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Unit Types

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Unit Types:

Unit types help you choose the right units for the products so that it would be easy for you to bill them and to process the quantities by having them in stock.

What are they used for?

By creating “Unit Types”, you will be able to create a unit conversion. For example, grocery stores’ owners can buy water in “boxes” and sell it in “bottles”.


How to add a new unit type:

1- From the drop-down list of “Products” select “Products” and you will be automatically directed to the “Products” page.


Unit Types - Qoyod


2- Click on “Unit Types” at the top of the “Products” page and you will be automatically directed to the “Unit Types” page, where you will find all previously existing units in Qoyod in addition to the units that have been added by the user. Each unit can be edited or deleted through the icons in front of each of them.


Unit Types - Qoyod



Unit Types - Qoyod


3- By clicking on “New Unit Type” at the top right, you can add a new unit type.


Unit Types - Qoyod


4- By clicking on ‘Save’, the new unit will be added.


Unit Types - Qoyod