Returning and exchanging products on POS

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Returning or exchanging products feature on the POS app

Using the POS application, you can create a credit note if the customer requests a replacement or return of the product.

By following these steps:

1- First, go to the Invoice page and choose the Invoice the customer wants to return or exchange.

2- You will see a “refund” option at the bottom right of the screen.

In case of return:

1- Click on “refund” and choose the “Pay” option.

2- Determine the amount due.

3 – Choose “Confirm” and the credit note will be created.

In case of replacement:

1- Click on “refund” and choose the “exchange” option.

2- Add the alternative products and the net amount required from the customer will appear to you.

3- Choose “Pay”.

4- Select the amount due and press “Confirm”.

5- The credit note has been created, and to confirm, press “Confirm”.