Retail sector

Professional management and easy tracking for your branches and store

At Qoyod, we provide an integrated program for managing your store and tracking your sales, in addition to managing your inventory, and other unique features that help company owners grow and improve their businesses and produce a better business experience for them.

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Accurate reports for informed decisions

You can generate a variety of reports that speak automatically to help you make quick decisions based on accurate data. We provide more than 20 diverse reports for your establishments

Professional store inventory management

Through Qoyod, you can add multiple stores and adjust them, transfer inventory, in addition to summary reports of sales and purchases of stored products that show purchases and sales of each product, as well as net movement and average cost of each product.

Integrated set of accounting solutions

Working towards creating a better business experience, we are obliged to provide accounting and financial solutions that help company owners to manage their businesses professionally. Among the solutions we have launched are Qoyod-Lend and Qoyod-Tahseel

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Integrate your favorite tools with Qoyod.

Connect ClickUp to over 1,000 app with native and third-party integration.Access your scheduling and messaging apps,cloud storage, and more in one place.

ZATCA Connect

Integration with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, and integration with them in their first and second stages.

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Geidea Integration

In collaboration with Geidea, we launched a point-of-sale package that helps business owners to manage their businesses with online payment operations through a single subscription that includes the most important features of Qoyod.

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When subscribing to Qoyod, you can integrate with a set of programs used in the facility, making it easier for you to manage operations and manage your business professionally and easily.

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