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Qoyod X Zid

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The integration between Qoyod and the Zid:

Qoyod supports integration with the Zid e-commerce system, including processing all accounting operations between the two programs.

To subscribe and integrate with Zid, follow these steps:

1- On the drop-down menu in Qoyod, go to Settings – integration – by clicking on Zid Subscribe, you will be able to enter the necessary subscription data.

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

By subscribing to the service, you will see a set of data to be entered, including the facility code and access code, which are as follows:

Facility Code = Store ID

Access Token = Authentication Token

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Sign in to Zid:

Sign in > Settings > Store Settings > Connect with Services > integration  “Zid Page is Available in Arabic only” as below mentioned:

تسجيل الدخول – الإعدادات – إعدادات المتجر – الربط مع الخدمات

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Regarding the rest of the settings below, they determine the transfer of the cost of accounts in the integration: 

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Products Settings

Purchasing account: to determine the account on which the cost of the products is charged when they are purchased if they are not stored or sold if they are stored.

Option: Sync Product Quantity: any quantity Adjustment “through Opening Balance, Stocktake or Purchase Invoice” in Qoyod will reflect on Zid

Tax: To choose the type of tax that the facility uses on its products, where Qoyod depend on the tax specified in Zid settings when integrating, knowing that the tax value will be taken from Zid.

Location: It is the store from which the sale is made in Zid. It is used in the first inventory for the linkage process and to determine the number of products on Zid. This stock is also used for all orders (sales) invoices from Zid, and when updating any quantity of products for the same location in entries that will be updated in Zid.

Option: Automatically Create Receipts: this option will create an automatic receipt voucher for orders reflected from Zid to Qoyod.

Zid Sales Services Accounts Settings

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

These services are not from the merchant’s activity but are related to the sales process, and the merchant sells them at Zid to his customers and obtains revenue through them, such as payment on receipt and shipping services, where a product will be created in Qoyod for these services and will be added to the facility invoice if these services are sold in Zid, even when using a third party to provide the service and it was not provided by your facility, as soon as it is sold in Zid with an invoice issued by your facility to the customer, it must be accounted for in Qoyod.

  • Cash on Delivery Service

Sales Account: To determine the account on which the value of these sold services is carried, the correct accounting treatment is to choose the “other revenue” account or any similar account because it is revenue outside the establishment’s activity.

  • Shipping service

Sales Account: To determine the account on which the value of these sold services is carried, the correct accounting treatment is to choose the “other revenue” account or any similar account because it is revenue outside the establishment’s activity.

Purchasing Account: To determine the account to which the cost of these services purchased from a third party is charged via a purchase invoice.

2- After subscribing, the link is automatically processed “Processing” and the quantities are updated by pressing “Continue”.

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

3- “Proceed” option to check product quantities and stock inventory:

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

1- Use the quantity from Zid:

Through “Stock take” will add the Actual Quantity from Zid to the Current Quantity in Qoyod and choose opening balance account to the Revenue Account For Increased Quantity and Expense Account For Decreased Quantity

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

2- Use the quantity from Qoyod:

Make sure that SKU in Zid = Reference no. in Qoyod.

Notice: an error occurred option appears, as the option (an error occurred) directs the user to the data entry page again and shows the wrong entry in it to be corrected.

Qoyod X Zid - Qoyod

Edit Subscription option:

to modify the subscription to reactivate the subscription, change accounts, etc.

Cancel Subscription option:

To cancel the subscription.

Important Notes about the integration between Qoyod and Zid:

1- Qoyod & Zid Products:

A- Zid is integrated with Qoyod products through the identical serial number between the two programs, and if the program does not find the serial number, it will create a product in Qoyod and link it to the product in Zid, and if there is any change to the product in Zid in the future in any of the information except quantities, it will be updated on Qoyod, As for accounts related to products, revenue accounts will be created and linked to products according to their primary classification in Z (product classification), unless the products were created in Qoyod before the linking process. As for the invoices in Zid, they will be created in entries as sales invoices in the stock that has been selected in the settings of the linking process, and the receivable voucher will be created in entries if any in Zid, and the quantities will be updated in Zid when they are changed in entries, such as creating a purchase invoice.

B- Products:

When starting a new facility on Qoyod where there are no products, the products move from Zid to the list of products in Qoyod with all its details and images, as soon as the electronic linking process, and the user can also enter the products manually.

2- Inventory:

1- Any change in the quantities is based on Qoyod that the quantities in Zid will talk about, and no change will get Qoyod when increasing or decreasing quantities from Zid.

2- Only one location is supported from Zid to Qoyod.

A set of notes on adding products and inventory:

1- Products on Qoyod can be added manually before the linking process, provided that the serial number of the products on Zid matches.

2- Any change to the products in Zid affects the products in Qoyod, including the products added with the same serial number during the linking process.

3- Any Purchase Transaction or Stocktake on Qoyod will be talked about by the quantities in Zid, and no change will happen to Qoyod when increasing or decreasing quantities from Zid.

4- The storage feature separates between Zid and Qoyod if the product was added in Qoyod before the linking process with Zid. For example, if a product was created in Qoyod before it was created in Zid and it was not stored on Qoyod and it is stored in Zid, it will not change in Qoyod to stock and link Product operations between Qoyod and Zid.

5- A product is created automatically (shipping, cash on delivery) as soon as any Zid order containing it is placed.

6- If you have existing accounts and want to link your products to these accounts and do not want to add new accounts, you can create accounts and import products in Qoyod via Excel or add them from the Add New Product page, making sure that the serial number matches between Zid and Qoyod.

3- Tax:

 In Zid, there is more than one method for calculating the tax according to the customer’s settings for his online store, as all types of tax are covered by Qoyod.

4- The currency:

 The main currency of Zid must be the same currency used in Qoyod to take advantage of the multi-currency feature of Zid.

5- Sales invoices (orders):

1- Requests do not synchronize between Qoyod and Zid instantly and take extra minutes.

2- Requests coincide in two cases: paid or approved, depending on the transactions of Zid.

3- If the user pays for the order on Zid, it is automatically paid in Qoyod.

4- A task is created on the invoice when it is modified in Zid after the synchronization process. It does not support changing the billing details after approval, but the invoice will be updated in Qoyod when the payment status changes. So that you as a user can decide to deal with this change by either accepting it and taking the necessary action such as deleting it, adding it again to Qoyod, or ignoring this task and closing it on Qoyod.

5- Divide the discount on the total invoice between all products on the invoice.

6- New customer data is imported on Qoyod from invoices that are generated from Zid.

7- Orders can not be synchronized if it is canceled on Zid.

8- Orders from Zid to Qoyod are not synchronized if Qoyod Subscription or the free trial has been expired

9- If you’re facing a problem with Qoyod, please contact the customer service team.