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Vendor Reciepts

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Vendor Receipts

The Receipt: 

The receipt is a confirmation of paid amounts agreed between two parties without allocating the amount to a specific service or product, and keeping it with one of the parties by issuing a new receipt, whether it is for sales or purchases until it is needed.

Receipts appear in the drop-down list within the “Sales” and “Purchases”. On the receipts page, you can find all the receipts that were created on entries with the property of adding new ones.

The importance of receipts to the organization-customer relationship: 

Receipts help the organization owners deliver payments to vendors periodically and without allocating these receipts payments to specific invoices unless they are needed. They help them request their supplies at any time and provide them faster by vendors. 

Steps to add a new “Vendor Receipt”: 

1- Creating a “Vendor Receipt”: 

  • From the “Purchases” dropdown list, select “Vendor Receipts” and you will be directed to the “Vendor Receipts” page.

Vendor Reciepts - Qoyod

  • Click on “New Vendor Receipt” at the top of the page.

Vendor Reciepts - Qoyod

2- Selecting the data of the new “Vendor Receipt”:

Enter the details of the fields appearing in the new receipt, which are:

  • “Reference”, which is a sequential number that appears automatically and which can be changed

  • “Contact” which can be selected from the list of previously entered vendors, and their data will appear at the right of the form

  • “Account”, whether it is a “Cash On Hand”, “Petty Cash”, or “Bank Current Account”

  • “Kind” of receipt: “Received” or “Paid”

  • “Description” of the receipt.

  • “Date”

  • “Amount”

  • “Allocate Dynamically” depending on the precedence of the bill.

When ticked:  The payment is on one of the previous old bills without specifying a specific bill. 

When not ticked: The relevant bill is selected from the list at the bottom. 

  • Select the bill and allocate a specific amount for a specific bill, if desired.

Vendor Reciepts - Qoyod

3- By clicking on the “Save” icon, the process of adding a “New Vendor Receipt” will take place. Then, you will automatically be directed to the “Receipts” page where you can view all the receipts that have been added. You can, also, classify receipts according to the options at the top of the page (All Receipts, Vendor Receipts, Customers Receipts), and export them into an Excel sheet.

Vendor Reciepts - Qoyod