Real Estate Sector

Effortless Financial Management for Real Estate Businesses

Qoyod's cloud accounting software brings simplicity and efficiency to your real estate business. Whether you manage residential properties, commercial real estate, or real estate development projects, Qoyod equips you with the tools you need for success.

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Comprehensive Property and Tenant Management

Easily track rent payments, manage leases, and maintain property expenses all in one platform. Our software ensures you're always ahead with your financials, whether you're handling multiple properties or complex real estate portfolios.

Automated Financial Reporting

Access real-time financial reports tailored for the real estate sector. Monitor cash flow, property profitability, and overall financial health effortlessly.

ZATCA Compliance

Stay compliant with local regulations with electronic invoices fully compatible with the Saudi Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, ensuring your real estate business meets all legal financial requirements.

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Integrate your favorite tools with Qoyod.

Connect ClickUp to over 1,000 app with native and third-party integration.Access your scheduling and messaging apps,cloud storage, and more in one place.

ZATCA Connect

Ensure your real estate transactions are compliant with Saudi tax regulations, including VAT and withholding tax, with seamless integration to the ZATCA system.

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Qoyod Bookkeeping

Keep your property financials in check with easy-to-use bookkeeping. Track expenses, manage tenant deposits, and generate financial reports with ease.

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Qoyod Tahseel

Streamline rent collection with automated reminders and digital payment options, reducing late payments and administrative overhead

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