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View/edit/delete/archive accounts

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What is the chart of accounts?

The chart of accounts is a list that includes all the accounts used by the organization that pertains to financial transactions. These accounts are classified according to a specific pattern and method based on the size and activity of the organization. It is the basis for establishing the accounting system.

The chart of accounts on Qoyod contains the basic set of accounts in each organization. You can create other accounts according to the needs of your organization, display the details of all accounts, amend them whenever you want, or even delete or archive them.


How can I view, edit, archive, and delete accounts? 

You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. From the main drop-down list, select “Accounting” and click on “Chart of Accounts”.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod


You will be automatically directed to the “Chart of Accounts” main page, where you will find several options in front of each account through which you can:


View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

  • Add: To add a sub-account. 

  • View: To view the account details and see the parent/sub-account of that account.

  • Edit: To edit or archive account data.

  • Move: To move the account and include it under the desired parent account.

  • Archive: To archive the account, that is, to change the status of the account so that it does not appear in the accounts. This can be done manually by clicking on the account, to save it in a special place according to a specific pattern.

  • Delete: To delete the account from the chart of accounts.

    How to transfer accounts (include them as sub-accounts within a parent account):

1- Click on “Move”.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

2- Select the parent account

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

3- Select account type “this only applies to first-, second-and third-level accounts”.

4- Click on “Continue”.

5- The account will appear including the “cash in bank” as shown below:

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

Click on “View” to see the account details and parent accounts of the “cash in bank” to confirm the process.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

How can I see all archived accounts or re-activate them?

By clicking on the “Archived Accounts” icon that appears in the bar at the top of the “Chart of Accounts” page.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

You can re-activate them by clicking on “Activate” to reactivate the account.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod


Quick Edit:

The quick edit feature allows the modification of several accounts at the same time to reduce the effort of editing or changing the type of account data with one click by clicking on “Quick Edit” on the chart of accounts main page.

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod

View/edit/delete/archive accounts - Qoyod