Cloud Accounting Software
made for the Tech Sector

Qoyod the easiest cloud accounting software for the tech sector.
Our easy to use cloud accounting software will help you achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Expand your tech business with these features of Qoyod

In the tech business, you need to prepare reports, combine services and their costs, and more!

Experience the growth and expansion of your business with Qoyod using suitable tools for you.

Adding products and services with simple steps

After determining your product and its type, you can easily add it to the products section and record its details.

Custom Fields for service invoices

You can specify the name of an employee in an invoice by adding a custom field from the additional fields feature named “employee” so the service provider can record his name when issuing an invoice for the service he provided.

Your organization’s reports are constantly and automatically updated

You can easily monitor your financial reports, as you can find all your updated organization’s reports on the reports page.

Create a customer database and get closer to your customers

You can collect the data of your customers and view their purchase history, as you are allowed to record the information of each customer, and know the total amounts paid and due, you can also export or import the list of customers.

Combining services and their cost

For your convenience; you can combine service and its cost through the bundled product feature to create a combined single product of service and its cost, so you can add them with a single step in an invoice.

Reward your employees based on their sales performance

After creating the custom field to specify the service provider’s name in an invoice; you can track and analyze each employee’s sales performance through the Custom Fields Analysis in the income statement report.

Additional details to better organize your sales 

Through using the Custom Fields feature you can create and implement additional custom fields in these categories: Customers list, Vendors list, Manual Journal Entries, Products, Sales invoices and quotes, and purchase orders and purchase invoices. Each custom field entry can be analyzed through the Custom Field Analysis in the income statement report.