according to their personal circumstances by receiving applications on a full-time basis.
  • It’s very profitable because of the very expensive nature of cosmetic services.

2: Interior design services project 

The project to provide interior design services in Saudi Arabia is considered the best successful project for women for the following reasons:

  • High demand due to the constant need to improve and renovate living spaces, both in homes and commercial spaces.
  • It provides ample space to highlight creativity and individuality in providing design services tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • It provides flexibility in the time and place of work, as women can provide interior design services from the comfort of home and at any time they want.
  • Technology offers huge opportunities in the field of interior design, as women can use computer programs and modern technology to provide 3D designs and virtual experiences, attracting more clients and helping to stand out from competitors.

3: Nutrition and fitness consulting project

The nutrition and fitness counseling project has been considered the most successful project for women in Saudi Arabia for a long time, and it still is for the following reasons:

  • High demand due to increased awareness of the importance of health and fitness.
  • It provides women with the opportunity to work independently, which gives them flexibility in determining working times.
  • These consultations can be provided entirely electronically so that they can work from the comfort of their homes.
  • The project can be easily marketed due to its great positive aspects, such as its positive impact on personal life and health.
  • It is not required to study this field academically, but educational and training courses can be taken online.

Project success factors

Choosing the best successful project for women begins with choosing an idea that is not only pioneering and meets the needs of a large segment of society, but also an idea that matches your skills and interests in order to be creative and stand out from your competitors. In addition, the following points are other factors that guarantee the success of your project:

1. Preparing a feasibility study

You must prepare an accurate and comprehensive feasibility study that helps you analyze the financial, marketing, technical, and legal aspects of your project.

2: Commitment to Quality

Make sure to establish strict quality policies for your products or services to gain customer satisfaction and complete confidence in your project.

3. Use of technology

Take advantage of technology to facilitate all aspects of your business, such as utilizing social media in marketing, creating a professional online store that enhances customer confidence, and using accounting systems to help you manage the financial aspects of the project.

4: Care of Marketing

Build an effective marketing strategy that increases your reach to potential customers, distinguishes your products and services from competitors, and tracks your customers’ opinions to get useful feedback.

  1. Continuous learning

Continue to develop your skills and learn the latest trends in your project field.

Accounting Software Solutions
Accounting Software Solutions

Achieve success in your project with Qoyod.

As we mentioned to you above, you must exploit technology in all its forms to improve and facilitate all aspects of your work. In this context, the Qoyod program stands out as the best accounting system in Saudi Arabia and represents a vital tool for women who want to achieve success in their projects. It provides advanced and easy-to-use accounting solutions, which contribute to facilitating and organizing accounting and business management processes in your project. Among the most prominent professional services it provides are the following:

  • The ability to access your project’s accounting data from anywhere, at any time, and without the need to download the program due to its cloud nature.
  • Simplifying and organizing accounting processes and facilitating the tracking of costs and revenues, so you will not need to hire a special accountant for your project.
  • Providing broad services such as inventory management, purchasing and sales management, issuing electronic invoices compatible with the requirements of the Saudi Zakat, the Tax and Customs Authority, and many other services.
  • The ability to try all Qoyod services completely free for 14 days and without the need for a credit card.


There is no doubt that you now know with certainty that achieving success in the world of entrepreneurship depends on your choosing a project that suits your individual abilities, skills, and interests, meets the needs of the local community around you, or solves their problems in various fields. After we have provided you with a list of promising ideas for production and service projects, you can now choose the most successful project for women from your point of view and begin planning and implementation.

As technological development continues, the role of innovation and the use of modern technologies becomes more important in project development. For this reason, we invite you to take the biggest and most important step for the success of your project, which is to subscribe to the cloud accounting system, which provides you with the most advanced and easy-to-use accounting services and provides you with reports. Professional and accurate financial and operational management that enhances transparency and helps you make informed decisions. Do not hesitate and join the hundreds of establishments that trust Qoyod.

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