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Qoyod Progress - Qoyod

Qoyod Progress

Recent Updates

Seven levels of the chart of accounts

Qoyod provides 7 levels, starting with the first level that includes the main accounts and encoding them to the fifth level, then you can make additional branches for sub-accounts to the seventh level.

Easily design invoices

Design the invoice as you like! By choosing English, Arabic, or both, ready-made templates are available with the ability to design new templates of different sizes.

Point of sale application

The POS application is supported with Sunmi Compact Printers, Epson Printers via the intranet, and the printers are provided by the authorized distributor of the printer.

delivery bond

You can set up a delivery note as a seller or supplier, view the details and characteristics of the goods sold, hand it over to the buyer for approval, confirm the completion of the sale and release your liability

Archiving products

Archiving products that are not desired to be used during a specified period and not displaying them in product lists, with the ability to undo archiving at any time to return to an “active product”

Qoyod's Features

Electronic invoice with one click

Invoices and debit and credit notices appear processed electronically in an organized and integrated format and approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Manage fixed assets and depreciation at any time

This feature allows you to easily manage, track, and depreciate your fixed, and intangible assets.

Unlimited number of users without additional fees

The ability to add users with precise permissions of each user, to be able to easily monitor their productivity.

Manage employees salaries with complete accuracy

Managing employees salaries by calculating their hours, scheduling payment and salary components, including entitlements, bonuses, and others.

The accounting reports for your facility are constantly updated

The ability to follow your financial reports and statistics with ease, as you will find that all of them on the reports page are updated automatically and continuously.


Our success partners



The owner of "The Best Salads" restaurant "Qoyod is the partner of success in business. Personally, it is impossible for me to continue my work without Qoyod and I always advise entrepreneurs at the beginning of their projects to use Qoyod.
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"I never expected that one day I would be able to do my calculations without anyone's help, I didn't expect that I would do the tax returns myself, and this increased my profits
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" In the beginning, our impression of success was selling only, with Qoyod it becomes more clear. We see the places where the defects, where we lose and where we win.
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" Friends in Qoyod are very cooperative in receiving feedback, solving problems, adding the features that the customer needs, and most importantly, thev are always evolving "
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Qoyod's participation in the most important local and international exhibitions and conferences

The Fastest Growing Accounting Solution 2021

Qoyod Company received an award presented by the “Global Business Outlook”, awarded according to high and specific standards set by the British organization, accurately and clearly, It’s submitted to Qoyod after a vote by the most important managers of international companies and consultants from different fields and sectors according to the application of all required standards and standards.

The Fastest Growing Accounting Solution 2021