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Schedules include a specified number of days and hours based on prior organization and specific agreements between the employee and the employer.

Create an employee’s schedule:

You can create an employee’s schedule through “Payrolls” – “Employees”.

Schedules - Qoyod

You will be automatically directed to the “Employees” home page, where you can click on “Schedules” at the top of the page. 

Schedules - Qoyod
Then you will be automatically directed to the “Schedules” page where you can create a new schedule by clicking on “New Schedule” at the top right of the page.

Schedules - Qoyod

On the schedule page, you can: 

  • Type in the “Schedule Name” (in Arabic and English)

  • Specify the number of “Shifts” and “Day of Week”, as well as the “Start Time” for each shift.

  • Determine the “Required Hours” for each shift and the “Kind” of each one.

  • Determining the “Location” in which the employee will rotate, whether the “Main Branch” or a specific location of the organization. 

Schedules - Qoyod

Fill out all data for the new schedule that you created according to the nature of the work, and then click on “Save”.

Thus, you have completed the steps of adding schedules, and the same steps can be followed to create a new schedule.