AbdulKarim Al-Sfouk

CEO - Tsmeen Establishment for Cattle


My father established the first Saudi farm for fattening livestock in the Middle East, 25 years ago, with resources that did not exceed 5 calves.

Impressive, we in a fattening establishment feed calves at the age of two weeks on milk using the electronic feeding technique, and then we start the weaning stage, then fattening with natural feeds, and then selling
We simulated the successful experiences in Saudi Arabia, witnessed the challenges and difficulties facing this sector, and sought to obtain the best modern technical means used in developed countries to increase production efficiency, reduce effort, and most importantly improve the final product to reach customer satisfaction. Thanks to God, we have now reached the production of 4500 calves per year.
As for the accounting aspect, which is the most important, it was the limitations of the optimal program that helped us progress because it always preceded us by one step and made it easier for us to manage our accounts
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خلود المطلق

Kholoud Al-Mutlaq

Founder of Cattleya Studio


Photography has been my passion since childhood and I turned this hobby into a professional until I founded Cattleya Studio. My beginning was very modest, I started in 2004 with a small shop and simple capabilities, consisting of a camera, background and lighting only, and what helped me reach the ladder of success is that I was one of the first Saudi women in this field. Poor services that do not meet the needs and desires of women, which prompted me to try to develop my production and use the latest and most advanced possible ways to create happy moments, and this was reflected in the fame of my work and the expansion of my network of clients who continued with me for years.

Thanks to Qoyod, with the integrated reports feature I was able to know The most requested and profitable services and this helped me to focus and develop them which helped me to increase my profits.

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Firas Ateeq AL Ateeq

Psychiatrist, co-founder and CEO of Biotic and Bio X


The idea of the project started five years ago, based on focusing on people’s needs, which may not have been there as required, as we provided for this need and at the same time created a new product that people wanted and by combining these two things, then we were able to make “Biotic”, where we provided products we brought many and varied healthy foods and drinks that the customer did not know about his need, then we convinced him, and now we receive between 200-300 requests per day.

Then, after these years, we gathered our experiences in the field of healthy nutrition and understood the customer’s need and the taste he prefers, and we put the same of these experiences in Bio x, which aims to localize the health food industry in Saudi Arabia.

Of course, both Biotic and Bio x are continuing individually and independently. Now we have 3 branches and the fourth is under construction, and the reason for our distinction is the internal operation process that the customer does not see, and it starts from buying the product from a reliable source.
Then saving it and shipping it in a way that guarantees quality to sell it in the best condition..
Our added value lies in three things, experience with the customer, product quality, and diversity in health products..
As for Qoyod, it was a success partner in line with the requirements of the stage.
It is not only easier accounting but an easier life. Qoyod made it easier for us to make decisions to develop sales of profitable products and curb expenses in the most consuming sectors.
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أمل التركي

Amal ElTukry

The owner of "The Best Salads" restaurant, a business guide at "Monsha'at", and a certified professional trainer in the field of technology.


My story started with The Best Salads from my small kitchen at home and completed the first sales through a simple Instagram account in the middle of 2013, and being the first project interested in healthy salads is a success step that helped me reach what I am now, I became distinguished in cooking and well-known with my recipes among family and relatives because I have been an amateur in cooking since the age of 14, I turned this interest into a successful business project that includes more than 25 employees of different nationalities in order to bring the world together in one kitchen and because each nationality has a distinct craft in cooking, which distinguishes us It is the taste and variety. The most important pillar in my restaurant is to cook with a comfortable soul, and I cannot allow any of the chefs to work on the contrary.

As for our added value, it is the speed of our delivery without prior reservation, and this is what made us proud of the title of “ladies’ savior ” as they call us. As for Qoyod, he was my partner for success and my supporter in business. Personally, it is impossible for me to continue my work without Qoyod, and I always advise entrepreneurs at the beginning of their projects to use this program.
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