Cloud Accounting Software
made for law and legal consultations firms

Qoyod the easiest cloud accounting software for your law firm. Qoyod’s easy to use and intuitive cloud accounting solution will help you manage and run the financials of your law firm with efficiency and ease, to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts.

With Qoyod

you have all the tools you’ll need to manage any law practice 

In law practice, you need to determine attorney fees, track the performance of your services and keep up to date with your clients, and more! Experience the growth and expansion of your business with Qoyod using suitable tools for you.

Add and organize services easily

Specify the type of service being provided, for example drafting contracts, preparing notes and legal regulations, providing legal advice and documentation, and then enter specific details pertaining to that service. The type of expenses related to the nature of the work within the office can also be specified and entered.

You can monitor and track your cases using the Tasks & Projects feature

You can keep track of each case separately using our easy-to-use accounting software’s Tasks and Projects feature, which allows you to create each case as a project with its own tasks that can be adjusted, as well as storing any supporting documents and assigning employees to each task. Each case will have a special follow-up page that outlines the extent of the project progress and project details as well as the financial information and all the commercial documents associated with the case.

Your firm’s reports are constantly and instantaneously updated

Reports are easily accessed on the report page, where you will find your updated firm’s financial reports.

Additional details to better organize your work

Using the Additional Fields feature, you can create and implement additional custom fields based on the nature of the service you’re offering in these categories: Customers list, Vendors list, Manual Journal Entries, Products, Sales invoices and quotes, and purchase orders. and purchase invoices. Each custom field entry can be analyzed through the Custom Field Analysis in the income statement report.

Privacy and Notifications

Qoyod allows you to set a case as a “private” case so that it can only be viewed by selected users. Additionally, qoyod has a notification feature that alerts users when they are assigned a task.

Create a customer database to get to know your customers

You can collect customer data and review their purchase history, as you are able to record the information of each customer, and know the totals of what each customer owes, and you can also export or import the list of customers.

Fees for attorneys

In an invoice, you can specify the name of a lawyer by adding a custom field named “lawyer name” so the service provider can record his name when issuing an invoice for the services they provided. Additionally, you can choose whether to take the percentage from the overall contract or from the profits of the case. Using the Custom Fields Analysis in the income statement report, you can track and analyze each lawyer’s performance.