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Reflecting your transactions on the reports

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This section includes the steps for getting started with Qoyod based on the steps introduced in Part Two

Setting up the Accounting Guide

Third article: Reflecting your transactions on the reports


Qoyod helps you to obtain information that reflects the result of performing a set of accounting processes on the data related to the events and activities carried out by the organization. This information is automatically reflected in Qoyod in the form of financial reports ready to assist decision-makers in making sound administrative and financial decisions.

Do I need to prepare the reports myself? 

All entries in the program are automatically reflected in the reports so that you do not need to set them up manually. All you have to do is to select the required period.

What are the reports provided by Qoyod?

Qoyod provides more than 20 reports. These reports are classified into: 

1- Financial reports

2- Operational Reports 

3- Sales reports

You can view all reports by clicking here.

The two most important financial lists that provide you with information about your organization are:

1- Balance Sheet: It shows what the organization owes and what others owe to it at a specific moment. It, also, shows the assets of the organization and its obligations towards third parties, as well as the rights of its owners.

2- Income Statement: It shows the sum of the organization’s business during a certain period of time. It, also, shows all information related to revenues and expenses, to show you the net profit or net loss.